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Top 10 Well Liked Dog Breeds in America As Pets

Canines are by far a single of the most well-liked pets to have not only in America but all-around the globe. Their lovable nature and unconditional affection helps make them a crowd favorite for several individuals and families. Nevertheless, not all breeds are the identical. Some dog breeds are far more well-liked than other folks. Right here, we record the top rated 10 most common canine breeds in America and why they are so common.

1.Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the most well-liked dog in America since it is a lovely seeking canine that can arrive in number of diverse colours from brown to black. It is a well-liked dog simply because it can be a loved ones pet and a hunting dog and functions exceptionally properly as a chook dog. Mother and father really like that it is extremely friendly to kids and also effortless to train. It is no shock to me to see it in very first spot.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a trendy dog that is a well-liked a single at canine exhibits. Several individuals like this dog since it has a model and grace that separates it from other types of canines. This smaller sized canine is a popular 1 with the wealthy.

3. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has a powerful following as properly as this a single has been applied as a well-known service canine for the police and as a relatives pet. It also has been applied as efficient view dogs as very well. These major dogs are also really intelligent and tractable generating them a well-known choice for Americans.

4. Golden Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is not the only retriever men and women like. The Golden Retriever is also 1 that numerous individuals like. Its major distinction is its golden coat that appeals to quite a few men and women. It also has the very same substantial degree of smarts at other retrievers generating it a excellent choice for a pet.

5. Beagle

The Beagle is a lovable character of American historical past that has flourished as a excellent hunter of tiny sport. Nonetheless, its more current history is far more of a very low-essential canine that can be a excellent addition to households that have a minor less energetic life style.

6. Boxer

The Boxer is powerful, highly effective dog breed that has its origins in Germany. Like several German canines, it has a quantity of beautiful qualities that folks like.

7. Dachshund

The Dachshund is definitely a humorous wanting canine. This humorous model of getting a prolonged physique and brief logs does make it extremely attractive to several men and women. For those searching for a thing a tiny out of the ordinary, this can be a excellent choice.

8. Poodle

The Poodle is a effectively recognized canine to most folks that numerous men and women affiliate with the prosperous. Its most preferred form is a miniature poodle which has been bred down by way of many years of breeding. This is a wonderful pet that numerous folks will like the search of and is a best one particular at shows.

9. Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is one more display canine. This 1 originates from China and has a distinctive appear which adds to its attraction.

10. Bulldog

The Bulldog or as much more men and women know it the British Bulldog has also a robust following in the United States. This affectionate dog has a very low key demeanor that hides what can often be an aggressive streak. Several people locate this dog a good alternative mainly because of its seem and persona.For much more details about “Dog breeds”, you should check out: Dog Breeds

Source by Kristle Yik

Here Is How To Raise Your Credit Credit Score From 480 To 700

You can raise your credit score from 480 to 700 by following a few steps listed below.

Your credit score is your financial gateway to getting the things you want in life. Your credit score is used for the following; when you buy a car, lease a car, rent an apartment, buy a home, college loans, buy the newest computers, electronics and it’s also used by insurance companies when you need insurance.

Credit scores range from 300 to 850 and any score below 500 is considered a higher risk to lenders. Trying to maintain a score above 700 will improve your chances of getting a loan for larger purchases such as a car or a house. With a higher score you can get better interest rates and terms on your loans.

Obtain a 3 to 1 Credit Report

Go to Creditreport.com to get a free copy of your credit report. You want the 3 to 1 so that you can see the complete report from all 3 credit report agencies. Check your report for any inaccuracies such as someone else using your credit or anything that shouldn’t be there. This could be identity theft and should be reported immediately.

Make sure that each of your creditors have accurately reported your information. If you find there are mistakes, draft a letter and mail it to the credit report agency along with any proof to back up your dispute. You want to get this inaccurate information off your credit report as soon as possible.

Consolidate Credit Cards

Transfer balances on higher interest rate cards to ones that have a lower interest rate. This will lower your credit score by getting rid of too much debt.

Inspect Your Finances

Pull all your finances together. Look for somewhere you can squeeze say $100.00 additional each month. Take this money and apply it to the credit card with the highest interest rate each month until you get it paid off. Then, take that money and pay off the next highest interest rate credit card, and so on.

