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See Professional Angler Stacey King Talk About The New Features on Bass Boats.


MN Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Mississippi River

TCO prostaff RIcky Teschendorf gives a few tips on catching winter smallies on the Mississippi River in Minnesota.


I’s be playing some Sega Bass Fishing (Wii version)

Original arcade course (which has to be unlocked in this version).

THE DAMN THING FINALLY UPLOADED. I’ve been trying to upload this vid for well over a month but problems with YouTube prevented this from getting near a fraction of completion. Something in my computer broke and I had to do a clean install of everything, and in restoring my backed-up files (nothing was lost – YAY!), I managed to finally get something through. Sadly I think this victory will be short-lived.

Anyhoo, I obtained an old laptop from the folks, which allows me to get video capture again. But the original recording had horrible audio de-syncing, but for the most part I was able to sync everything back together in editing.

Not exactly satisfied with my earlier Sega Bass Fishing video, I wanted to demonstrate in-game where a certain fish was. But because I can upload longer videos, I figured why not an entire playthrough ending with capturing a 30+ pounder? Looking back, it may seem a bit redundant, as the courses shown are the same ones that are over ten years old, and not showing anything really new in the Wii version other than the new menu interface and updated graphics. So people not familiar with the Wii version may not find something new, even though there are nearly twice as many stages as the Dreamcast version, and they fit perfectly well with the older material.

I thought I’d have the commentary filled with good stuff, only proving how much of a complete Sega nerd I really am. What was supposed to be about my favorite fishing game updated turned into talk about Shenmue and Virtual-On. Oh well.

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Summer Bass Fishing Punch Rig Wisconsin – Fishing Forward Kurt Mazurek of goes extreme to catch big largemouth in the thickest cover in the lake! Educational and entertaining – that’s EDUTAINMENT! NOW FEATURING a fully animated Fish Education Theater with Lucky Lil’ Kev!