How to Know If a Woman’s Attracted: The 5 Signals

Maybe she’s that waitress at the local café. Or maybe she’s a coworker or classmate or even the friend you’ve always secretly had a crush on. Regardless who she is, if you like her, then you want to know if the feeling’s mutual.

Lucky for you, all women give off signals when they’re attracted. Most guys never pick up on these signals. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could easily overlook these secret signals, as well. And you probably already have. You have probably let countless women slip through your fingers in the past because you failed to see the signals.

But you’re never going to make that mistake again. By learning the 5 most common-but least understood-signals of female attraction, you are prepared to get the girl. Just look for 1 of these 5 signals, and then make your move. It’s as simple as that!

1.) She says your name a lot in conversation

If you find a woman saying your name in conversation, there’s a good possibility she has feelings for you. When someone has feelings for another person, the sound of that person’s name gives them a little emotional rush. (Just think of children in the schoolyard writing their crush’s name in their notebooks!) While adults don’t skip around the playground and chant their crush’s name, they do unconsciously say it whenever they can. So if she says your name a lot, there’s a good chance she’s attracted to you.

2.) She fidgets with her hair

When a woman plays with her hair, it often means she’s turned on. It’s a grooming reflex: primate females groom themselves for males before mating. (If you want proof, just go to your local zoo!) Thus, if you catch a woman stroking her hair as she talks to you, it means you’re probably arousing her interests.

3.) She breaks eye contact first

Poets say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, her eyes are also a window into her feelings. It’s a well known fact that eye contact signifies confidence. And confidence is nothing more than comfort in one’s status. So, for example, if you were training some new entry level employees at your job, then you’d probably feel very confident in holding strong eye with all of them. If, however, you were having a business with your boss’ boss, then you probably wouldn’t feel as comfortable maintaining strong eye contact (since your boss’ boss has higher status). Likewise, if you notice a woman continually breaking eye contact first, she’s probably nervous with attraction for you.

4.) She gets carried away with emotion sometimes around you

A major misconception most guys have of women is that they need to “like” you to feel attraction. Just think of all the bad boys who do amazing with women! Now, you don’t need to become a “bad boy” just to attract women; however, you shouldn’t be discouraged is a woman isn’t always in a peachy mood around you. In fact, it’s better if she’s not! A woman would never waste her emotions on a guy she didn’t like. So if she sometimes gets frustrated with you or even angry at you, it’s a good thing.

5.) She speaks in the future tense about you

Here’s a very subtle-but very powerful-attraction signal that women give off. If a woman’s interested in you, she’ll make comments about seeing you in the future. It’s important to note that none of these signals will be overt; instead, they’ll be little offhanded comments like, “Are you going to x, y, z event next week?” If a woman is asking such questions, it’s a telltale sign that you’re on her mind.

Source by Jay Roberts Jr.

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How to Give Your Dog or Cat Ear Drops Without Them Stressing

1. When you are preparing to give your pet its medication try not to let the pet know you are preparing to give them their medication. Conceal the medication as best as you can

2. When you are ready to approach your pet, do so in a calm, casual manner like you were just going to give it a pet or scratch its ears, having a treat within reach ready to be rewarded after you apply the medication will help with positive reinforcement. Gently petting your pet’s ears more often when not administering medication will help your pet get more comfortable with you approaching when you need to medicate them.

3. You want to position the pet with caution. NEVER PUT YOUR FACE IN THE FACE OF THE PET’S WHEN MEDICATING. If possible face the animal away from you or a good distance from your face. Try not to let the pet see the medication or figure out what it is.

4. When you finally are positioned to administer the ear drops try and do so while you are gently scratching the ears as casually as possible. Don’t poke medicator into their ear but gently ease it in and deposit the medication as quickly as possible while still trying to calm your pet with petting and calming words and voice continuing to rub the ears if the pet will allow for a short period after medicating. (This will also help the medication get thoroughly into the ear canal.)

5. Once the medication has been administered give them their favorite treat for behaving.

Tip: Try to administer ear drops in a different room as often as possible so that the pet does not associate it with getting ear drops.

Source by Eric S H

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How to Cope With Allergies – Pollen Problems

Dealing with allergies pollen related issues can be a huge deal for those who love to work outside. When allergy season comes along, a person may long to go out and begin planting or just take a walk around their neighborhood.

However, because of their negative reactions, they may be unable to perform these simple acts. The question of how one deals with this condition at the peak times of the year is up for grabs.

Many different websites give a person varied information on how to deal with these seasonal allergies, but a few tidbits of information are staples that no one can deny if they want to effectually deal with their circumstances.

One of the best ways for a person to deal with allergies pollen symptoms is to do major spring cleaning. Cleaning one's living space can help to reduce the allergens in their home faster than anything. In order to get rid of residual pollen, one should make sure to wash their bed linens in water that is at least 130 degrees.