Avoid the Top End Limit of Credit Cards

Being maxed out on a credit card can lower your credit rating. A good benchmark is only holding 30% of the max amount available on the card. If you have a credit card with a balance of $1000.00, keep the amount on that card around $350.00 to improve your credit score.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Be sure that you consistently pay all your bills on time. Paying your bills on time is the one of the main elements that the credit bureaus use in calculating your credit score. (35% of your score is based on payment history)

Pay more than the minimum due on each credit card, only paying the minimum due is a sign you could fall behind on your payments and you may be a high risk.

Close Un-Used Credit Cards

Simply destroying your cards doesn’t work. You need to call the credit card company and request that they close your account so that it no longer shows on your credit report. This will help increase your credit score.

Refrain from Requesting More Credit

Each inquiry is reported to the credit agencies and multiple inquiries can negatively impact your rating. If there are no inquiries for a 2 year period, lenders are more willing to extend credit, confident that you will not overextend yourself and default on your payments.

Using these helpful tips can help you to increase your credit over time.

Source by Mike Reitz

Rolo (Chocolate Lab) Boot Camp Dog Training Video

Rolo (Chocolate Lab) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or …


Softball Hitting – 6 Tips to Get Out of a Slump

This is probably the most frustrating thing in softball and every player will experience them in their career. Hitting slumps in softball are just part of the game like Gatorade or sunflower seeds. You can’t avoid them. Isn’t it one of the reasons what we call softball a sport of failure and that we all agree that it is such a mental sport?

However, while all ball players struggle periodically at the plate, the better hitters are able to minimize the length of their slumps. They do so by being more aware of what’s causing their slumps and what to do about it.

Hitting slumps are caused by a variety of factors and each hitter is different in what’s causing her slump, so it would stand to reason that each may be different in the method she employs to get back on the road of success. However, there are several hitting tips that the best softball hitters use to help them get out of their slumps. Here are a few softball hitting tips fight slumps.

1. Take extra batting practice. Taking extra batting practice makes sense, and it’s usually the first step taken by hitters in a slump. There is no substitute for hard work. The hitter should identify the fundamental flaw or error in approach, make the proper adjustment, and retrain her body to swing the bat the right way. She needs to get that feeling right again. Extra batting practice helps iron out the swing, and with that, it rebuilds confidence. When hitters put the time in away from competition, they develop a psychological edge that they carry into the game.

There is one extremely important point to understand. Before hopping in the batting cage, hitters must be absolutely sure that they’ve identified their problem and have a plan for making adjustments during batting practice. In other words, you don’t want to get good at doing something the wrong way. You don’t want to dig a bigger hole. You have to rehearse proper mechanics whenever you practice hitting.

2. Get back to the basics. In the midst of a slump, hitting can seem very complicated. In that case, it may help to simplify everything. A hitter should go back to what build his swing. Tee work and soft-toss drills allow a player to feel and focus on the fundamentals of the swing. A hitter should walk through basic drills and gradually build towards live batting practice. She may discover that her swing just needed a tune-up.

3. Visualize. When a hitter struggles, it’s easy to fall in the habit of expecting the worst. This is never a productive mindset for competitive softball players. Positive thoughts breed positive results especially in a sport like softball. A hitter should think back to when she was swinging the bat well. Recall hard-hit balls to the outfield gap, line drives up the middle, and stroked balls to the opposite field.

Before at bats, instruct the hitter to imagine the pitch she wants and to see herself crushing it. When she sees something positive happening in her own mind, it helps her believe she’s capable of actually doing it.

4. Have honest conversation. Many slumps are born of a poor approach at the plate. For example, a hitter may approach each at bat trying to hit every pitch over the outfielder’s head. This commonly results in dropping the rear shoulder and swinging under the pitch.

Talk to the hitter and ask her what she’s thinking. Is she attempting to hit every pitch over the fence? Is she trying to pull every pitch? Is she simply looking to put the ball in play? Is she afraid to make an out? By asking the hitter to share her thoughts, you may expose the root of the problem.

5. Review videotape. We always say, “Seeing it is believing it.” Many young hitters don’t want to listen to instruction. Kids can be stubborn, but it’s also possible they simply don’t believe or don’t get it what they’re being told. Well, it’s one thing to hear it, but it’s another thing if they can actually see it. The video camera can serve as an extremely useful tool. It not only provides visual proof but accurately illustrates what may be difficult to place into words.

