Stockton Lake Fishing Report – March 7th, 2019

Branson Guided Fishing Report for Stockton Lake located in Stockton, Missouri.


How to House Train your Puppy

Three Minute Dog Training – How to House Train your Puppy. Cathy Lester has been training dogs for over 30 years. She shares a quick hands on lesson with a 10 week old Border Terrier Puppy.
Cathy Lester has been training dogs for 30+ years. She lives in Centennial, Colorado with her two Border Collies. Cathy and her dogs are fixtures at competitions in obedience, tracking, herding, agility and rally. Cathy has owned and bred many breed champions and High In Trial dogs. She is known for gentle and common sense approach to training.
We accept no liability for the content of these videos, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.


Welcome to Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Center


Golf Tips & Lessons : How to Chip a Golf Ball

Chipping a golf ball is done by putting the ball back in the stance and leaning forward. Chip a golf ball with tips from a master golf instructor in this free video on golf.

Expert: Julio Nutt
Bio: Julio Nutt played in the best tournaments of Division I college golf, including three trips to the NCAA’s. He’s played in the Amateur World Cup and other international tournaments around the world.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


Catching HUGE Bass While Lake Fishing 70ft DEEP Bluff Walls

In this bass fishing video we catch huge bass while fishing deep bluff walls on Douglas Lake! Fishing deep can be tricky at times but we smashed the huge bass while fishing these deep bluff walls. Our main bass fishing bait this trip was a Jerkbait while fishing these deep bluff walls. Let me…


How To Catch Bass in The Fall (The Basics)

Today I teach y’all a little bit about Fall Bass Fishing and important lures to be throwing to maximize your chances at catching bass when the weather and water …


A Dog Trainers 3 month NIGHTMARE!!! Bitten, bloodied, frustrated, while at Dog Trainers Academy

Moshe Kafri known as The Difference Maker Dog Trainer shows and explains what happen to him when he went to MIAMI to Attend the BEST Dog Trainers Academy in America!!!
You won’t think Dog Training is EASY after watching this!

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Fall Bass Fishing From the Bank – Secret Lures Topwater Chubby Frog

Its an early fall morning and I am bank fishing for Bass with a Secret Lures Topwater Chubby Frog. Today I have the frog rigged on 60 lb. braid using my Black Max reel and All Star T38X rod. On my first cast I get a bite. I land a tall and stocky 3 lb. largemouth bass. This is my second…


Dog fight rehab- Aggressive dog rehab Solid K9 Training

When working with dogs that come to us for dog aggression, it is important that we put them in the dog socialization yard with stable dogs off leash to see how we are progressing, Georgie did so well we brought out a clients dog as well who is also with us for aggression issues.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training


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#65 Web TV: How to Putt Better

If you really want to know how to putt better, then today’s tip will really help you.

You may have heard this and seen this putting drill before but this is really key to improving your putting stroke and of course scoring better on the golf course.

Now I have put this putting drill I am going to share with you in the ‘Putting Plan’ to get your putting stroke more consistent and hitting straight putts. If you are wondering what the ‘Putting Plan’ is, it is designed to get you sinking more putts more often. There is more information about it on the video above.

This putting drill you will see demonstrated in the video above is shown because I want to show you how to get results. We are all looking for results out on the golf course, we want to sink more putts more often, don’t we? Of course we do.

Nothing is more exciting than hearing that ball hit the bottom of the hole, so let’s sink alot more putts!

Just make sure that you do view last week’s video as it will compliment today’s putting drill.

Are you ready?

What you need here are;

Your Putter
5 Golf Balls
1 Golf Tee

Set your golf tee approximately 1 metre from the hole. This is good to set your golf tee here because you don’t have to remember where your golf balls need to be, your golf tee is at your starting point.

When you set yourself up in your set up position for your putting stroke, you need to make sure that your right arm is set close to your right side, as with last week’s putting drill from the ‘Putting Plan’.