This will ensure that all the pollen and dust mites are killed. Also, a person should vacuum at least once a week. The vacuum should have a HEPA filter on it.

Since negative reactions to various things are so rampant these days, most new vacuum cleaners are equipped with the new filters. If one has serious negative reactions to pollen related problems they should consider putting a special covering on the bed that is allergen proof.

Having allergies pollen related problems can be hard to swallow when it comes to yard work. If one must do certain things such as mow the lawn, they should wait until peak pollen time is gone and should definitely wear a mask.

Even with a mask however, one's airways can become constrained causing coughing and breathing issues. This is one chore that should be delegated to another person in order to avoid having to cough for weeks to come.

Allergies pollen linked symptoms can slow a person down when certain seasons such as spring and fall come around. The pollen count can be so devastating that the act of breathing may be difficult for some.

If an individual who suffers from allergies pollen associated issues is well informed of their condition and knows how to take steps to avoid an allergy flare up with the seasons will be looked at as something of a welcome change and not something that can make a person swell .

Source by Mike Ramidden

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Fall Bass Fishing with my Mystery Tackle Box Pro Box!!!

It was was mid to late OCTOBER not November! I got a little ahead of myself at the beginning of this video…LOL! Fall bass fishing on my local lake with my MTB Pro Box was great at the beginning, but as the wind picked up, it became almost impossible to control the Pelican and the fishing was tough. Nevertheless, the Pro Box came packed full a great baits for Fall bass fishing and beyond and I sure I’ll be putting them to good use in future outings!!!

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Pit Bulls – Simple Training Technique

Training is not something something that you do for a short period of time and quit once your dog has started being obedient. Training needs to be an important part of your daily routine with your pit bull.

When it comes to training your dog, there are as many techniques out there as there are trainers. Talk to ten dog owners about how they train, and you will get ten different answers.

I always suggest that new owners avoid prong collars, not because they can not be effective at training, but because the techniques required to effectively use a prong collar on your dog is not easy to learn. An inexperienced trainer runs the risk or over correcting and causing potential dog – trainer relationship problems by using a prong collar. I have never met a dog that did not respond well to positive reinforcement training techniques. It may not be the fastest way to train a dog, but in my opinion it produces the best results both in the dogs attitude and his desire to learn new things.

When starting to train your pit bull with positive reinforcement, I find that the use of trips works the best. You may be able to try using a favorite toy. I try to wing my dogs off of trips and on to toys once they get older.

To train using positive reinforcement is quite simple. For the first couple of sessions with your dog, you are going to have to vocalize a command and then use the treat to trick the dog into doing it. For example I would say "Sit" and then hold a treat over the dogs head until the dog sat down. Then I would give the dog the treat while verbally praising her.

It is important to keep the sessions short and fun. For young dogs its best to keep it too around 5 minutes, as they get older and their attention span increases you can increase the time of the sessions.

As the dog learns that the sitting after hearing the command sit, means he gets a treat, you will notice that you no longer have to trick the dog. However, at this point it is important that you keep giving the treat. Once your dog masters one trick its time to move on to something else.

Always remember that when you teach new tricks it is important to continue to review old tricks as well. Dogs are like people in the sense that they sometimes forget what they did yesterday.

Once your dog has learned the basic commands of Sit, Lay Down, Roll Over, and stay you can move on to something more difficult. With my young dogs I play a game of "Name that Toy", where I say a toy name and the dog goes and picks it out. Training for this game takes some time and patience but it teaches a lot the skills that the dog will use later, including releasing the toy after it has brought it back too me.

Always remember to keep training sessions fun, this is good for both you the owner and the dog. By keeping it fun the dog will look forward to learning new things, and you the owner will be amazed at how capable the pit bull is at learning.

Source by David M Russell

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My Sales Funnel Theory of Article Marketing VII

By only creating products to fit into your sales funnel that only people who already have a start would be interested in, you avoid all the problems that beginners cause. And if you are a beginner reading this – do not be offended. Go out, get a web site, start building a list, write 10 articles – and you are no longer a beginner.

So now I will get back to what I was talking about in Part V – what kind of product could you come up with that will have a value of $ 5000? Assuming you are a dog trainer, but of course you can be a dating expert or a fishing expert, or anything – but with the dog trainer example, here are some ideas:

1) You could create a training program to take a beginner or intermediate dog trainer to the next level. Now before you write that off, think about this (and apply it to whatever field you are in): How much does a beginner dog trainer make? Nothing? Something like that? How about an intermediate? Maybe $ 30,000 per year? An advanced dog trainer? Maybe $ 60,000 plus? So in both cases, moving from beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to advanced – the person with your training is now able to make $ 30,000 per year more than they could before.

So $ 5000 is a fair price for a training program that actually gives someone enough info that they could go to the next level with their profession. And of course this idea is transferable to fishing training, or dating coach training, or dance training, or wood working training – whatever you are in, if you can charge someone to learn, you can pretty much apply this model.

Source by Sean Mize

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