Tips For Training Older Dogs

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Almost universally, when people talk about dog training, or dog obedience coaching or whatever other phrase they use for it, they have in the back of their mind an image of working with a young dog, often not much more than a puppy.

And, again, it’s a widely held belief that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So, how true is that? Is it possible to train an older dog?

Well, yes and no!

The cliché mongers are partly right, because a more mature animal does need a heck of a lot more training and dedication from the person involved than a younger dog will. This is primarily because dogs are, to a large extent, like people, and by the time they are grown, they are much more “set” in their ways.

A more mature animal will certainly have gone through, and possibly way past, that crucial period in his or her life when what they are learning will have any profound changing influence on their future behavior. In basic terms, and again you can make a direct comparison to mankind, your dog is already of the formed opinion that it knows how to behave and thus, trying to change that perception and belief by attempting to teach him other ways is bound to require a great deal of both time and effort.

Whilst it is certainly not impossible to convince the older dog that new tricks do have some merit, you must accept from the outset that you simply cannot train an old dog in the same way that you would train a puppy.

You definitely have to learn to be a little bit stricter with an older dog simply because he has a good deal more native intelligence than a puppy and he also knows how to drive you crazy!

So, how do you train an older dog? Well, not only do you have to be a bit stricter, but you have to be a good deal more cunning as well! In the same way that the more mature canine is a good deal more cunning than his younger siblings, you have to be the same!

Get him convinced that your ideas are really his ideas, or, make him believe that everything he does was his idea in the first place, and he will be far more likely do something whatever it is you ask!

For example, if he goes to sit down of his own accord, say “sit” and then praise him!

Thus, he believes that it was his idea and after a while, if you just keep on repeating the methodology, eventually you will have him sitting on command.

This system will work for many of the necessary commands, like, come, stay, fetch and heel.

Now, of course, this is, by nature a broad generalization and, as all pet owners are only too aware, not all animals are the same, or learn at the same pace. So, you might find that your particular more mature pet is wonderfully easy to train. On the other hand, some dogs have a wide streak of stubbornness which will mean that they are much more resistant to change and thus, they are more difficult to train, irregardless of what you do.

Nevertheless, even an older dog must be trained to your ways in order that any acquired or indeed natural bad habits are broken and banished.

Although you may find it hard to believe, if he could speak, your dog would probably thank you for it in the end, simply because the less tension there is between dog and owner, the happier and more calm the relationship will be, to the obvious benefit of both parties!

But, do not carry any “rosy colored” illusions! It is important that you face the fact that training a more mature dog could be a grueling and thankless task at times.

It is therefore vitally important that you try to make it as much fun as possible. You could start by joining a dog training or obedience class (contrary to popular belief, they are not just for “puppy people”) and don’t hesitate to gather as much support as possible from family and friends. Perhaps you could afford to invest in some good quality, durable training products like toys and treats, but, remember, your dog is more mature and intelligent, so try to pick toys that will challenge and stimulate him.

Whatever you do, the only certainty is that, however long it might take, once you’ve managed to teach your older dog everything it is necessary for him to know, the bond between you will become unbreakable, and the pleasure that you both get from such a relationship will remain a wonderful constant over the years.

Source by Steve John Cowan

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Lucky Charms and Golf

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Tiger always wears a red shirt of the final day of a tournament. That is part of his preparation and his winning mind-set. It’s his good luck charm. In every sport you will come across a famous person who has a similar habit of wearing a particular “something” whenever they are facing a situation which matters to them. That something may be a pair of socks, a cap, necklace or pair of panties; it can in fact be anything at all.

It is not the actual item which matters; it is what it means to you. It is your emotional attachment to that item which creates the lucky charm as opposed to the physical properties of the item itself. Lucky charms are not embedded in logical thought; rather they hold emotional connotations.

Inevitably the greater the intensity of your emotional attachment the more likely it is that your lucky charm will work for you. This statement may not make any logical sense to you. But it does make emotional sense.

Why so? It has been proven over time that your own imagination shapes your reality. Your own beliefs and expectations will pave the way for the outcome which you expect. The stronger your belief the more likely it is that your expectations will come to fruition. Logically speaking, Tigers red shirt can not in itself help him to win. But emotionally, that shirt can make him feel like an invincible champion. And if you feel like a champion you will act like one.