6. Change. Some players respond positively to change. A change in the stance, pre-swing, mental approach, or even equipment can jump-start a hitting streak. It should not be a major change in mid-season, but a subtle adjustment can have a positive impact. There is more than one way to hit a baseball, so maybe the hitter just needs to shake things up to get himself going. If he believes a minor change makes him a better hitter, by all means, let him do it.

Source by Marc Dagenais

Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

Buy Swing Speed Radar Here: Golf Power Click Here for More Golf Tips: In this tip I follow up on …


DraftKings PGA: Waste Management Phoenix Open – DFS PGA Strategy from RotoGrinders

DraftKings PGA strategy, picks and analysis from proven daily fantasy winners.

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3 ‘must do’s with your driver. In this weeks Impact Show Me and My Golf PGA Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman are joined by fellow PGA …


Kitchen Remodeling Top 10 Tips

1. Determine a Kitchen Layout that Suits your Needs

Ever find yourself in the kitchen at a house party or during the holidays? It's safe to say the kitchen is the heart of the home and over the last 50 years the kitchen has moved from the back of the house, to the center of attention. Once a dead end in the house, the kitchen's contemporary application is often found in a "great room" setting promoting a home's open floor plan. Although the kitchen's modern appeal has doubled it into a social gathering space, one thing has remained the same:

Most of us are probably familiar with the work-triangle. This refers to the optimal relationship between the sink, stove, and refrigerator, being spaced no more than 6 feet apart. A proper "work-triangle" is designed to reduce needless steps while cooking in the kitchen.

2. Use Quality Materials

Cabinets provide the heart and soul of the kitchen as well as help set the tone and style of your entire home. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a contemporary kitchen, the drawer fronts and cabinet doors you pick accentuate the beauty of the kitchen, while also determining much of its durability. It is essential to consider both the aesthetics, including color and style, along with the function and strength of the material. As a major portion of the kitchen budget, balancing beauty, durability and cost are vital to a successful cabinet choice.

Although there is a multitude of different cabinet materials available, solid hardwoods, wood veneers and synthetics are currently the most popular.

Common Solid hardwoods:

Alder: This solid hardwood has remained popular due to lower cost, broad range of available stain colors, and subtle grain appearance. Alder's natural nut brown undertones allow it to take stain similar to a light colored maple, a dark walnut, or even a red cherry. It is a softer wood within the hard wood category, so not that tough. Great economical choice for raised panel stained wood with a high end look in the rustic and traditional kitchen styles.

This solid hardwood maintains its popularity due to its great versatility of use coupled with a reasonable cost. The subtle grain and natural nut brown undertones opens the alder to a variety of stain options. Well stained alder can have the appearance of many other wood types including light colored maple, dark walnut, or even a red cherry. Alder is a bit softer than other hardwoods so it may not be quite as resistant to wear and tear. Overall, it makes a great economical choice for decorative raised panel, stained wood giving a high end finished look best suited to rustic and traditional kitchen styles.

Poplar: Good economical choice for painted kitchen. Difficult to stain due to natural green undertones. Softer end of the hardwood spectrum, less durable than a maple, oak, and a little softer than alder. For the white French country style kitchen, painted poplar will give you the same look as maple at a lower cost, but it will not resist nicks. Typical used for high end decorative painted trim such as white wainscoting and crown moldings in tradition and French country kitchens.

Cherry: Higher end material choice that carries good durability and a rich red undertone. Often found in formal and refined traditional kitchens. Alder is an economical substitute that will achieve the same refined look at the sacrifice of durability.

Maple A very hard wood with a mild grain pattern. This material can take a natural stain, dark stain, or hold paint with a high level of durability. Cost is higher than poplar as a paint grade alternative and alder as a stain grade alternative but the maple will hold up better over the long run.

Wood veneers – Most any wood commonly used for hardwood doors is available is in thin sheets called veneer which are applied over resin particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard). This type of door construction accomplishes a clean look with a natural wood finish often found in contemporary kitchens. A kitchen cabinet door can not resist warping when fabricated in a flat wide style, so a wood veneer is used to create the appearance of a solid wood door without losing stability. When selecting specific veneer wood, the hardness plays a large factor in long term durability. Maple and cherry are the toughest, while alder and poplar are the softest or least durable. Cost is often pretty comparable to a solid raised panel door of similar wood species.

