Basic dog training tips and fundamentals for dog owners:Ten basic commands

A fun way to train a dog ca be more enjoyable. Dog training can be just like training your kids on “ how to do topics” Many of us try to take our pets ot the dog trainer to teach them a simple basic commands.
How do you train your dog with simple basic commands? Can I train my dos without a trainer.This could be a simple question that you and me have. Yes you can teach your dog a simple basic commands such as sit,stand ,down,come,heel and no.
What are the simple basic dog command to control our pets?
The simpl basic do traning commands are sit ,stay, down, come,off,heel, and no
Is it too late to train a dog?
Definitely it is not too late to train any dog. Be it a puppie ,stray-adopted dog or old dog.Whatever the age of the dog it doesn’t matter.We need little patience and love.
Can I train my dog without a trainer?
Yes of course with basic knowledge we definitely can train our pet/dogs


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