Basic Dog Training Info

Dogs are not easy to train, but with the proper knowledge and a little bit of love you will be able to train almost any unruly dog. You will have to dedicate some time and effort every day, in order to train your dog. Remember that it will be easier to train your dog with some guidance but this is not always the case. But if you are set on training your dog at home you will need to learn a few techniques that will help you on your training journey.

Once you have learned a few techniques it should be enough to begin, you can start by curing the basic problems that most people have with their dogs, such as barking and biting. If your dog barks a lot at a young age it really is nothing to worry about how else is a dog supposed to communicate with you, but if he is showing aggression when he barks this may be a problem. You will need to start off by figuring out why he is barking. Maybe he needs to go outside or maybe he is hungry those are to common problems. The dog could also be scared if this is the case figure out what it is that is causing him to be scared. Cure these problems and you will be one step closer to easing the amount of barking your dog does.

One important thing you should keep in mind is never to reward your dog or puppy for his barking and make sure that you make it clear that you are in charge (the alpha dog) and he needs to follow what you tell him to do. You will have to make it clear to your dog that you will not be allowing any behavior which breaks the rules you have put in place, keep the same rule going with the dog about his barking and indeed it will stick with him. This technique can also be put in place in other instances.

Another common problem is what to do with the dog when you are gone or what to do with him at night. If you do not want the dog to sleep on your bed never let him up there or he will think that this is OK and expect to sleep with you every night. I think the best way to train your dog at least when they are a puppy is to put them in a crate at night. The first couple nights you will have to keep yourself from going down to comfort them because they will whimper and whine. In the end it is a great thing to have your dog crate trained. Once they are accredited to going in there they will use it like a den and go into the crate on their own. When I leave all I say to my dog ​​is kennel and he goes right in there and lies down. You may want to reward your dog for this behavior to show them it is a positive thing.

Of course there are many other things to know about training a dog and these are just a few, there is a wealth of knowledge on the internet and also at your local pet stores. If you really need help you can always seek out pet trainers or there are always the pet classes at Pet's Mart. I hope that you have learned a couple things in reading this article. If you get a chance to check out my blog for more fun dog and cat info, there is also some great info on some dog and cat products.

Thanks for reading.

Source by Rob T Morrison