How To Play Fantasy Football: Dynasty Leagues (Requested)

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Finding Winter White Bass

G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage and Jeff Williams use electronics to locate white bass up the rivers in Oklahoma.


Bailey Mosier: Clear Your Hips For Longer Drives |

Golf Channel’s Bailey Mosier shows you a simple but effective way to lead with your hips to get more distance on your drives.

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How to fish a plastic tube bait for huge Smallmouth Bass

How to fish a plastic tube bait for huge smallmouth bass.

In this video I talk all about a proven technique that puts big bass in the boat on a consistent basis. Fishing a plastic tube is the real deal and it is one my favorite ways to fish for bass. I have caught good largemouths and…


Toys, Treats & Equipment TRAINER Recommended – kong, clickers, toys and more

The video is to answer many questions that people may have about what I use with Luna as well as what I would recommend to dog’s I train.

Please feel free to ask any questions below as well as suggestions for future how to videos


Joint Venture Partner Myrriah Puerto Rico Consultation Success Story

Myrriah spent a couple of days in Puerto Rico with Cherif Medawar learning how to use joint venture and syndication to be successful.

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2018 Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Snake Drafts, Auctions, Projections and Roster Construction

Audio Version:

PME Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep

NL Win Totals:
AL Win Totals:
1-50 Overall Rankings:
MLB DraftKings Strategy (Cash/GPP):
Auction Draft Strategy:
Snake Draft Strategy:
Marco Draft Strategy:
Early ADP Risers/Fallers:
Off Season Transactions:
Sleepers & Busts:
Bounce Back Players:

Pat Mayo and Rob Silver talk through 2018 Fantasy Baseball strategy, hitting on snake drafts and auctions, evaluating tiers, stats to focus on, roster construction, and some sleepers and busts.


4:07 Taxes on Winnings
7:59 Starting Pitching Strategy
15:47 Factoring in Innings
21:42 Drafting Ceiling vs Floor Players
22:57 SP Sleepers
27:39 Converting into Auction Dollars
29:17 Using Player Tiers
30:43 Using Stat Tiers
34:02 Position Scarcity
38:44 Using ADP to Get Max Value
42:01 Polarizing Players
47:04 Expensive Busts
53:54 Most Important Stats to Target
57:03 Figuring Out Baseline Stats for Each Category
1:01:41 OBP Leagues
1:05:58 Late Sleepers
1:07:34 How to Draft Closers

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Lake Anna Winter Bass Fishing

Lake Anna fishing for largemouth bass. Fish caught on a jig head spinner with a Warrior Baits 6″ Twitch N’ Shad.


BEST Bank Fishing Strategies For Bass

No boat? No problem! Lucky Tackle Box’s Travis Moran lays out two of the best bank fishing strategies so you can catch more fish while walking the shoreline. Travis rigs the Big Bite Baits Battle Bug with a Texas rig and a drop shot to show you how to catch bass.

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Know the BASICS of BASS Fishing?!? It’s Simple, Start Here!

Are you just getting started in the great outdoor sport of bass fishing? You don’t need $100k worth of equipment to go out, have a great time, and experience the …


2018 Bass Elite Kentucky Lake – Paris, TN

Come see all the excitement May 4-7, 2018 at Kentucky Lake in Henry County, Tennessee


Top 5 Best Sports Betting Sites/Forums – Fantasy Sports and More

Top 5 Best Sports Betting Sites/Forums – Fantasy Sports and More. | Vegas Insider | |
Listing the best sports betting websites I use for easy navigation as well as best fantasy sports websites.


How to hit the ball straight


How to toilet train your puppy

There are lots of things for your new puppy to learn, and while toilet training may not seem like a walk in the park, the tips in this tutorial will soon turn your pup into a pro.


1st Place Table Rock Lake Bass Tournamnet!!!!! All Flipping!!!!!

What an amazing day on the water with alot of flipping and the heaviest cover…


Using Technology To Catch BIG Bass! | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to use technology, like Google Earth, 2-D and 3-D bird’s eye views from Bing Maps, and all those types of new technologies on your computer to help …


Catching Bass At Mill Creek on Table Rock

Catching Bass At Mill Creek on Table Rock

Four Hours at Mill Creek Bass Fishing!


Had a fun afternoon Bass Fishing at Table Rock lake today.

Fished 4 hours this afternoon, caught one nice keeper and a couple shorts.

56-58 degree water, had a problem with slime moss on
most the wind blown banks.

But when I didn’t catch some moss first, I got a few bites!

NHL Players Who Will Be TRADED Before 2019

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Noodle Fishing on Mill Creek Reservoir May 31,2017

This was our first big cat catch of the day.


Tips on Fishing Hair Jigs for Bass

This oldie has made a strong comeback and is producing big in waters with a shad forage base. Jason Sealock walks through a little history and delves into how …


Social media marketing agency tips 2018 | How I booked 4 clients, made $650 from $100 facebook ads

In this video, I show you how I booked 4 clients and made $650 from a $100 facebook ad with powerful Social media marketing tips for small business 2018 to help you grow your business.

Many people out there are teaching a lot of things but aren’t giving you the truth and producing real results. I’m a facebook marketer but I’m not a pro by any means, but I do get good results from what I do. Others teach theory or what someone else has taught them. Beware of those type of individuals.
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Some time ago, I took Tai Lopez’s smma or social media marketing agency course. I then took Joe Soto’s because it was supposed to be so much better and it was. I learned a ton, but implementing it was another story.

In this video I reveal one of the techniques that has worked well for me. The result…me creating a video of how I booked 4 clients with facebook ads. If you take these Social media marketing tips for small business seriously, you will gain tremendous results. I promise.

If you’re waiting to start your own social media marketing agency is your own social media marketing company, don’t wait any longer. Time is money and you’re wasting time.

Take these Social media marketing tips for small business, book clients and make money. It’s that simple. Once you prove you can drive results, everything else will take care of itself.


Open source drives better technology in PaaS | #BuiltByYou

Using the example of .Net in Cloud Foundry, Omri Gazitt, HPE Cloud’s VP of Engineering, shares how diverse contributions in an open source project leads to better…