Setting up a Real Estate Joint Venture

The typical joint venture goes something like this: Investor approaches GAP FUNDING PARTNER and presents the investment opportunity and offers the GAP FUNDING PARTNER a portion of the profits when the property sells (sometimes this includes interest). The Investor will be in control of the project and will obtain a loan from the HARD MONEY LENDER. To memorialize the deal the Investor will present the GAP FUNDING PARTNER with a real estate joint venture agreement that explains the overall deal. Herein is where problems sometimes begin to arise.

Problem #1 – When investor attempts to borrow from HARD MONEY LENDER he is asked for proof of funds i.e., where did he get the money for the down payment. When HARD MONEY LENDER learns, the funds are coming from GAP FUNDING PARTNER, HARD MONEY LENDER requires GAP FUNDING PARTNER to go on the loan.

Problem#2 – GAP FUNDING PARTNER is reluctant to go on the loan because GAP FUNDING PARTNER is not on title. Typically title is held in Investor’s LLC or corporation so GAP FUNDING PARTNER is asked to take on full financial liability without any direct ownership.

Problem #3 – HARD MONEY LENDER will not allow Investor to give GAP FUNDING PARTNER a second deed of trust for his investment into the deal.

Problem #4 – GAP FUNDING PARTNER is typically in the dark as to what is happening with the project and if the project goes off track GAP FUNDING PARTNER will not find out until it is too late and HARD MONEY LENDER is foreclosing.

Problem #5 – Opposite of #4 because GAP FUNDING PARTNER decides to pull out of the project and will not commit to fully funding. The investor is then left in the position of not being able to complete the project.

To solve these issues dispense with the joint venture agreement and create a joint venture limited liability company. The JV LLC solves all of the aforementioned problems as follows:
Problem #1 – Funds are no longer an issue for HARD MONEY LENDER because Investor and GAP FUNDING PARTNER are members in the JV LLC that is purchasing the property.

Problem #2 – GAP FUNDING PARTNER is willing to go on the loan because GAP FUNDING PARTNER is an owner in the property through the JV LLC.

Problem #3 – No longer need a 2nd deed of trust because GAP FUNDING PARTNER is an owner i.e., he has security.

Problem #4 – GAP FUNDING PARTNER will be part of the decision-making process because he is a manager in the JV LLC and he is on the loan so he will get an immediate notice from HARD MONEY LENDER if a payment is missed or the project is not on track.

Problem #5 – Investor has less risk of GAP FUNDING PARTNER pulling out of the deal because if GAP FUNDING PARTNER puts the project in jeopardy he is personally liable on the loan.

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Hot Tips – Do you think before posting online? | John Cowan


Email Marketing: Powerful Subject Lines vs The Body Text

Email Marketing: Powerful Subject Lines vs The Body Text


In this video, we’ll discuss topics such as, how email marketing works, why the subject line is more important than the body of the emails. You’ll learn about the psychology behind human behavior when it comes to reading an email and committing to it. And I’ll give you some ideas for making your subject lines interesting and get more people to open your emails

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How to Create Lead Capture Pages – Easy Lead Capture Page Creator

How to Create Lead Capture Pages – Easy Lead Capture Page Creator

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Sao HAGL rực sáng trong mắt HLV Park Hang Seo l Tin bóng đá 24h

Có mặt trên khán đài dự khán trận ‘siêu kinh điển’ giữa Hà Nội và HAGL, HLV Park Hang Seo chắc hẳn rất hài lòng với nhiều tuyển thủ.

Tin Bóng Đá 24h – Kênh cập nhật tin tức bóng đá mới nhất, liên tục 24h trong ngày. Đăng ký kênh để theo dõi tin mới nhất bạn nhé !

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How to Do Email Marketing with FREE Tools [Urdu/Hindi]

Do you know what is email marketing? and how you can do email marketing with 100% free tools for FREE? Yes, you can.
In this 10 minutes Urdu and Hindi tutorial I will teach you complete email marketing with free tools and tell you how you can collect/build targeted email list easily and then how to win your subscribed email’s trust.
This tutorial is consist of 4 important steps:
step 1: gather emails or buy from someone but the list must not be spammy, (My recommendation would build your own list)
step 2: how to build: open getresponse website and make an email collector landing page
Step 3: share on social media/groups/pages id etc
Step 4: Send free offer for at least 1 month then send your affiliate links.
Let me explain each and everything to you!
Step 1: Gather Emails
You can either buy emails list from someone or build your own as I’ve shown you in the tutorial, but keep in mind your collected emails should be relevant to the product or offer that you are going to sell them or offer them in the future.
Like if you collect email via an SEO ebook so then make sure in future you use that list for SEO relevant paid product or offer.

Step 2: Build Your List Using getresponse email service
Getresponse is a one of the best email marketing service provider and it’s paid but you can use for free for 30 days as trial and yeah you can do pretty many things in 30 days.
If you want to do proper email marketing for the long term so you can buy their basic or pro package.

Step 3: Share Your Landing/Email Collector Form
When you will create your first email collector from or you can call it landing page where you will offer free ebook or software and ask to people that put your email and click to download so when they will do this they will be shifted to a new download or thank you.html page from where they can download their file and you will have their email in the contact list, later you can use for sending email.
But did you think how people will come to the landing or email collector form? hmm?
Yes it’s the tough question but the answer is easy, just share your campaign on social media especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Tip: Share in the relevant community so your conversion rate will be good.

Step 4: Send them free offer like in first week send them a free ebook or software or any detailed relevant article and then next week do same, at least you should send them these type of free offers for 1 month so you can win their trust and then when you will share your affiliate or any offer so there will be maximum chance that your subscriber list will buy.

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How to start online Business from HOME with no money – eCommerce without investment

How to start online Business ecommerce from HOME in India with no money without investment

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How to start a successful eCommerce Business in India in hindi

Clear doubts of eCommerce business / Online selling, Tips and tricks in Hindi

5 Tips – How to select profitable products to sell online

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Housatonic River Connecticut Winter Striped Bass Kayak Fishing 2/25/16

Stopped off at the Housatonic River on my way home from Rhode Island to New Jersey on 2/25/2016 for spring break. It was a tough day with falling air …


Winter Bass Fishing Shenandoah River

Bass fishing 12-20-2013 on Shenandoah River.


Let’s get crazy about the Wacky rig. Beginner basics for bass fishing.

In this video I give a basic run through of the wacky rig, a tried and true way to catch fish on tough days. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, subscribe and …