Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than eCommerce for Beginners | No Risk Way To Develope Skills

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In this video I’m going to be explaining why affiliate marketing may be better for absolute beginners than ecommerce.

Ecommerce seems to have become a buzz word, if your looking to make money online ecommerce is just what you do. I can tell however from many of the people who message me or comment on my videos with questions that alot of people aren’t yet ready for ecommerce. They don’t have the skill sets needed to run an ecommerce store, drive traffic, build an audience, etc.

Running an ecommerce store requires a lot of work and a lot of different skillsets. Your a web designer, copywriter, customer service agent, you have to manage the payment processors and ship your orders. All of this on top of driving traffic to your store and bringing customers and driving sales.

In Affiliate Marketing your only job is to create content and drive sales. With Affiliate Marketing there’s also 0 risk to you and you can do it either for free or just a couple Dollars.

I feel like affiliate marketing is similar to how many stock trading platforms have a play account where people can test the waters before diving in.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to try out and test various niches and products, it allows you to see what sells and what doesn’t, what methods work and which don’t, all without having to shell out any money on inventory and without having to interact with any real customers.

I’m not saying that you can’t jump right into ecommerce, you absolutely can and many people do and are successful, but I sort of view affiliate marketing as a pre-requisite to starting your own ecommerce store.

You can figure out if you even enjoy it, if your even good at it, etc before making a monetary committment.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Drop a comment below…


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21 thoughts on “Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than eCommerce for Beginners | No Risk Way To Develope Skills

  1. But anyway, Your Store and Your Brand even if you don't produce yourself can be and is an asset. What about Affiliate Marketing? Can it be an asset as much as your brand?

  2. Really insightful.

    After starting with trying to make money online just over a year ago and jumping in feet first with dropshipping, I've come to the same conclusion. Affiliate marketing is just better for beginners. That's what I'm saying on my channel now and focusing on for my next project.

    I think it's a good model starting up with affiliate marketing but planning to expand to dropshipping/eCommerce once you have your head around the basics.

  3. Yesterday I made the first 3 affiliate link via Aliexpress on my youtube channel and I was surprised how many people visited link..10 times more than expected, buy the product put on youtube and store is open 24 hours 🙂
    is it possible to share the same affiliate link on more youtube channel? Thanks great video

  4. I'll share my recent experience. As of today, I shutdown my 1st ever ad campaign on Facebook that had been running for 5 days and cost me nearly $30. It reached around 3000 people and only 36 clicks, no sales. It was a nice looking specific dog breed niche Shopify store that I setup. Made a Facebook page and Instagram page with a few posts each. Nothing good came from it so I'm cancelling it before the Shopify trial runs out, it isn't very long of a trial, but with those numbers it didn't look like it would be worth throwing more money at. 1 person liked a post, 1 shared a post. Other than that, nothing came of it. 281 page views, 2:02 avg duration, 2.30 pages/session, 54% bounce rate. The products were cheaper than others I found online selling the same thing and I had free shipping in the US. Now I'm going to start learning all I can in the affiliate marketing world and see if I can make a dollar that way.

  5. This is really funny to watch for me, because I'm 17 and I spent 5.000 dollars on merchandise to sell, I realized I knew how to do everything, made a website, social media (got 1.500 followers in first week), manage inventory, import/export products (I'm talking like country- country, not about shopify or something). I had everything I needed to start my business, then I realized I was 17 and I couldn't sign a fucking paper with the bank so I can get their online Payment Processing. Now I'm selling all the things to small businesses in big quantities, just waiting to get 18 this year to start my business

  6. Hey Rules, how do I get in touch with you? You've asked me on numerous occasions to "message" you. I have sent several messages via your YouTube channel but have never gotten a response. What is the best way to contact you?

  7. Thanks for this i liked this video very informative i guess I've always been against affiliate marketing because I've never ran across a product that people would actually want to buy also eCommerce just seemed easier to me even though it seemed like a lot of work to others

  8. Affiliate marketing helps you build email marketing, traffic building, social media marketing, and SEO skills (if one was to set up a site for further investments). Either way, I am a new subscriber, your contents are good.

  9. all I did was source for 4 months and I've only made 40 sales on EBay, not too bad, but my inventory is a hassle. I feel like a hoarder and I just want to be a permanent traveler, so your video is sobering. ty

  10. Great vid as always. I have a request, could you make another video showing some good product bundling examples? I really enjoyed that one video where you did the metal beer bottle with a beer bottle opener. Thanks RFR 🙂

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