3 Awesome and Unusual Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Dog

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Teaching your dog some tricks has benefits for both you and your pet – it encourages mental stimulation for him and at the same time a dog full of tricks is an awesome thing to show off to your friends! Just keep in mind to keep each training session short, about 10 minutes at most, to increase concentration and to avoid frustration. Also, it is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to teaching your dog – don’t worry, he’ll learn them soon enough!

Give me a kiss

Children and people who love dogs know how precious a big, sloppy doggie kiss can be, so this is a fun trick to teach your pet. When you have your pup’s attention, stick a small piece of treat on your cheek and point to it. Your pup will naturally come and lick it off your face. When you’ve done this successfully a couple of times, start adding the command “kiss” until he learns to give you a smooch even without a treat on your cheek.

Shake paws

This is one cool dog trick that doesn’t fail to impress anyone. Start by commanding your dog to sit. Hold a treat in the palm of your hand then show it to your pet. Once you have his attention, close your hand into a fist. Most dogs will try to reach for the hidden treat on your hand so when your dog raises his paw to reach for your hand, say “good boy” and give him the treat. When he tries to stand up, command him to sit again. Insert the command “shake paws” later once he’s gotten used to raising his paw to reach for your hand.

Play dead

It’s always impressive to see a dog drop down and play dead when his owner does the “bang gesture”. It takes patience to teach this trick to your pet but once he’s mastered it, you’re in for a lot of praises. Start by commanding your pet to lie down. Rub his belly to make him comfortable then gently roll him over onto his side. Give him a treat. Your dog should start feeling comfortable rolling onto his side after a while. That’s when you insert the command “stay” or “sleep”, later on introducing the command “play dead” complete with the cool “bang gesture”.

Remember, there are an endless number of tricks you can teach your pup, just be patient and learn them with him one trick at a time.

Source by Mary L. James

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