An NFL Fan Down Under – My Super Bowl Story

An NFL Fan in Australia? Want to buy your favourite NFL Team Merchandise? Read on…

So as my mates and I gather at a pub in Melbourne, Australia in early February to watch Super Bowl XLIV I see a decent number of NFL supporters whom I have no idea who they are supporting. Why? Because they are not kitted out in supporter merchandise.

Put simply, Melbourne is a true sporting capital, go to a local AFL match and you will see every passionate supporter decked out in their team gear. So to see Melbournians watching and cheering on sport in mufti just didn’t seem right.

As great as this Super Bowl experience was, it was this small aspect that annoyed me. OK call me picky, but most people I talked to that day were passionate about the NFL, the Saints and the Colts that they’d buy gear if it was made available.

Well if I’d have known that I would set up my own little store and made a quick buck.

As I sat there is my Peyton Manning jersey (and yes what later in the day I drowned my sorrows in), I was asked numerous times where I had gotten it from. Notwithstanding my answer being that I in fact bought it whilst on a recent trip to the United States, I quickly informed my newly found NFL-loving buddies that this kinda stuff is pretty easy to find online.

In fact I reckon if I had my laptop and wireless internet card on hand I could’ve made someone quite a few sales on the spot (bring on Super Bowl XLV).

As the Saints fans rejoiced, I sat hands on head as Manning’s pass wet through the hands of Reggie Wayne wondering if but only more Colts supporters in this small pub on the edge of the earth had shown their support, then they may have done better…

Source by Bradley Sang