A Dog Trainer and His Duties

There is more to being a dog trainer than meets the eye. It is not all about teaching it to sit or stay. It involves a level of control over the animal and that animal knowing his or her place in the pack.

You, and your family, are the pet’s pack. In a pack there is an Alpha and a hierarchy of levels that each family member will fulfill. Training your dog involves a routine of rules that it is expected to follow.

In order to be a dog trainer for your pet, you have to know some training tips. The first is having the proper knowledge on the dog breeding. Certain dogs are more laid back than others.

Some dogs exhibit more aggression. As a trainer for your puppy, you must know its breeding. Once you have this knowledge ingrained then you will know what areas of difficulty you can expect as well as areas that will be easier.

Basic training starts off with teaching the pet how not to use the bathroom in your house. Dog books may recommend something called crate training to help with this aspect. Basically it begins with laying puppy pee pads out and into a crate designed to house your pet.

There will be some rough times when the carpet gets more of the pee than the pad or crate does but as a trainer you must come to expect this. Eventually the pet will lean to use the bathroom correctly.

Crate training can also be used as a way to secure the pet at night when the rest of the family is asleep. You probably do not want to wake up and find your best shoes chewed up because Fido became irritated at you because you were not there for him or her when they wanted to play.

Dogs are very smart. If you irritate them or abandon them, they will retaliate and the recipient is often a favored pair of shoes that become chew toys.

Dogs are not dumb creatures. They know when you leave them alone and they do not always like it. There are some dogs that take this absence very hard when other dogs may be okay with it.

You may find out the hard way about the kind of retaliation and defiance it can give when you have upset them. Crate training helps by securing your pet in a safe environment without fear of coming home to a destroyed house.

Dog forums are an excellent way a novice trainer can receive advice on the harder aspects of being a dog trainer. It will not be all sunshine and roses, you should expect some roadblocks.

Professional trainers have websites that can help you and your pet get past these barriers. You can also visit a local pet store for advice on everything from puppy pad training on up to teaching your pet tricks.

Source by Mike Ramidden