Better Provider Data Drives Great Decisions With Availity PDM

This video starts out by asking the question: what did we do before real-time data? How did we get anywhere? Before real-time data, if we got lost driving we had to stop and ask for directions. Or use a paper map, which never folded correctly once you opened it.

Before real-time data, there were GPS maps, which you had to download. It was better than paper maps, but the data needed to be updated frequently. But what if 50% of the maps you relied on were wrong?

That’s what provider data looks like today. Health plans rely on updates that come through manual processes and portals, which leads to data errors. These errors then get replicated to every health plan the provider works with.

Provider data changes in real time, but your data does not.

The video then segues to the fact that Availity works with every health plan and nearly a million of providers, engaging them in their workflow. Availity monitors billions of transactions in real time and are the first to see when data changes. Anomalies are presented to providers so they can validate the information and send updates to all of their contracted health plans.

The video then summarizes with: Good data drives great decisions, cleaner claims, and better provider/payer collaboration.

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