WD Red VS Seagate NAS Drives – with SPANTV

Lets find out which is better, WD Red or Seagate NAS Drives

With such a big emphasis on NAS being the answer to all your problems,it is easy to forget that even the best NAS that you can buy is no use to you if you don;t buy the right drives.|

The two big leaders in this field are WD and Seagate with their respective WD Red range and Seagate NAS Drives. But which one is better? which one is better for your needs and most importantly of all, which one deserves your data?

For more information of the specs, compatibility and where to buy, please check the link below. Enjoy.

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44 thoughts on “WD Red VS Seagate NAS Drives – with SPANTV

  1. Hello, I do not know if you can help me,

    I would like to know if this WD NAS My Cloud Expert EX2 Ultra Storage Device works only with WD RED or PURPLE harddisks,

    I have 2 Seagate disks to use most I'm afraid to buy this NAS and it will not work.

    The WD Site only mentions brand compatibility.

    Many thanks here from Brazil.

  2. Whew…. audio levels high enough for the intro? Also, there tend to be a number of times on many videos that your mic levels are inconsistent. Adjusting the computer or phone repeatedly can be a pain in the but to we viewers.

    Don't get me wrong… I love your coverage of material (after all, I keep watching). Once the audio is nailed, I may even become a subscriber. Godspeed.

  3. I have a 24-bay NAS unit I am currently populating with 3TB WD Reds. Is it ok if I use just regular Reds, or do I HAVE to use the Red Pros? For the record, this NAS is for my personal use only, so disk access won't be at an enterprise level.

  4. i bought a WD Sharespace NAS in 2008… while the unit itself was pretty slow (crappy to be honest), it included four 1TB WD Green disks. I bought a Synology 1515+ in 2015 as a replacement for the ShareSpace. Out of the 4 original WD Greens, 3 are still alive, only one needed replacement over the years. 2 of the original Disks, and the one replaced WD Green are now in the Synology NAS (together with 2 3TB WD Red). The third original WD Green i use as a backup for pictures. These two original WD Green in the 1515+ now have a running time of 76228 and 76222 hours, which equals to about 8.6 years. One of them has 12 bad sectors (they started appearing about 2 months ago) and the second one has 0 bad sectors and no other type of error.
    I am now thinking of replacing them with bigger disks, as i need more space, but given this track-record i will definitely go for WD again.

  5. In past five years, two 3T seagate failed while in the same environment, wd running system drive has been working fine. Now 416+, never touch seagate hdd away completely.

  6. Seagate has a huge failure rating I would never get Seagate drives again, I've had 4 seagates and they all failed on me but once I switched to WD I have had no issues at all after that

  7. WD in the UK Same Drive different Sticker Same for Seagate And They are not the drives you want to use if you're spending £1.00s on a encloser YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER BEING IN THE UK but then you only want to make money

  8. I have 4 WD 3TB Red drives and 2 3TB Seagate NAS drives in my NAS. My WD RED drives are older, I think a couple are now over 4 years old now.

  9. I was given 2 WD Red HD for a computer build i started. I see there for NAS. Can i use these for regular use or even a bit of gaming? Not to intense gaming.

  10. for home use it would be nice to add a comparison of how much noise the drives make. It might not matter if you have the luxury of a dedicated server closet, but many of us have to locate these devices in non-ideal locations where noise levels are a consideration.

  11. Seagates ALWAYS SUCKED. whenever i had seagates always was shit. HOT like shit, slower and slower every month. WD only lowest grade greens have similar performance.

