How to Punch Matted Vegetation for Largemouth Bass

Professional angler and Florida native, Glenn Browne—escorts host, Kim Stricker to a rural big-bass impoundment to demonstrate his aptitude at punching …


How to potty train your puppy quickly – watch Toby the Malshi – Michelines Pups

At we start pups right for you. Learning to potty outside at an early age really isn’t that difficult. If you take your time, watch your pup, be positive and offer rewards, the process can be quite painless. Maybe time consuming, but not difficult.
If you are looking for a happy, healthy family pet that is started right, give Micheline a call at 352-299-7419.

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How To Tie A Palomar Knot

Learn how to tie a palomar knot the right way, the first time. Don’t overlook the small details when it comes to fishing knots. The palomar is a “must know” for every angler.


Golf Instruction | Head Behind the Golf Ball

Mark Crossfield talks about how to improve your golf with a stronger set up. Improve your weight transfer with your head behind the golf ball at address. Hit stronger strikes with more distance with improved swing path.


How to Stop Dogs From Digging Up Cable Lines : Dog Behavior & Health

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You can stop dogs from digging up cable lines by giving them something else to focus their energy on. Stop dogs from digging up cable lines with help from an experienced technology and start-up executive with a passion for health and fitness for people and pets in this free video clip.

Expert: Steve Pelletier
Filmmaker: Dustin Kuepper

Series Description: When you become the parent of a dog, the two main factors you need to concern yourself with are behavior and health. Get tips on doggie behavior and health with help from an experienced technology and start-up executive with a passion for health and fitness for people and pets in this free video series.


Early Morning Top Water Stockton Lake, MO

Middle of May topwater action on Stockton Lake


AGIAR Episode 2 on K9 P2 Training

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SUMMER FISHING DEEP BASS (Expectations vs Reality)

Bass fishing in summer can be hit or miss sometimes. Besides the early and late evening topwater bass feeding, it can be a challenge to find the bass on deep spots like ledges, road beds, brush piles, standing timber and humps. Today I’m on Lake Ray Roberts trying to figure out some deep…


Puppy Training At 8 Weeks – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, you’re going to hear from Instructor Mark, and his brand new Sheltie puppy named Rev. He’s going to talk about what you can do for your puppy training at 8 weeks.

If you’re a new puppy owner, or you’re doing research so that you’re prepared for your new puppy, you need to know about these 5 simple puppy training steps that you can work on with your 8-week old puppy that will set them up for a lifetime of successful learning. You will be able to quickly establish great leadership, show your puppy that you’re worth listening to, and you’ll get to spend some quality time with your adorable little pup.

We publish new videos every week to help you to have a well behaved four-legged family member!

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Swing Wizard Golf Training Aid Product Review

Using the Swing Wizard training aid this golfer was able to turn his high pushes into nicely flighted draws by improving his clubface awareness.


How To Fish Toads For Bass (The Best Ways) | Bass Fishing

Everything about fishing toads for big bass. Complete details covering equipment, rigging, and techniques for frog fishing. Tips you won’t find anywhere else!


Winter Bass Fishing Lures For South Africa

In this episode I go through my top five winter bass lures that I throw in the local waters of Johannesburg.

I explain in the episode how I throw these baits and I talk about the techniques.

Winter baits:

1) Lipless Crank Bait
2) Jerk Bait
3) Shakey Head
4) TRD Ned Rig
5) Drop Shot


A skinny dog trying to find food in the trash – Takis Shelter


WACKY RIG Bass Fishing w/ B Lat | Everything You Need To Know

In the context of bass fishing lures, there’s not much better at generating strikes than a wacky rig. Despite their unnatural appearance, the subtle shimmy a wacky rig has on the fall is straight catnip to the brains of bass everywhere. As good as they are at getting bites, there is…


Tasty and healthy "barkday" cakes for dogs | CNA Lifestyle

CNA Lifestyle takes a look at cakes and tarts for doggies, made with human-grade ingredients that account for health issues and dietary needs (of the pooch, not the person).



⛳️ Golf Lessons That Actually Work…..🏌🏼

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Top 5 Baits for GIANT Smallmouth Bass | Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips 2019

In this video, we will show you our top 5 baits to catch giant smallmouth bass. The baits we use have been proven very effective catching Wisconsin smallmouth. We hope that you can test them and land some toads by using the fishing techniques we recommend. Effective or not? Please share with…


How to Make Home Made Liver Treats

Ever wanted to make your own training treats? Liver treats are the best! Check out my video, it’s all you need. I swear.

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Finding and Catching Post Spawn Bass Offshore

Wired2Fish’s Jason Sealock and Terry Brown land on a good school of post spawn bass by targeting wind-swept points in this fun and informative video.


Potty Training A Puppy – Use a clicker to potty train a puppy

Potty training a puppy is easy when you use a clicker. If your having a hard time potty training get the free report: “7 Biggest Housetraining Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.”
– Discover proven potty training method to help you, stop getting frustrated and learn how today, go to:


Texas Rig 101 – How to Fish a Texas Rig Worm and Catch Bass (Easy)

Catching Bass on a Texas Rig worm is easy if you follow this simple How To. Realistic bass fishing class is now in session and this is Texas Rigs 101. With a weight and a worm hook, you can fish many different styles of worms. I catch bass on a ribbon tail worm, as well as a curly tail and…


How To Clear Your Hips In The Golf Swing | Flightscope Speed Drill

Click For Free Video: How To Clear Your Hips In The Golf Swing | Flightscope Speed Drill

We all want it…. SPEED!! If you are like most, you try to swing hard, but your body stalls out, your hands and arms take over, casting the club out away from your body, and your swing speed plummets. You have been told to keep those hips moving to get your body involved, but no matter what you try, it just isn’t working. What if I told you, it is nearly impossible to open your hips, if your kneed isn’t pointed in the correct direction to start the downswing. I know, it sounds crazy, but you’ll see why after you watch this video.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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