5 Easy Steps on How to Train Your Dog

 Dogs  are domesticated animals and highly social; however if you do not take the time to learn  how   to   train  your  dog  they will take control of your house and end up causing all kinds of problems by barking, scratching, tearing up things in your home. Anyone who has a canine friend understands the importance of learning  how   to   train  your  dog ; however everywhere you look it seems as if everyone has some kind of advice and opinions on the best way  to   train  your canine friend. We all have to learn  how  to discipline our  dogs  if you want your house to stay quiet. The best part is that you and your pets can live in harmony and you can learn  how   to   train  your  dog  without taking them to some  dog  obedience school. I have listed below 5 easy steps on  how   to   train  your  dog  so you both can have a great happy life.

1. Consistency: If you notice your  dog  doing something wrong take the time to discipline them every time you notice them doing it.  Dogs  are no different than children; they learn from repetition, the more often you tell them not to do something they will learn not to that thing.

2. Come Command: Only use this for positive reasons. Never tell your  dog  to come to you and then discipline them for something they did wrong. If you do this they will be scared to come to you when you tell them to. You must learn  how  to discipline them the moment they do something wrong.

3. Positive Rewards: Anytime your  dog  does something good let him/her know that you agree with what they have done. Many people give their  dogs  treats when they do something correct. This will work just as well on your  dog  just like the corrective behavior; they will understand that doing this is good and they will be more likely to do it because they know that if they do it they will be rewarded with a treat.

4. Dominant Behavior: If you have more than one  dog  do not let one of them show dominant behavior towards the other one. If this happens let them know that it will not be tolerated. You can help them live together as a healthy pack without any trouble.

5. Patience:  Training  anyone whether it is  a   dog , person or anyone else we all know that you have to learn  how  to develop patience. However through consistently following these steps you can and will achieve a quiet household and everyone will be happy.

You can  train  your  dog  by yourself you do not have to pay for any high paying  dog  obedience classes. If you are new  to   training  your  dog  and want to get more information on learning  how  to tackle any of your  dog’s  behavioral problems then feel free to visit our website below to get more professional advice.

Source by Tommy White

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