Bass fishing with Senkos – Club Tournament at Marion County Lake

I ended up getting 2nd in this tournament which set me up really well for our last tournament which will have a video up soon. The Senko was the big ticket for me on this particular day. Throwing it on branches, docks and grass lines was where i caught my fish. Thanks for watching and please watch in HD, subscribe and share all my videos with your friends!! All filmed with a GoPro Hero HD and a Hatcam.


Fall Bass Fishing on Lake Eufaula, AL

bass fishin with zoom UV speed craws gambler goop weight flippin wood


How To Fish For Smallmouth Bass Using Tube Jigs – A Dedication to our Father

There was a mistake in the previous version were we forgot a very important clip. This version is the correct one. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello folks, this week we have a really special video for you. This video was made in honour of our father, whom we recently lost to cancer. His favourite kind of fishing is smallmouth bass fishing. So in honour of him, we’ve made this special video on how to fish for smallmouth bass using tube jigs. His last fishing trip was about a year ago today.

We go over a lot of special tips that will help you land more fish, and hook into more of those wonderful smallmouth bass.

We’ve been very honoured to have been able to teach you our fishing tricks and trips over these past 5 years, just as our father was able to teach us. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the video.

As always, good fishin’!


catch more bass with the bite me shad

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Awesome day of Bluefish, Striped Bass & Bonito – Cock Robin – Deep Sea Fishing – Point Pleasant, NJ

Captain Jim stayed true to his persistence reputation and we looked around for awhile when we first broke the inlet. Birds ALL around but none diving. There is so much bait in the water, especially rainfish, that neither the birds or fish have to work hard for a meal. Made a longer move and Captain Jim was in search mode and he FOUND THEM!! Birds crashing the surface and blues just boiling in pods just gorging themselves on bait. Captain Jim would creep up on the fish and us in the bow were able to cast into the rolling fish and hookup immediately every time! I can’t tell you how many times we moved to stay with the fish, but every time we did I was able to get a fish on at will! Probably boated over 15 fish and didn’t even keep my limit! Doug and Brian skillfully gaffed the fish for a release to swim another day. “Tackle busting blues”, as shown in the photo! Many of us lost more lures today than any other trip! Time to stock back up!

Now, the striped bass part… I think we counted 9 on the boat. All ONLY caught in the stern on some form of a diamond jig. Some on hammered, some with tails, some with green tails, some with red tails. The blues were hitting lures on the way down so you had to let the jig hit bottom and then go from there. Biggest one weighed in just over 30 pounds according to a digital scale someone had (not certified obviously 😀 )

3 bonito were also boated, caught on jigs, I believe on the bottom, GO FIGURE!

I was finally there the day it broke loose! The, “You should have been here yesterday”, day, haha! All in all, EPIC trip for many of us who caught as many blues as we could handle and many of them were 14+ pound gators!! Thanks so much to Captain Jim for searching as he always does and moving the second the bite slowed. He was FIRST on the fish today and we had the area to ourselves to fish at will. This is why I sail on the Cock Robin and RECOMMEND the boat to anyone!


How To Fillet and Deep Fry Perch, Crappie, & Bass

Here is a little video showing how to fillet some freshwater fish. I am still learning myself, but you can see how it is done. We end the video with a quick shot of cooking the fillets.


Bass Fishing in the Fall

Fall can be one of the best times to catch bass shallow. Here’s how to do it.


Pond Bass Fishing With Assorted Baits

WCH IN HD. In this show I fish my local ponds for bass I did not catch any big fish just allot of small bass but had a good time enjoy.


How to Catch Bass in the Fall – Crankbait Spinnerbait and Topwater Fall Bass Fishing Tips

How to catch bass on lakes in the fall is discussed in this short bass fishing tips video by My favorite lures for fall largemouth bass fishing are a crankbait, spinnerbait, and topwater lure.


Central Florida Bass Fishing with Gambler Big EZ & Captain Shane

Fishing Johns Lake in central Florida. Using the Gambler Big EZ swimbaits and Zoom Vibra Worms.


Deep Frying Chicken Wings with Bayou Classic’s Aluminum Fish Cooker

Deep Frying Chicken Wings with Bayou Classic’s Aluminum Fish Cooker
I love deep fried chicken wings and the Bayou Classic aluminum fish cooker kit males cooking them a snap. One of the great things about deep frying chicken wings is that you can cook them so fast. For 10 to 12 wings it takes just 12 to 15 minutes, and with Bayou Classic’s fish cooker, it’s done outside and saves a mess in the kitchen.
In our recent blog post Beer Batter Recipe for Rock Cod, we showed how easy it is to deep fry fish with this fish cooker. Well, with the Bayou Classic aluminum fish cooker you can cook a lot more than just fish. This fish cooker kit gives you everything you need to deep fry, boil or steam all your favorite foods.
Like I said, this is a simple and quick recipe for deep fried chicken wings but, boy, are they tasty. So if you’ve got some friends coming over to watch sports, fire up that Bayou Classic fish cooker kit and deep fry some chicken wings. Oh yea, and don’t forget the beer.


Montauk Fall Fishing- Insane Striped Bass Blitz! Fall Run

My 5 day Montauk, NY fishing trip, fall 2012. Striped Bass schooling up and gorging themselves on rainbait and Mullet.

filmed with head mounted camera ( Gopro)


Bass: How to catch fall, shallow-cover largemouth

Minnesota tournament anglers Josh Douglas and John Figi demonstrate in this “Hooked Up!” with Greg Huff webisode how to target fall, shallow-cover largemouths. Although this show was filmed on a small central Minnesota lake, this pattern and these baits and tactics can be effective on similar natural lakes throughout the upper midwest.

Filmed and edited by Greg Huff.


Striped Bass Fishing with Live Eels

How to catch Striped Bass surf fishing while casting live eels. Striped Bass fishing tips for catching big striped bass on live eels. See my book


KOPPERS Live Target Frog – Topwater Fishing Tips (Hat Cam Bass)

Topwater largemouth bass fishing tips and observations with the Koppers Live Target Frog in heavy cover during the Fall. All filmed in HD with the hat cam.

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