It’s not only sports people who have lucky charms. In every walk of life you will come across individuals who have all sorts of lucky charms which they would not like to live without. Lucky charms are in fact a fantastic invention; they can make you feel however you want to feel, just by them being there for you. The emotional connections which you create between you and your lucky charm may seem invisible and even ridiculous to others, but they are very real to you.

There is no down-side to having a lucky charm; but there is a major benefit to be gained. Whatever your charm is, it is associated in your mind with an instinctive emotional reaction. This means that you automatically feel something (without having to try to do so) whenever you wear that shirt, or particular tie, or whatever it is.

In my case, when I play golf, I have a very special club head cover. Brandy is a little brown dog and he sits on my three wood. He originally graced my driver, before they became so big! I’d take him off the driver and sit him down on the tee box with his nose facing down the middle of the fairway. The emotional associations which are immediately triggered in me are those essentials in my pre-shot routine – clear focus, calmness, relaxed breathing and a vivid picture of where I want the ball to go.

Now, if you are a golfer you will certainly appreciate the benefit of a lucky charm which instinctively and instantaneously places you in the right mental state to make an optimal tee shot. And what’s the downside? Some people may wonder what on earth I am doing with my club head cover, or think that I’m a bit weird! But most people simply comment that they’d like to have a Brandy too!

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin mind training system.

P.S. Discover how easily you can focus your mind with hypnosis. Grab a free hypnosis mp3 from my website now.

Source by Roseanna Leaton

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2016 Fantasy Football: Week 13 RB Preview | HotRoster Today

Cam Stewart previews Week 13 from an RB perspective. Which RBs are going to help you extend your Fantasy Football season? Can Frank Gore run all over the Jets on MNF? Will Legarrette Blount rebound against the Rams? Find out all that and more here!


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Whether you’re getting ready for your fantasy football draft or playing DraftKings and FanDuel, we have you covered with original content like the Pat Mayo Hour, Game Time Decisions, FNTSY Sports Today, Out Of My League and more.


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Improving Upon Physical Flexibility

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When an individual  improves  upon his or her physical flexibility, they increase their range of motion and can make exercising easier. Flexibility exercises also promote natural body alignment of bones and this adds to one’s ability to move freely and without effort. Flexibility exercises make the body extra limber, help stretch out tense, tight muscles, and reduce the risk of injury during exercises and regular day-to-day movements as well.

The benefits associated with increased flexibility included better physical health and performance, more stamina, better general health, better coordination, better bodily balance, and a decrease in bodily aches and pains. When conducting flexibility exercises the individual will start out slowly, so that he or she does not strain or injury muscles. Flexibility exercises are to be conducted in a gradual but progressive fashion; the more limber the body becomes, the easier flexibility moves and all exercise becomes. The body is kept squared during flexibility exercises so that the spinal column aligns properly and the individual conducting exercises for flexibility must maintain a constant awareness of his or her breathing and posture.

Exercises for flexibility should be performed immediately before every regular workout. Whether the individual plans to swim, walk, run or cycle, he or she should stretch out his or her muscles before starting an intense workout regimen. Exercises for flexibility will immediately make the individual conscious of any extra-tense or tight muscles that should be carefully tended too, and he or she can attempt to loosen up the muscles before exercising as well.

When performing stretching, the body releases tension so many individuals using flexibility exercises find the entire process relaxing and calming to the mind. When the body is less tense the mind follows; thus, flexibility exercises not only  improve  upon range of motion and flexibility, but they can greatly  improve  one’s mood and behavior. In fact, experts assert that the use of flexibility exercises and stretching helps to reduce one’s stress levels significantly. Best of all, the stress reduction techniques are all natural and offer lasting, long term affects.

When starting flexibility exercises, the individual will want to keep the number of repetitions low, and to gradually increase the repetitions as he or she grows accustom to the exercise in question. If the individual notices pain, he or she should take it easy on the muscles being stretched.  At first, there will be stiffened and sore muscles that one experiences, particularly if the individual is not use to exercising all the time. Over time, with practice and with continual use, this stiffness and soreness will diminish.