When you take your grip, your thumbs should be pointing down. Now this is key, the palm of your right hand should be facing to where you want your ball to go. (That’s if you are right handed…if you are left handed then it is your left hand I am referring to). If the palm of your hand is facing the hole (the direction to where you are aiming your ball), then the putter face will be facing that direction there to!

This is where you want to ball to go…into the hole…straight putts…the key on how to putt better.

If you apply this putting technique and you work on sinking those ball consistently into the hole…which your aim here is 20 ball in a row in the hole, it will help your focus and your concentration therefore your will perform better on the golf course.

You need to putt the ball in the hole 20 times in a row before you move onto the next drill of the putting plan.

The special surprise I have in store for you is if you leave a comment below, your name will go into a draw at the end of each month for a $25 gift voucher. (for more details refer to the video above)

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika


Top Smallmouth Bass Baits

Here are some of my favorite Smallmouth Bass baits.

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Catching GIANT Bass While Fishing DRAINED Lake

In this bass fishing video we catch some giant bass while fishing a drained lake. Bass fishing for giant bass can be hard but we ran into a few giants today while fishing this drained lake. I have another giant bass fishing video at this drained lake coming soon! Let me know if you like these…


Bass Fishing: How to Pick the Right Size Fishing Hook when using a Plastic Worm

FLW Pro Bass Fisherman Scott Martin shares his fishing tips and techniques to help you catch more bass. In this fishing video, Scott Martin describes how to pick …


Does Your Dog Have A Genetic Health Condition?

4 in 10 dogs have an inherited disease. Without Embark’s Dog DNA Test, it is almost impossible to know if your dog is predisposed to a health condition, until symptoms occur:


Play Better Golf Lesson 3

Pre-set Turning Drill


Crazy Catch!!! TWO BASS on ONE Crankbait!!!

Hey guys! In today’s video, we head out on the lake to do some Fall bass fishing. We were able to catch some really nice fish following some pretty textbook Fall fishing patterns with Fall fishing baits. We apologize for not having all of our fish catches on camera. Unfortunately we lost a lot…


Positive Dog Training Ain’t Just Treats

If your dog will only do what you ask when you have a treat—your dog has trained you Very Well!.
Join us as we talk about what #positivedogtraining is Really About which is establishing a relationship with your dog where you ask and he gives. It’s a rewarding, fun, positive way to have a great relationship with your well behaved dog.

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Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

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Linville Gorge Trail Assessment

Linville Gorge Trail Assessment – Linville Falls, NC


How to teach your puppies and dogs Boundary Training!

One of the most important things that you could ever teach your dog is to not leave through open doors or gates without permission that lead to danger. When teaching Boundary Control to your dogs you must never warn them verbally or use Obedience Training like Sit/Stay, Wait etc, or your dog will never be reliable. In this video you will see clients of The Miami Dog Whisperer just walking out of their houses and never talking to or looking at their dogs when exiting and the dogs automatically stay inside the thresholds never leaving until the owners give their cue to the dogs to be able to leave that boundary. You will also see two 4 month old puppies that have learned NOT to leave the kitchen that they live in. Dog training The Miami Dog Whisperer Way!


Golf Swing Basics Tips Video Lessons – Learn How To Improve Your Golf Swing

| Learn how to swing your golf club like a pro. The golf swing tips and lessons will you are about to learn will improve your golf game and improve your score. To learn even more about golf swing, go to:

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How Is Pack Behavior in Dogs Manifested? : Dog Training & More

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Dogs actually form loose amorphis groups. Find out about how pack behavior in dogs manifested with help from a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant in this free video clip.

Expert: Jamie Bozzi
Bio: Jamie Bozzi, BA, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, CC, is a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant.
Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez

Series Description: A large part of owning a dog involves learning to adjust that dog’s behavior. Get dog tips with help from a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant in this free video series.