  12. at 2:30, if you pause at the right time
    you will see that the WD Red PRO 4 TB costs not 170+ pounds, but 1,700 pounds!
    also this is why you cant see the plus after the 170 pound and you can see the plus when its 1,700+

  13. Any non-consumer drive: Seagate all the way. Even the WD fanboys are tired of fucking themselves with WD's experimental garbage. They were great from the mid 90s to mid 00s. They had a one-decade heyday, lol… Get over it already! They actually never intended to get into the HDD business. They lucked out with good engineers who designed the infamous Caviars. They got so bad they got rid of the Caviar name.. does that NOT you guys a fucking HINT? LMFAO!!!! Oh and by the way, many Maxtor and Hitachi models from the early 2000s were by FAR more reliable than any Clusterfuck Digiturd.

    Speaking of turds, their 2.5" drives, by the way, are the greatest pieces of shit I've ever seen. 100% the stereotypical "Maxtor" of the 2.5" sector. Highest fail rate, usually out of the blue unlike all the others which almost always develop bad sectors first. Worse than the fail rate of Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, and IBM 2.5" COMBINED. I know, you call my experience with dozens of different models of Hard Drives ANECDOTAL. Well, fuck you and your custom rig and the 5 HDDs you've touched in your life, know-nothing corporate sell out! How much does WD pay you faggots to troll the internet? I openly admit Seagate has their list of fuckups and I also advise AGAINST the series of consumer drives before this new BarraCuda [sic] one. Also, double back up all important data, HDDs are not patently reliable.

    For their 3.5" turds: Green is gone (THANK GOD!). Blue is now a hybrid between the self-mutilating Greens (shitty parking mechanism and connectors) and the "tossup" Caviars. Black is an overpriced version of a REGULAR consumer drive. Red sucks, so now they have purple (more goddamned blue hybridization?) which people use for both NAS and Surveillance and then those fuckers will start failing next year, too. Their enterprise drives are viciously overpriced, so if you don't want Seagate, why not buy Hitachi (although that gives WD the money now) or the remaining Samsung drives?

    Yeah, I hate that it's only Seagate vs WD, but thank the fucked up US gov't for not enforcing Sherman Antitrust on either WD nor Seagate. We should STILL have 6 manufacturers: WD, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, Quantum and Maxtor.

    But moral of the story: Cut your brand loyalty for fucks sake.

  14. i think you missed the most and the only important aspect of any drive. their actual life span. all numbers aside, it will take hours over hours if a hard disk fails. i want to buy a piece of mind as well.

  15. Thankyou so much for this video. Very informative and concise. Although now I feel like I have made huge mistake! : I bought the Areca 8050T2 Raid enclosure ( 8 bays ) and i bought 6 WD Red Pro NAS 6TB/7200rpm Harddrives ( i figured i would use the 6 drives in a RAID 10 setup and use the spare 2 slots for a RAID1 setup using 2 identical drives that are currently in my Mac Pro ) – You mentioned that the WD RED PRO drives are designed for 8+ drive setups – will using 6 of these drives give me any issues I should be aware of before i proceed with the raid? Should i just go buy another 2 WD RED PRO drives and go for a 8 drive RAID setup? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you

  16. I did watch your video about Plex as well and you recommended qnap and synology for better media servers. would Seagate or WD be close alternatives? if so, which models? thanks! trying to prepare for a legitimate Plex library

  17. Thanks for this awesome comparison. I am planning to buy a NAS system in 6 month after I moved across the pond. The thing is I need to move my data with me and I need to but hard drives to do so. Now my questions is: do these NAS drives work with USB 3.0 enclosures? I would like to buy these drives with enclosure to take my data and then purchase a NAS when I arrive and put the drives in to save some cash. Thank you.

  18. had 2 4TB WD reds in a Raid 1 config fail within a week of each other. They were a matched pair that came out of a My book pro. Now trying to figure out which HDDs to get as replacement while trying to see how to recover my files. I think they're still under warranty but lost the receipt =/

  19. I will never buy again a seagate, all the drives i bought failed in less than 1 year, whether it was desktop, NAS, external USB 3.0 … etc I also had some seagate drives failing in less than 1 month, then they sent me a refurbished product that failed in 1 week. Good job Seagate.

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