One should note that there is a fine line between the pain generated from muscular disuse or lack of use, and the pain associated with exercise/stretching strain and overzealous efforts. The individual looking to gain the benefits from a flexibility regimen should never overdo it in his or her efforts to become flexible. More exercise or extensive stretching is not equivalent to immediate flexibility. It can, however, lead to significant injury and muscle issues.

Source by Robin Reichert

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2016 DFS Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 13 DraftKings Picks, Sleepers, Starts & Sits

Updated Week 13 DraftKings Cheatsheet:

Pat Mayo previews every position and makes his Week 13 DraftKings Picks with Davis Mattek of and CJ Kaltenbach of

Show Index

1:51 DET at NO
13:08 Running Backs
18:49 Wide Receivers
38:40 Quarterbacks
47:03 Tight Ends
51:30 DSTs

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Benefits of a Trained Dog

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It is a joyous feeling to be around a well  trained   dog .  Trained   dogs  are very sociable. In addition to that, they are also at a lesser risk of biting since they do not jump up on people. Even in environments which are very distracting, these  trained   dogs  stay calm.

Some  dogs  are abandoned in the pound. As opposed to that,  dogs  which are well  trained  have the possibility of staying with the same owner. Journal of the American veterinary medical association conducted a research and found that  training  was not given to 96% of the shelter  dogs .

Boundaries can be taught to the  dogs  through  training  and hence you can help them to be more comfortable when they are around human beings. There are lots of professionals who  train   dogs  and there are different variety of programs  to   train  the  dogs . However, if a person possesses business card, it does not mean that they are qualified  to   train  your  dogs .

In order to find a good  dog  trainer, enquire your family and friends because they might know a trainer who is good. You can also ask the owners of the  dog  while you take your  dog  out for a walk. They might recommend you a good one. After finding a good trainer, discuss with them about the  training  method they intent to teach. Numerous  dog   training  methods have been developed over the years and some have been in and some have been out of fashion. Question the trainer about the method of  training  they use, what are its benefits, and why are they using that method. You can ask for references also.

You can choose to find a  training  professional for your  dog  or you can  train  by yourself. But the important thing is to teach your  dog  socializing and commands.

Areas to cover in  training  include:

  1. Socializing to a stranger: This is very easy to do since you can introduce them to others while you take your  dog  out for a walk around your neighborhood.
  2. Socializing with the other  dogs : This can be easily accomplished in classes for  dog   training ,  dog  parks are also better places for this.
  3. Steady pace leash walking: As soon as you get a new  dog , you can start  training  on this.
  4. Crate  training : Since there are times when  dogs  need to stay in kennels for a longer time, it is important to teach your  dog  tolerance to stay in this environment for hours together.
  5. Sit command: The first command that the new owners of the  dog  teach them is this.
  6. The stand/down command: The stand and down commands can help your  dog  in developing boundaries.
  7. Stay command: If you take your  dog  in an environment which has a lot of distractions, this command is very important. Your  dog  should master this command.

You have a lot of potential benefits if you have  a   dog  which is well  trained . But, down the road, even a well  trained   dog  can develop behavioral problems such as separation anxiety. It gives a nice feeling to be around a well  trained   dog  and  training  helps in strengthening the bond between humans and animals.

Source by Shahid Naser

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2016 Fantasy Football: Week 13 DFS Analysis w/ Nick giffen | FNTSY Sports Today

Nick Giffen of RotoViz joins Chris Meaney and Ashley Docking to talk Daily Fantasy Football for Week 13. Nick gives a GPP and cash play at each position and talks about how you should treat the Saints and Lions game which has the highest total of the week. Is Nick worried about high ownership with Drew Brees? Is he willing to play Brandin Cooks after a dud week?


FNTSY Sports Network has your fantasy sports mock drafts, draft strategy, previews and analysis for MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL, including fantasy football 2016 and fantasy baseball 2016. Subscribe for 24/7 fantasy sports news and dominate your league!

Whether you’re getting ready for your fantasy football draft or playing DraftKings and FanDuel, we have you covered with original content like the Pat Mayo Hour, Game Time Decisions, FNTSY Sports Today, Out Of My League and more.


