Big Largemouth Bass Crushes Spinnerbait

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Hey Folks! I took a subscriber fishing for the third time. Unfortunately, the weather was all over the place that day which made for a really tough bite. The wind was pretty savage, it kept changing from partly cloudy to complete overcast with rain to partly sunny to even hail storms.

I managed to catch 2 on a spinnerbait and one of them just happened to be a 5.55 lb toad! Unfortunately, the guy I took out got skunked but that's ok because we will be getting together and going fishing again soon! Not to mention the fact that he has been catching some toads himself lately!

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Rod & Reel:
7' MH BPS Tourney Special w/ a Shimano Citica 201E6

50 lb TUF-Line Domin8 to 25 lb mono leader

1/2 oz Bluegill Spinnerbait
4.8" Swimbait Trailer

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition

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