Culture of Fantasy Sports: An Insider View of Addictive Behavior in Fantasy Sports

The documentary is a study exploring how fantasy sports gambling activity and fantasy sports technology use (e.g., fantasy sports smart-phone applications, fantasy sports websites, etc.) contributes to addictive fantasy sports behavior and an addictive fantasy sports culture. This video documentary consists of confidential, silhouette lighted and voice-altered interviews with fantasy sports users, along with on-camera interviews with addiction professionals, as well as various video footage of fantasy sports behavior illustrating the presence of addictive fantasy sports behavior that requires more attention.

The purpose of the video documentary is two-fold: First, the documentary assesses the claim that fantasy sports users’ addiction to fantasy sports is a common result of fantasy sports gambling, commonly found in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), but is also present in Traditional Fantasy Sports (TFS). Secondly, the documentary investigates how fantasy sports users’ interaction with fantasy sports technology contributes to a culture of fantasy sports addiction.