Buffalo Sabers Jerseys – What I Know About the New Sabers Jerseys for the 2010-2011 NHL Season

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Rejoice Sabers fans! On September 18th, 2010, the Buffalo Sabers are finally revealing their new jersey picks for the 2010-11 season – and I'd like to hear from one person who's sad about the departure of Buffa-slug! The eyesore will finally be gone FOREVER! They're switching last seasons throwback alternate jersey to home and the team will be wearing a white version of the new home jersey on the road.

With that settled, we're dying to know what the new design is for the alternate jersey! All the specialized designs I've seen online have been extremely varied with no comment coming from the actual franchise. There's been a lot of talk about going back to the white and gold Buffalo script on a navy jersey with yellow stripes. Personal opinion – the design looks messy and amateur – like a confused baseball jersey. The stripes paired with script that looks undeniably baseball is awful and it would seriously offend me to see that on the ice. The inspiration for the idea is great, but we'll have to see how it actually turns out. I do think it will be in the retro blue, gold and vintage white colors so I'm going to hope and pray they keep the jersey strictly hockey. There are also horrific rumors that the Buffa-Slug logo will not be out of our lives forever quite yet and will show up on the new alternate jersey. At this point do the Sabers even need a third jersey? Maybe they should wait until they get the home and away jerseys right before creating another monstrosity. Even if it is an eyesore this jersey will probably only be used for one year as a 40th anniversary shout out, so they if they do miss the mark with this design they have a year to redeem themselves. In my opinion the Sabers owe their fans some solid jerseys this year considering how long they had to put up with said slug. I honestly have a hard time believing fans actually bought those jerseys.

The Sabers have been wearing ridiculous jerseys. It's time they came to their senses and got back to the good stuff, the vintage stuff, and finally get some solid uniforms for their players to wear on the ice. You have to look good to play good! Either way it's impossible to make worse jerseys than what we've seen previously. Seriously, these jerseys are the worst in the league. Hopefully they realize the vintage formula generally works for most teams and they run with that – maybe put the stripes back down the sides of their pants? Give the fans what they want! A nice jersey! The fans would go crazy for a totally retro look and there's no shame in using something tried, tested and true, especially for this franchise. They need to find a new formula and stick with it for a while instead of being a team known for horrible jersey designs.

Source by Vanessa Marshall

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