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Joint Pain Relief – Is There Anything That Can Help Relieve the Pain?

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I have suffered with pain in my knees and elbows for quite a long time. I believe that most of the pain can be attributed to all of the sports I played as a teen and young man as well as some arthritis in my later years.

I was an avid bowler, bowling in two to three leagues a week with a 200 average. As I did my approach to throwing the ball the pain in my knees was really killing me. As a result of favoring my knees I would strain my right elbow. I had to quit bowling altogether because of the pain in my knees and elbow. I tried an elastic support for both my knees and elbows and neither worked.

I had been told from a number of my friends and relatives that Glucosamine would help with the pain. I bought Glucosamine tablets from a vitamin catalog and continued to take it on a daily basis for years but it did not help at all. Glucosamine is marketed to support the structure and function of joints and the marketing is targeted to people suffering from osetoarthritis. Unfortunately I had to quit bowling.

I love playing golf and I still had pain in my knees. I did wear an elastic support for my knees and I was able to continue playing. As the day went on the strain from my swing and walking up and down hills, the pain would get worse. If I twisted my foot, even a little bit, the pain shot through my whole body. I got through all eighteen holes but my golf game, which wasn’t that fantastic in the first place, just got a whole lot worse.

On a visit to my VA doctor, I mentioned the pain and he asked me if I was taking Chondrotin Sulfate. (Chondroitin sulfate is a major component of extracellular matrix, and is important in maintaining the structural integrity of the tissue).I told him I wasn’t and he recommended that I start immediately.

I then ordered Glucosamine, Chondrin, MSM tablets from the same catalog company. After about two weeks of taking these tablets the pain started to ease, but not 100%.

I discovered that there was a fourth ingredient that could be taken for the relief of pain I was seeking and that was Celadrin Oil. Celadrin is made up of a combination of highly effective ingredients. The oils found in the product are similar to fish oil, are safe for those allergic to products containing fish oil. The product helps by allowing users to gain more flexibility in the joints and reduces swelling and inflammation. I now take all four of the supplements in one dose and I can now say that I am 100% pain free. I now play golf without any elastic supports and my golf game is now back to normal. I haven’t tried to resume bowling but I intend to try that in the very near future.

You can find out more about how to relieve joint pain by Clicking Here

Source by Ken DiGregorio

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Funny Dog Training Video

Share Button Frank Furness — Sales & Technology Speaker speaking at a conference. To book him for your next conference, please email him at …


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Sloppy, Good Track, Or Muddy Track Handicapping Tips

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Even though many horse tracks have switched over to the synthetic surfaces that aren’t affected as much by moisture, there are still some dirt race tracks left in the United States. Knowing how to handicap an off track rated as good, muddy, or sloppy, can save the day. Betting on horses racing on a fast track is risky enough, but betting on an off track adds one more dimension.

The best advice seems to be, if the track isn’t fast, don’t bet the races. But if you want to try your hand at handicapping an off track and picking winners, here are some tips. First of all, since the race tracks in the United States don’t tell you how much moisture is in the track in any scientific or quantifiable way, you must be the final judge of the track condition.

I have seen tracks with puddles of water, that were obviously sloppy tracks, rated as good. On the other hand, I’ve seen muddy tracks rated as fast. So you must make up your own mind and remember that subjective terms like muddy, or sloppy, are just that, subjective. They are an opinion, not a fact.

Muddy tracks are not fast tracks, but sloppy tracks often are. On top of that, each dirt race track has its own peculiar way of reacting to moisture. Some drain toward the rail and therefore favor outside runners. Others are crowned and favor mid track post positions. Once again, it is up to you to know the track you are playing. What you must do is to suspect a bias and then quickly verify it.

While you are playing the track, you must also be aware of how much rain is falling, if it is still raining, and how the track may change from race to race. If this sounds difficult, you’re right, it is. Not only must you handicap the horses, but on a day when the weather is inclement, you must also handicap the track surface. I advise keeping meticulous notes so that when the situation arises, and it will, you can take advantage of it quickly.

Just as we look for situations that repeat themselves with horses and trainers, we look for weather situations that repeat and create a track bias we have seen in the past.

Source by Bill Peterson

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