Chapter 5 Kevin VanDam Tips to Catch More Bass

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How to Bottom Bounce for Small Mouth Bass – Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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This week we have a long video showing you exactly how we bottom bounce while drifting and trolling to catch a ton of smallmouth bass!

We bait up our silver and gold viper spoons with live and artificial minnows and troll them just above the bottom using bottom bouncers and 3-way T-Turn swivels.

We’re able to land a lot of small mouth bass, while keeping our lines tangle-free thanks to the T-Turn 3-way swivels!

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Mid-Summer Deep-Water Carolina Rigging for Bass

Al and James Lindner – Carolina rigging softbaits for lunker largemouth bass.
2012 Angling Edge show 11 segment 1.
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The Suspender: Bob Clouser Smallmouth Bass Fly

The “Suspender” is a fantastic smallmouth bass fly. It slowly sinks in the water column, and has an enticing erratic motion. It is quick and easy to tie.


Bedding Bass Behavior

Site fishing for bedding bass and looking at their behaviors through the spawn and different strategies for catching these fish.

You need a good pair of polarized lenses in order to site fish effeciently. For best visual acuity use a lense that lets in a little more light than a darker pair of lenses. I like 20-40% light transmission depending on the cloud cover. Check out my favorite lense for sight fishing here


Premier baits that catch White Bass

Al and Dan Lindner use two primary lure choices but show many of the best choices for white bass. White bass location, lures and logic is employed int his video.
From our 2012 Angling Edge show 13 segment 1.
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Striped Bass Lake Basics- Catch Shad, Fish Finder TIPS/ SECRETS for Freshwater Stripers

TEAM OLD SCHOOL -This is a “FOLLOW-UP” to” Fresh Water, Live- Bait, Striped Bass/ BASICS-Old School ” on my channel that has been very popular. It answers one of the biggest freshwater striped bass questions. How do you find live bait? This video shows how to find bait using your electronics, where to find stripers, and how to catch them.
March 20 Kerr Lake, NC/VA. 2012 Creek Fishing
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smallmouth bass eating crayfish

crayfish are an important prey item for many fish, especially smallmouth bass, spotted bass and green sunfish.

It’s commonly thought that predatory fish strike the head of a bait first, but fish often grab their prey however they can and then spit it out and reposition before swallowing it. They will often swim off with their meal before repositioning it for fear that a competitor will take it away from them.

Crayfish are much less vulnerable if they can stay on the stream bottom and don’t always go down without a fight. The bass know this and will grab their pincers (aka pinchers) and try to flip them off bottom. Determined crayfish are sometimes successful in fending off these attacks.

The last few seconds are of a crayfish eating smallmouth bass eggs. My battery died just as the male returned and began attacking the crayfish.


How to catch Huge Largemouth Bass Ice fishing

Big Football Bass Collin through the Ice in Janurary caught on a minnow using a Tip Up. “Tip Up Fishing” “Upper Michigan” with sucker minnows in Janurary on a nice day with a lot of slush on the ice with my wife Naomi and my son Collin…


How To: Choose the right Bass lure and catch more fish!

Garrett shows you some tips and tricks to picking your next correct lure next bass fishing trip and some tips for you to catch more fish!



Chatterbait tips and tactics for the Spring.
The first week of March in the Northeast, water temperatures at 50 degrees. ZMAN Chatterbait bass with Steve, the owner of The Bass College. Register today at More tips, videos, contests, free tackle, and forums. Coast to Coast coverage.


Inside Fishing: Australian Bass on sub-surface techniques.

This episode Bryce and Greg chase Bass usuing sub-surface techniques. Greg Carson is from Bass Import Gear, the importer of the incredible boats we are fishing from. Visit for more information on the boats.


beginner sea fishing tips in cornwall

Some tips for people starting out sea fishing


Catching Hellgrammites for bait to catch river smallmouth bass and other fish!

Also known as dobsonfly or grampus. It’s like a T-bone steak to fish!


Winter Bass Fishing on Lures : Part 1

** Warning ** This video contains strong language. Nathan Taylor talks you through a few tips when targeting bass on lures from the shore. He is using the savage gear sandeels and the tenryu red dragon express. Enjoy listening to his tips and showing you the sink and draw method with unexpected results!!


How to catch Bass and Yellowbelly on floats

Catching Australian Bass and Yellowbelly or Golden Perch in the North Pine River.
Bass have a legal limit of 2 in possession at anytime.