Synthetics – Process is similar to the above mentioned wood veneer, with the exception that the veneer material is a PVC substance that typically possesses more durability and lower cost. Often used in commercial applications and utilitarian residential. applications such as garages and laundry rooms.

3. Decide Whether to Paint or Stain

The debate continues, to paint or to stain! I'll leave my biases out of this one (even though stain is easier to maintain, paint is often still preferred) and list the major pro's and con's:

  • Stain
  • Colors come in variety of shades
  • Repair and touch-ups are easier. Easier to keep your cabinets looking good for a long time.
  • Less expensive and fewer steps.
  • Distressing or glazing make the maintenance easier.
  • Great choice for the Do It Yourselfer's
  • Paint
  • Probably the most popular look amongst home owners.
  • More process steps than stain and more expensive to finish.
  • Touch-ups can be difficult.
  • Refinished often requires professionals to match your existing colors.
  • On average 10-12% more expensive than stain ($ 2,000 more on a $ 20,000 kitchen packet).

4. Choose Appropriate Colors

This might seem like the simplest of things to do in a kitchen remodel, but choosing the right colors can either bring harmony to a room, or a create a wrong impression. In basic color theory, colors have different meanings and are generally either stimulating or relaxing. Here is a list of the colors of the rainbow and their meanings:

  • Red: Stimulating / Increases Appetite
  • Orange: Stimulating / Increases Appetite
  • Yellow: Stimulating / Increases Appetite
  • Green: Relaxing / Balance
  • Blue: Relaxing / Decreases Appetite
  • Indigo: Relaxing / Decreases Appetite
  • Violet: Balance / Relaxing / Decreases Appetite

The kitchen should be a combination of both relaxing and stimulating colors. It is difficult to work in a kitchen that is too relaxing but at the same time should not be too stimulating that it makes you hungry.

5. Break the Horizontal Line

Stagger the height, length, and depth of wall cabinets. Horizontal lines at the top and bottom row of cabinets can make a kitchen look rigid and static. A break from the horizontal line can give your kitchen remodel an updated look.

6. Build Bridges, Not Walls. Islands and Peninsulas are the New Kitchen Walls

Over the last 30 or so years, the open floor plan has become increasingly popular and the function of a great room (containing kitchen, dining, and living space) is becoming the norm. Many remodels we've done in the past have been transforming compartmentalized floor plans into a contemporary, open floor plan by knocking down any barrier walls between kitchen and living room. Instead of walls defining the kitchen's borders, peninsulas and islands provide a better alternative. They prevent the kitchen from spilling over visually into other spaces, and also allow the cook to maintain visual and conversation contact with family members and guests.

7. Find a Creative Contractor with Expertise and Realistic Ideas

There's no one size fits all approach to kitchen remodeling (or home remodeling in general). That's why it's important to find a contractor that has access to designers capable of creating unique solutions specific to your kitchen's needs. A popular model contractors are beginning to use is the design / build model.

Traditional remodels typically involve an architect or designer, an engineer, and a general contractor. The design / build model combines all three into one convenient package. Allowing one company to oversee your kitchen remodeling project saves you money and headaches. In addition, a creative contractor will offer practical design solutions that may otherwise have been overlooked.

An example is creatively using the existing kitchen footprint which saves money on flooring, plumbing, and other minor expenses allowing money to be dispersed on larger features of the kitchen remodel.

8. Selecting the Right Kitchen Countertop

Countertops are important to your kitchen because they can help give your kitchen a particular tone that represents your lifestyle. If you have been looking around, then you are probably aware by now that there are numerous alternatives to granite or laminate.

9. Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

Kitchen remodels are everything AND the kitchen sink. When it comes to the kitchen sink, the function will usually outweigh the looks. Sinks come in an array of styles, but it is important to consider how you plan to use your kitchen sink. It is also important to choose a sink appropriate to the size of your kitchen.

It is recommended for kitchens less than 150 sqft to use a standard 22×24-in. single bowl. For larger kitchens there are multiple bowl options and it is often recommended to consider a secondary bar sink if multiple cooks will be in the kitchen.

