Catching Winter Bass in SHALLOW Water!

This video Stef and I hit the water looking for some shallow water winter bass. While the air temp is in the mid 60’s the bass are already in there winter patterns.


NHL 18 – Ottawa Senators Franchise Mode #31 “Edmonton”

We’ve arrived. The Sens are in the Stanley Cup Final. An all Canadian final at that. We’re four wins away. Can we get the job done? Or will the biggest opportunity in this series’ history pass us by?

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How To Make $100 a Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

How to Make 100 Dollars Per Day Online If You’re 16,17, or 18 years old. All of these methods work for all ages, but I specifically picked ones I think teenagers will be able to make money online with. All of these models are proven income generation models.

There are several proven ways to earn 100 dollars a day online, in this video I cover 5 different methods you can use to earn income online to the tune of $100 a day.

Here are the proven ways to do it:

#1 – Digital Freelance

Things like Photoshop and graphic design, video editing, video animation, voice over, programming, scripting, server administration are all hot and in demand services online entrepreneurs spend big money on. Last but not least, article and blog writing is another highly in demand avenue you can earn $100 per day online with. You can become proficient enough in any of these skills in under 12 months

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The ebook marketplace on Amazon Kindle is HUGE. I know of one 16 year old kid making over $1000 a day online by selling fictional ebooks through the Kindle Marketplace. This is another great way for teenagers to make money because no one will know your age.

#3 – Getting Royalties Through Stock Photos

Join some of the top stock photo websites and take pictures of in demand topics that people continually spend money. Things like computers, web and internet, health, yoga, etc.

#4 – YouTube Gaming Channel

This niche market is HUGE on YouTube. Pair the power of YouTube with Twitch and you can start funneling subscribers straight to your YouTube channel. I predict this will be an increasingly popular way to build up a high viewership YouTube channel.

#5 – Affiliate Marketing – my favorite.

This is by far my most favorite way for teenagers to make $100 a day online. Simply review your favorite products by writing content and doing video reviews of the product and posting them to YouTube and your blog. I do this every day and earn a very solid passive income from it.

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Fellows Lake Springfield Missouri

Touring Fellows Lake in Springfield Missouri


Freshwater Striped Bass Basics Lake Murray Guide -Chip Bragg- Team Old School

Reece and Mason from Windward Point Fishing Tackle jump on “Team Old Schools'” brand new 2016 Sea Pro 228 Bay to chase summertime Stripers with Mike …


MLB | Pitcher with good luck

Baseball Sports

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Dog training classes cork

Top dog training in cork. Dog behaviourist available. Dog experts. Dog trainer. Agility workshops available, puppy socialisation classes


Catching bass in cold dirty water. Tips & tricks by Central Coast Bass.

Central coast bass tips & tricks, video shorts designed to help you catch more bass. Cold dirty water is a bass fishermen worst conditions, but there is a way to …



Better foot work for your golf swing. In this weeks Impact Show PGA Golf Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman show you how to improve your footwork to improve your lower body stability in the back swing.

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Catching Some Nice Bass on Table Rock

Ever had one of those days where you and a couple fishing buddies don’t catch very many fish, but you catch a couple nice ones?
This is a short videos of our 2 best fish caught in a 3 hour period in June on table rock. Like and subscribe to enter our ‘Year of Lures’ giveaway!


Rugby Player Reacts to EZEKIEL ELLIOTT College Football and NFL Combine Highlights!

Yo! In this video I take my first look at EZEKIEL ELLIOTT. I watch some of his College Football highlights against Alabama State and his NFL Scouting Combine footage! At this point in my football watching career lol, I had no idea about anything to do with college football, and definately had no idea about how good Alabama State were on defense. The fact he set a career high against them also is phenomenal!

Thanks for clicking on this video and checking out my YouTube channel! I’m currently on a journey. A journey of discovery and excitement as I document my entire journey into the world of American Football from the very start, right here on YouTube. I’ve called it, “Rugby Player Reacts” and I’m having the time of my life.

I decided to venture out of my comfort zone which is rugby and rugby-league, to pursue a different sport! One that I had always been interested in but thought too complicated and too late in life for me to give it a proper go. At the age of 27 I decided to trust my gut and dive head first into learning all that I could about the sport of American football, before it was too late! For whatever reason, whilst doing so I wanted to record my reaction to it and make a YouTube series about it.

