We’re at the lake fishing for pike! A bit windy as you can see and very shallow so we need to enter the water. . . for the boat. We’ll see how it goes – if we have any success in this wind. William left a comment that he missed when we fished for pike. Luckily we are gather and will be fishing for pike!When fishing for pike during summer, it’s important to treat them with caution. It’s hot and they are sensitive to heat. Today we’ll show you how to properly handle pike during summer. Best places to fish for pike during summer is for us big deep lakes with lots of bait fish . . . we also fish at shallow parts where the bait fish is present. This lake is a bit uncommon. The ramp for the boat was bad, luckily this boat allowed us to. Also allowed to fish during these conditions. Fishing at this lake with a small boat would have been deadly!Let’s do some pelagic fishing. It’s therefor important to use a big noisy bait. Starting out with a hooligan roach. Natural color, looks like a roach with a 20 gram jig skull. For these depths. When fishing it’s important to get the pike up as soon as possible in order to reduce the amount of lactic acid. I didn’t know we were going to fish for pike today, so I only brought with me a single rod, 30-90 grams. . . but using the right reel and fighting it hard it’s still possible. Don’t use too light rods for pike fishing. . . because it’ll be damaging the pike due to long fights. When fishing pelagic the strikes tend to be a lot harder. In order to minimise the damage dealt to the pike. . . I’ll be using a smaller jig with a single treble hook, easy too unhook. Let’s head for the first spot, a more shallow area. We have not fished here for some months. Let’s try it at least!We’ve arrived to the first spot. Seems to be some fish nearby, let’s try it. We’ll drift meanwhile we fish in order to cover as much space as possible since we don’t know where they are at. Check the sonar!We’re at the spot. I have not received a hard pike bite in a couple of months, so I’m excited for a pig!Now we’re on!Holy! Big waves – first of the day!Up on the surface!- Great job Edvin, this early as well!Great to catch something! They’re here. Using the small Flatnose, due to the small bait fish. Perfect size!Pay off came immediately. A small damaged pike. Crucial to release them as fast as possible. Nice pike!This is the bait, simulating a real bait fish. Good color for clear water. Plenty of bait fish – the main variable for good fishing. Let’s hammer this spot!It’s getting so windy! I don’t know if you’re able to hear me out, so windy!We’ve had plenty of strikes, Edvin has had 2. – Again!It’s good fishing! Hard to hook them though. First pike for me! Holy!Here’s the pike. Let’s unhook it. Back it goes, bye bye!Let’s catch another one in this storm!It’s so windy! Good conditions for the pike though, oxygen for the fish!Hooked up directly after Tobbe released his pike. Feels decent. Have not seen it yet. Now it comes!Felt a bit bigger but decent pike though. Insanely strong! Taking line!Took on the Flatnose like the other ones as well. Seems to be a good bait today, like always. Nice fish! Let’s unhook it quickly. Nice pike, like 95 cm. Time to release it. There we go!How fun, strong pike! Almost fell into the lake. Got bored from pike fishing so I started to fish for perch, caught this one. Seems to be perch nearby as well. Let’s measure it. 1. 1 kg and 44 cm. Let’s release it. What a pig!Been slow for some hours. Hooked up though. Decent. Let’s land it. There we go. Broke my hand. Here it is! Nice pike, don’t dare to unhook it with my hands. No please not again!There we go! The same Flatnose, used it for the entire day. Like 95 cm – we’ll not measure it. How fun! Time to fish for some hours until a new bite. Or what are you saying Philip? Catching anything?Just perch. Check the sonar out – it’s swimming down to 11 meters!The great part about fishing during summer is that you’re able to fish the entire day. . . it’s never getting dark. It’s best late evenings, nights or early mornings. You’re able to catch fish in the middle of the day but the bigger ones tend to catch during the colder periods of the day. Caught my first one for today. – Just 9:45 p. m!Let’s go! How dirty!- Looks like it spawned recently, check the fins out!Here we have him, first pike for today over 15 meters of depth on the Flatnose. We’ve received plenty of questions today about our favorite lures. . . so we’ll inform you!My favourite bait is Flatnose. Good size, easy to fish and optimal in every period. Able to rig in many ways. A bait I love!I don’t have a particular favourite but I do like Flatnose and jerkbaits like baby buster and such things,I’m jumping on the train – Flatnose for me as well. It’s just as Edvin said – a good allround bait. . . suitable for every depth, slow during spring and fast during summer! It has also delivered plenty of big fish for me. . . like this fish at 10 kg. Fish!Big I think! Feels better!Hooked up in the wind! It’s nice! Probably a meter fish just as I said! Bigger fish usually during evenings. Awesome strike! Took on my favourite bait – Flatnose!As Trumman says, “Huli muuses!”. There we go! This is what we came for, to instruct you how to properly taking care of a bigger pike. This is around a meter so let’s grab some pictures and measure it but. . . I don’t need to weigh it since it’s not a new record. I’m allowing it to rest in the net meanwhile we unhook it. Measuring board is ready, let’s pose some pictures fast and put it on the board quickly. Then release. I’ll hold the fish while Edvin unhook it. We’ll use this plier to cut the hook. There we go. Let it rest for some seconds. Here it is – let’s measure it. 99 cm!- It’s 99 cm. Let’s release it, need to be quick. Back it goes!It should be fine – we treated it well. It took at 4 meters so no pressure-damages. It swam back! How good! Almost a meter pike. Been fun to head out at a windy hot trip and catch these strong summer pike. Don’t forget to smash the like button if you want to see more of my beautiful fishing hat. Catch you later, bye!

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