10. Light your Kitchen Appropriately

What good is the your perfect kitchen remodel if you can not SEE its features? If you are fortunate enough to be situated near windows, use them! Nothing beats natural lighting. But what about at night or in cases where you do not have any windows? That's when using a combination of ambient, task, and natural lighting comes in hand.

Pendant lightings are typically used as task lighting above a kitchen island or peninsula. They serve as a perfect design element that accentuates the tone of your kitchen.

Under mount lighting is a nice way to add luminosity to areas otherwise void in your kitchen. They're a great way to accent your kitchen's features such as a special tile backsplash or glassware.

Recessed lighting is by far the most popular way to light a kitchen. It has become a standard choice of lighting in contemporary homes.

Source by Rob Pankow

2017 Fantasy Football: Tuesday DFS NHL Picks | FNTSY Sports Today

Michael Clifford of Project Roto checks in to talk about tonight’s 14 game schedule from a DFS NHL perspective. Who should you look at in net? How about the DFS and season long perspective of Anthony Mantha. Which games should you target?


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FanDuel NBA Picks: 1-31-17 – The 6 Pack – RotoGrinders

DFS expert “Beermakersfan” provides his favorite FanDuel NBA picks for today’s games.

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Secret Winter Bass Lure in MTB Pro Unboxing

In this unboxing, I was surprised to see one of my favorite deep water winter bass fishing lures in the MTB pro box. This bass fishing lure is excellent for fishing deep water areas that bass are schooled up around. Try fishing around bridges, road beds, points and humps where shad or other bait is seen on your fish finder. I like to use a slow reel retrieve or a up and down retrieve. I explain more in the video and unbox the other bass fishing lures in the February Mystery Tackle Box Pro bass fishing box. There are some other worms and crankbaits that look good as well. Anyway, this lure is no longer a secret for me. It’s kind of an old school lure but it catches em.

Watch us catch some BIG largemouth bass on this lure in one of my lures from last season:


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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to show as many fishing places as possible and help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie and french bulldog Winston.

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Breaking Bad Dog Behaviors With Positive Reinforcement

Do you have problems with your puppy or dog displaying bad behaviors? Do not feel alone, if this is the case, but breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement offers the best results. There are people that believe a dog's behavior is only as good as the pet owner's training and this is true, to a certain extent. Communication with your dog or puppy is crucial to proper training and you need to understand your dog's communication, as well. The best time to train a dog is when it is a puppy, but with consistent, positive reinforcement, you can train your dog to have good behaviors, instead of bad.

There are a few things that your dog might be trying to tell you with bad behaviors. Whether it is house-breaking problems, nuisance barking, whining or yelping, nipping, biting or chewing up shoes, a dog will behave certain ways when it is fearful, lonely, feeling insecure or feeling threatened. It is important to realize the root causes of your dog's behaviors and try to correct them, to put your dog at ease. Sometimes, all they want is attention, but it is important that you understand what your puppy or dog is trying to tell you. Breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement includes removing the puppy or dog from any perceived threats or trying to make the dog feel more secure.

There are some pet owners that have learned that breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement includes crate training. There are many ways that a dog crate can make the pet feel more secure and letting the puppy or dog out of the crate to go outside can help with house-breaking. If you have a dog or puppy that nips at children, putting it in the crate with a favorite toy removes the pet from the threat in a positive way and keeps children from getting bitten. If you have small children in the house, it is important that they know to stay back from the pet if it is growling, but you should always watch your pet around small children, anyway. Softly saying "no" can make the dog aware there is no reason to be afraid.

If you have a pet that is feeling abandoned while you are away at work, the pet can become destructive as a way to act out frustrations. A dog crate can make it feel more secure and crate training is a helpful tool for breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement. There are many ways that consistency, patience and understanding your pet's communication can help you, when you are breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement. If you have a puppy, there are some behaviors that the pet will outgrow and it will become more secure as it gets older and more settled into the routine of your household.

There are some behaviors that are crucial to get corrected immediately, however. Breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement is something that dog obedience experts and animal behaviorists are familiar with. If you have a dog that is biting and nipping, it is important that you get expert help before somebody gets hurt or the dog gets impounded. If you start positive dog training at an early age, it can deter bad behaviors from becoming ingrained habits, however.

