Debt Free Slave Free Advice:Make Your Own Dog Food SAVE!!!!!

Starry loves sharing how she saves money and manages to live a frugal lifestyle and a healthy one on LESS. Dog food is so expensive but often we really want our pets to eat good! But its like feeding the kids how can we afford it? On her off grid homestead Starry has taught the dogs to eat from the garden veggies and fruit along with her bulk rices and nuts. BUT she also incorporate CANNED meat!
Canning your own dog food is easy and saves so much money!
Starry actually shops for SALES at the s tore and will purchase meat to can for her dogs! By supplementing with canned meat it makes her dog food go further and cost less! PLUS she control the ingredients!
Here’s Starrys tip for the week!

(Raw pack chicken method here!!!)

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