WHAT is Affiliate Marketing And How Can YOU Get Started? Guide For Beginners!

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What’s affiliate marketing? If you’re a member in my Facebook group you would have seen me post some SEO rankings this week. I used backlinks to ranks an article on the first page of Google for specific keywords. This will make me money every day soon.

SEO can be hard to learn but once you get the hang of it you will see how it all works.

The aim of the game is you build links and awareness to your site. The more Google sees you the better. Blog comments and things like that still work! You just need to put in a bit of work 🙂

Fair warning! This is the hardest way to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing because it takes months to actually see the really good money. However, you can make $100 a day and it’s pretty easy to do with just one article and a little hard work put into backlinks. If you want to get rich of making commissions you need to do paid traffic. We will talk about this another day.

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44 thoughts on “WHAT is Affiliate Marketing And How Can YOU Get Started? Guide For Beginners!

  1. Hi Franklin
    Great video, by far the most trusted person on Youtube with what you provide.

    Just a small favour, could you please tell me how you do Back Links with an article?

    Lets say I have an Article or a Blog on a website? how can I work with the back link feature

  2. Hey Franklin,

    Thanks a lot for this review, it is quite straightforward and i can see myself trying this! I need your advice on something:
    Would you prefer a multi niche review site or just one site per review? Does it affect SEO a lot? What's your opinion on it?

  3. What Website Provider Would You Recommend For Starting a Review Blog For Affiliate Products? Also, If You Were To Make Blog Posts In A Shopify Store Using The Same Techniques, Could We Expect The Same Or Similar Results?

  4. When you say you created a website with a review. Is it not just a single web page? So you buy a domain for the product, create a one page site with a review and affiliate links. Is that correct?

  5. Awesome video bro. Affiliate marketing is by far my favourite source of income. SEO takes time but when you do the work you can literally make money over and over again with very little maintenance. Thanks heaps for the mention, back from holidays so catching up on your videos. Will go into detail of what I do in a future video but you pretty much hit the nail on the head 👌

  6. Do you necessary need to choose a product with a high gravity? I've found some good KWs about a certain niche but there are a limited amount of products?

  7. Franklin quick question. Do you suggest building one review site and run multiple different blogs from that or make separate sites for the separate niches. if so why?

  8. i cant imagine making much for one 4th place ranking but a lot of lower rankings can be better than 1 high ranking. as it often means people were more interested.

  9. Affiliate marketing is the best online business model no matter what! This is the reason why I do most of my videos on affiliate marketing! Shit loads of value here Frank, as always! 👍

  10. Hey! I just found an awesome keyword! The competition is exclusively Amazon and other shops…is it easier to outrank a shop, than a regular site?

  11. Hi frank thanks for the effort once again very informative and nice video. In one of your previous video you shared a link of Konker gig from which you buying web 2.0 services. Are that kind of 2.0 still working ? if yes then please share that gig link again so i could give a try.

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