Source by Kelly Marshall


GOLF TIP – MIDDLE YOUR DRIVER Meandmygolf give a quick tip on how to hit the ball out the middle of the driver, helping to increase distance and straighter …


2017 Fantasy Golf: Waste Management Open DraftKings Picks and Preview w/ David Barnett | FST

Chris and Ashley are joined by David Barnett of TourJunkies.com to preview the 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open from a DraftKings (DFS) perspective. What is wrong with the pricing algorithm on DK this week? Are there players that need to be in your lineup based on their prices? Should you build your team around defending champion Hideki Matsuyama? Find out all that and more here!


FNTSY Sports Network has your fantasy sports mock drafts, draft strategy, previews and analysis for MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL, including fantasy football 2016 and fantasy baseball 2016. Subscribe for 24/7 fantasy sports news and dominate your league!

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Market Your Business Online With Local Search Engine Marketing

Business owners are constantly looking to find ways to market their businesses online amid tough competition from online and offline businesses. With the advent of Social Media this is becoming more and more complicated.

Finding the best alternatives to keep ahead of the competition is an ongoing process. Local search engine promotion has become more and more popular where business owners are looking to make themselves visible online to their local markets.

Local search engine marketing involves processes aimed at improving a website’s visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing and brings up your business in local neighborhood searches. This focuses on Internet business promotion, campaign management, Google page rank, keyword ranking, and link popularity.

Like any internet marketing strategy, local search engine promotion looks at what the customer is looking for and how and what keywords are used to find the product. This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic targets a local niche audience. It aims at getting a targeted audience. More and more businesses are using this marketing technique to promote and advertise their services and products online.

This form of marketing is also more likely to accumulate quality rankings in the search engines.

The internet has an unlimited source of information. Prospective buyers can search for anything they want on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing by entering keywords or key phrases to locate an assortment of websites that offer the product or service they are looking for.

There are thousands, sometimes millions of pages that will be generated by a single keyword. It is important that your website is one that comes up in the top few pages. Narrow your niche market, and be very specific with your keywords or key phrases so that your website comes up in the top pages. It is much better to have a narrow niche where you come up in the top few pages every time than it is to have a generic keyword that brings up thousands or millions of pages.

i.e “Golf clubs” versus “Brand name” golf clubs for sale

There are many internet promotion services being offered to help online businesses rank high with the search engines. The service normally begins by providing clients with the most appropriate keywords for your product or service. They will optimize the chosen keywords into HTML codes throughout your website so that your website is picked up by the SEOs.

It is essential that the content of your website matches the keywords and any promotional sentences you use otherwise you could be blacklisted by the SEOs. Don’t use tricks to get people to your website you will lose credibility and search engine rankings.

To produce an effective campaign the Internet Promotion companies will use different formulas, techniques, technical tricks, and shortcuts that they know will bring results on the Search Engines. In addition to optimizing the keywords they will also optimize your articles or text for link building purposes. This optimization will help to rank your business high in the Search Engines.

The entire local search engine promotion process can be time consuming and difficult to understand as the rules change constantly. This is were the SEO specialists can assist with the process and can save the average business owners the worry and headache of advertising their services or products online. The key is to search for quality SEO providers. Don’t be pushed into using a search engine promotion company by overly aggressive techniques of marketing. Check the service out thoroughly before signing up with them. Make sure they don’t use techniques such as spamdexing, keyword stuffing, or other techniques that may get your website blacklisted.

Make sure you see results and monitor it for yourself online. Don’t hand it over and leave it to look after itself. Look at the statistics to see what leads or business the marketing has generated, and go with what works, and change to another company if it isn’t bringing you business.

Source by Avril Betts


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The Great Skateboarding Debate

What is skateboarding? Is it an art form? Is it entertainment? Is it an impressive display of athletic achievement? Or, is it nothing more than a daredevil exercise? Well, that all depends on who you ask, of course. If you ask a hardcore and knowledgeable skateboard enthusiast what skateboarding is, they'll tell you that it's the ultimate thrill. They'll tell you that everything about skateboards; from grip tape to wheels to trucks and to the deck itself all combine to create a gravity defying source of speed and agility. And yet, if you ask others who are passionate about skateboarding, they may simply tell you that it's nothing more than a hobby and something fun to do.

