Yoga for Golf – Improve your swing, strengthen your lower back, and increase flexibility for golf

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Yoga for golf. All of the physical benefits and none of the spiritual baggage. This is yoga to help golfers improve their golf game through increased flexibility, mobility, core strength, spinal health, and improved posture.

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12 thoughts on “Yoga for Golf – Improve your swing, strengthen your lower back, and increase flexibility for golf

  1. Hi Dean, really enjoyed the video and this workout. I have had my legs broken a couple times and I lost a lot of flexibility in them. I found out that it limits my golf swing a lot. Which exercises would you recommend for me to get my legs back in shape flexibility vise?

  2. Hey I have to teach a Yoga for Golf class tonight, I know little about Golf so was checking out YouTube videos. I liked your style the best. Oh and thanks for being easy on the eyes! ; ) PS. get ya some Claritin. lol

  3. hi dean. I have been looking to increase my flexibility for golf. i took up more weight lifting the past couple years and i have noticed a dramatic loss of distance with my driver and all irons. I'm looking to regain my flexibility back. i just tried this exercise for the first time and i loved it. it was a struggle, i literally have no flexibility but i am going to commit to this for the fall and winter season and see if it helps to get that distance back. ill let you know the results.

  4. Hey Dean, I just wanted to thank you for this video. I'm starting to create my work out plan for this upcoming season and I realized I need to be more flexible and this video is going to help tremendously. I'll be using your other videos as well to stay flexible and agile. Thank you again.

  5. Dean – this is just what I was looking for having started playing golf again – been watching your videos and reading your book for a while now. Yoga has really helped my lower back so far – this will help even more.
    Keep up the good work!

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