9 High Profit Online Businesses to Start Now! – Internet Business!

This video is about 9 high profit online businesses to start now. These are some great internet business ideas! Enjoy
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37 Replies to “9 High Profit Online Businesses to Start Now! – Internet Business!”

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  12. Jeremy-You ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT COSTCO AND SAMS- I AGREE 110%  – there's a growing amount of people like me who are tired and busy- BIG BOX is a pain in the butt.   I don't have time to wander all around a big ass store that's the size of two football fields.   pardon the rant but- So many stores – like Publix, Target and whole foods sams and Costco – make it hard-   some of the older walmarts are too big- and so many retail stores are so full of overstock and crap that no one  wants like fruit cakes and candied peanuts etc.  I'm a member of coscto AND IT HASN"T SAVED ME ANY REAL MONEY OR TIME-  it's a hassle.    It's an old and out of date 20th century idea that's run it's course.   I want the smaller box stores- like Walmart neighborhood markets with lots of self check out isles.  Same with Sams.   TOo much HIKING around an oversized store-  like everything today they gotta supersize it.   you want to buy a product yet they put TOO MANY BARRIERS twixt you and the product  you've got the money to spend and you want to spend it- yet the grocery or big box store chain- either puts a goofy (self empowered) politically correct yappy best job he/she's ever had in between you or you have to wander around then wait in line to check out.  AUTOMATION will make it easier for the pissed off impatient and tired customers like me I want to pay and get out -get home or get back to work.I do appreciate employees out in the store telling me where items are – but the amount of walking and  front check out counters are a pain in the neck

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    Thank you for the quality.


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