Of course, like Newton said, "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." In this case, for every skateboard fan who loves and marvels about what skateboarding is all about, there are those who simply think that skateboarding is an exercise in futility. Ask them who Tony Hawk is, and they may respond that the tony hawk is an endangered species. Now, some skateboarding detractors may be senior citizens, who would reminisce about how "in their day", no one would dare skateboard (if only they knew just how long skateboarding has been around). And there are others who may be in the target demographic which skateboard companies are pinpointing, yet who have no interest in skateboarding whatsoever.

The great thing about skateboarding is that, much like many unconventional standards in pop culture, it draws, incites and invites debate. On one side of the ledger, you have individuals who trumpet the building of skate parks, as it provides boarders with a safe place to hone their craft. Yet, on the opposite corner, you have people who believe that skate parks will lead to unsavory characters, which, in turn, will lead to violence and crime in the neighborhood. And like many passionate and detailed arguments, there are usually three sides to every story:

One side. The other side. And the truth.

For many years, people from all walks of life – regardless of their passion or knowledge about skateboarding – have viewed skateboarders with an arched and curious eyebrow. Yes, there is physical skill required to successfully operate a skateboard. But, no, skateboarders are not athletes. Yes, riding a deck is a different way to get around town. But, nobody in their right mind would actually do it. Skateboarding should be encouraged because it can turn into a nice little hobby. On the other hand, why would you want to direct anyone to actually become a skateboarder?

Because it's not fully understood, skateboarding will continue to draw passionate responses and stances on both sides of the debating fence. What that really means is not quite so clear, because there are those who are also absolutely entrenched in their beliefs and, as such, will never yield or relent otherwise. Perhaps the best course of action may be to simply agree to disagree. Some will look at the sheer explosion in skateboarding popularity as concrete proof of acceptance into the mainstream culture. Others will view that and lament on the lowering of cultural standards to allow skaters to become a part of it.

In the end, who really cares? If you like skateboarding, then enjoy it for what it is. And if you do not, then ignore it and do not worry about it.

Source by Duke McCallister

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The Best Way To Become A Great Chipper

What is the most important shot in golf? I may get arguments from other golfers or teachers, so bring them on. I’m always in for a good debate. For the majority of you, getting good at this one simple shot will take more shots off your round than any other.

I’ll give you a hint, it is not the putt. Even though putting is half of the game, no matter how good you get you’re only going to sink about half of every 6 foot putt you have. (That’s the percentage for tour pros). And even if you never practice, you are still rarely going to 3 putt from that range. So, let’s think about the shot that so often precedes that putt. No, I’m not talking about the longer putt that came up short; I’m talking about the….CHIP! Yes…the little chip shot, the one that is only a few paces off the green, is KILLING your scores, not your driver! And here’s the travesty: it is, next to a two foot putt, the easiest shot to make in golf, no matter your age, gender or golfing experience. If you’ll bear with me, this one shot even somewhat mastered will take around 10 strokes off your game, even if you miss every 6 foot putt. And you can have fun getting great with chipping by practicing for 10 minutes a day 3 or 4 times a week in your living room. So pay attention!!!

Tell me if this sounds familiar? Your first shot on a par 3 or second or third shot on a par 4 misses the green by only a few yards. The flag is within throwing distance. Now you take out your wedge, usually a pitching wedge and you’re saying to yourself, “uh oh”. One of two things invariably happens: you chunk the ball because you’re afraid of hitting it too far, so it goes about 2 feet, or you blade the ball and it comes off like a missile and fires over the green and lands in a bunker, pond, or the forest behind the green: goodbye possible par or bogey, hello calculator.

How often in your round do you miss the green and have to use your wedge? I’m guessing at least 10 to 15 times a round. Now you can be an awful putter but your bad putts usually won’t go into ponds and sand traps. It is the wedge more than any other club which will drive up your scores. I know in my own game I lose about 5 shots per round due to my relatively poor chips, and I consider myself a good chipper.

Let’s be honest. I don’t care how many lessons you take, how many balls you swing at on the range, we can’t compete with pros in distance and accuracy. They have superb technique, they’re strong and they’ve woven their bodies properly with years of training. We cannot compete in those categories, so forget about the 300 yard drive.