I am an sports fanatic myself and I had hoped that people would get a kick out of someone from a rugby background trying to not only learn the game of American football, but eventually play as well. That’s the plan for me!

During the series I watch and learn with the camera rolling and have created quite a community of people that are also interested in bridging the gap between the two sports which is absolutely amazing to see and makes me happy to no end. I watch a video or two and give my unbiased and unfiltered reaction to whatever it is I’m watching from a rugby based perspective which has turned out to be quite unique lol.

I know rugby like the back of my hand and I really enjoy watching fans of American Football see our great game, try to work it out and give their reaction and so I thought it was about time we switched things up! I’m so glad I did because I’m having the time of my life doing it and appreciate you being here!

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Spawning Bass Tips! Muddy Water? Cold Water? No Problem!

Forget the old rules! This isn’t about white baits and spawning coves! Muddy Water? Cold Water? Get ready!! its about finding bass before everyone else, …


Cranking for Big Largemouth Bass on Table Rock

Sometimes you don’t catch ‘many’ but you can catch a couple of nice ones! Short video with a couple 3-4 lbrs on crankbaits. Mill Creek on Table Rock lake!


MLB 18 The Show Franchise Mode – Fantasy Draft ft. New York Mets (MLB The Show 18 Gameplay)

MLB 18 The Show Franchise Mode Fantasy Draft Episode 1 with the New York Mets, First Look. It’s up to you guys whether we carry on the series! Here is MLB The Show 18 Gameplay featuring Tubby Emu and MLB 18 Gameplay!

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17lb Largemouth Bass – Cast To Catch on a Trout Swimbait

Every single BIG fish we catch is captured “Cast to Catch”, almost always with multiple angles. Here is some RAW footage for you to gain some insight on the …


Dog Training : How to Train a Puppy to Go Potty Outside

When a dog is going potty outside, the owner should use a word that they are comfortable using, so that the dog associates that word with going to the bathroom. Discover why it’s important to bring dogs to a designated bathroom area with help from a certified professional dog trainer in this free video on dog training and pet care.

Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg
Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


270 Clicks 46 Sales – Make Money with Warrior Plus Clickbank and JVZOO (Tutorial for Beginners)

270 Clicks 46 Sales – Make Money with Warrior Plus Clickbank and JVZOO Tutorial for Beginners

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Short Video Catching a few Big Bass on Table Rock

Me and my son, Westin Yancey and a friend, Clint Underwood had a few hours a few weeks back and decided to take both boats and fish Indian Creek on Table Rock! Though combined, we only caught 4 or 5 keepers, we did end up with a limit of around 15 pounds with our two largest being either side…


Review of The Sure-Set Golf Training Aid by The Learning Tee

The Sure-Set golf training aid is designed to make the back-swing an easier and more consistent move. It trains you to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width, on the right plane, with the right angles. It is also great for learning and improving the sequence of the down-swing, allowing the stored power to be maximized as you uncoil from the floor: pelvis-trunk-lead arm.

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Live 2018 Fantasy Football Mock Draft | Drafting QB and TE Early

The deal with DK is officially live! You get our Player Breakdowns, Risk Ratings, Projected Target Shares, Sleepers, Busts and Players To Target in Different Rounds all for $10 which you can enter into contests to potentially win more! All you have to do is follow this link and make your first deposit!


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In this Mock Draft Monday we test out drafting a QB and a TE early in the same draft. It’s not a strategy that we like using, but since these are mock drafts, we should be testing out different draft strategy’s. As always be sure to let us know how you think the team turned out in the comment section!

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All stats from this video were found at either or is best for athleticism metrics…so like height adjusted speed score and SPARQ-x

PFF is where you can find all stat and data you are looking for

Looking at YPC:

TD Regression Article:

RB Value Article:

When to Draft a QB Article:


Snake River Smallmouth Bass | VLOG0007

The NWFR crew spent a weekend on the Snake River while shooting an episode for our Fox TV Show, Northwest Fishing Reports. The Smallmouth Bass were …