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A day on the water with Mike Iaconelli where he answers dozens of user-submitted questions. There’s nothing like this HD video anywhere!

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Mounting a Smallmouth Bass

http://www.rmi-online.com/videos.html. Follow expert fish taxidermist, Bill Leach, as he prepares and paints a Smallmouth Bass. Brought to you by Research Mannikins.


How to Catch Australian Bass

Hidden amongst the copious amounts of decent sized bass landed, Dicko and Scotty share a few tips to help you on your next wild bass fishing adventure.


River Smallmouth Bass Patterns During Fall Migration

Al Lindner and Dave Csanda are Crankin’ fall high-water smallmouths. Moving downstream during the cold water seasonal migration period, the deep water is where the river smallmouth looks for a safe place to hide.
From our 2011 Angling Edge show 13 segment 1


Winter Bass Fishing with Kevin Short (pt. 2)

Bass pro Kevin Short reveals the four best bass baits for fishing Ozarks impoundments in the late fall and winter. North American Fishing Club Social Media Editor “Web Guy Greg” hosts. Filmed on Arkansas’ Lake Ouachita.