But we CAN compete with them in a chipping contest. We don’t need strength to chip; in fact even if you are 80 with arthritic joints you can still learn to chip as well as a tour pro. It comes down to technique and practice. Yet chipping is where so many weekend golfers are poor at. So let’s get good, OK?

What do I consider to be a GOOD chip? If you’re about 7 paces off the green, your chip should end up leaving you a 6 foot putt. Of course it varies with pin position, and the length of your chip or pitch, but even if you can chip to within 10 feet, you have a reasonable chance to sink the putt, and at worst 2 putt. The more you practice, the closer many of your shots will go; hopefully inside of 3 feet. My first suggestion for real improvement is to take a short game lesson from a teacher, the technique can be learned very quickly as compared to the full golf swing, and you’ll have it for the rest of your life. That’s a pretty good investment, I’d say. For now let me talk about 4 steps to great chipping and lower scores:

1. Technique I could say much about technique, such as proper set up, but for now I’ll cover THE major fault that most golfers display: YOUR HANDS. Every golfer who is NOT a good chipper uses his hands. That is fact, not fiction! You try to scoop the ball in the air or lift it up. You don’t even know you’re doing it. This is not reliable, and will not work most of the time, especially in difficult lies. So let’s look at my technique that I know will work for everyone. Try this at home on a carpet. Set up with your wedge as if you’re going to take a shot, look at the club head while you swing very slowly. Make sure your hands are set up a bit ahead of the club head. Let’s name the club head Ben Johnston. Now (for right handers) look at the back of your left hand holding the club…let’s give your left hand the same name as you. You and Ben are going to race for a gold medal! Now mark a spot a foot in front of where the ball would be, towards the target. You can lay a pencil or coin down, for example. The 2 sprinters are going to race to that one foot mark…and they are going to TIE. In other words, after you have struck the ball, your leading hand and Ben should be parallel to each other about one foot past the point of impact with the ball. Hold it there and stop. Was this race tied? If you use your hands and try to scoop the ball Ben will win the race. (He may have to be tested after…oops!) We want a TIE. That’s the point. All great chippers keep their wrists locked about a foot through impact. If you can master this technique you are on your way to becoming a great chipper. And the beauty is the technique will work for any club you use around the green, whether it’s your wedge or 7 iron.

2. Imagination All great chippers imagine HOW the ball will roll to the hole. When you look at the hole on the green, I suggest you imagine in your mind’s eye throwing the ball underhand on to the green and imagine how high and how far you would throw it in order for it to roll to the hole. Naturally you must take into consideration how fast the green is, if it’s uphill or downhill or how the green curves, the same as you would do if you were putting. Once you imagine all of that pick a spot the size of a loonie and try to land the ball on that spot. It does take a bit of playing experience, so the more you play the more you’ll feel the speed and how far to throw the ball. But it’s important to focus on one spot to chip on to and ‘toss’ the ball on that spot.

3. Equipment I’m surprised at how many golfers do not have both sand and lob wedges. Many of you own one wedge, the pitching wedge, and that makes it almost impossible to play many shots where the ball has to stop quickly. The lob and sand wedge are among the most useful tools available. I know many of you don’t use the lob wedge because you’re afraid of it. If you practice the above technique you’ll learn to love this club. I’d suggest you learn the chipping technique and then acquire a lob, or L wedge and sand wedge. Carry 3 wedges please.

4. Practice with Fun! Here’s what I do. I practice this indoors over the winter. I take a plastic salad bowl or an empty shoe box and place it 3 or 4 paces in front of me (10-12 feet) with 10 balls to chip into the bowl. For each ball that I chip into the bowl I give myself 5 points. I give myself 3 points if I hit any part of the bowl. A perfect score is 50 points. When I started this a few years ago, I was only scoring 5-15 points. Over time I was averaging 32 points. So far my best score is 43. I’m still trying for 50. It’s like trying to break your best pin ball score. When you begin to get pretty good move the bowl back a few paces, and it gets a bit harder. But, doing this and keeping score has made it fun, and more importantly has improved my chipping tremendously. In fact today as I’m writing this it’s 10C outside and I was taking my chipping exercise outside, varying the distance from 10 paces to 30 paces and chipping into my recycle box. Give it a try. Soon you’ll be entertaining at parties, trying to lob your ball into cocktails! You’ll be the splash of the party!

Source by David M. Goodman