3 Tips To House Break A Puppy

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Once you become a pet owner, you have to provide them with a healthy home and a balanced diet. These are easy tasks. The hard responsibility is training them how to behave properly if you are going to make them house dogs.

The best time for you to start house breaking your canine is when he is still a puppy. Here are some fundamental house breaking rules:

1. When you see a puddle or a poop, do not punish your dog if you do not see him doing it. What you can do is bring him to the spot and tell him ‘No.’

You have to establish this as a key word. In that way, he’ll be aware that whenever you use that word, you are not pleased.

2. You can start training your puppy inside your home. If you have a place in the home which is alright to be used as a canine bathroom (corner of the dirty kitchen), then put down some papers or old newspapers.

Encourage him to eliminate in those spots. Whenever you see them sniffing another area, showing signs that he is about to do his business, pick him up and transfer him on your delegated bathroom.

3. When your puppy is a little bigger, you turn to crate training. By using a crate or a cage, the puppy is confined in a small pace for a short period of time.

This way, he is trained to regulate his bowel movement. Whenever he poops or pees inside the cage, say the keyword, “No.”

You only conduct crate training when you are home. This is because you have to assure your puppy that he will be let out at this given time.

Take note when exactly he goes so you will schedule the time you walk him out. Make sure that it is only when he is outside or when he take him out for a stroll does your dog do his business.

Look at your puppy as a kid that must be potty trained. After a successful house-breaking training, the puppy will do his business properly, exactly how you want him to. All you have to do is praise him for a job well done.

Source by Anthony Lee