Trump retweets video hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball

President Trump retweeted a video that shows him striking Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball.


33 thoughts on “Trump retweets video hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball

  1. The Twitter handle of the person that originally sent it is CNN Sucks… That's why John King needed to be careful… Tell the truth for once..

  2. You guys don’t think it is crazy that when Obama was president that all this money just fell right into his hands. Hmmmm Hilary Kilary . All those dead people? Wow . Yeah President Trump is so crazy

  3. Love it! CNN hosts say he is insane, and the same CNN hosts think the Russian Collusion Investigation is not. (LOL) CNN does not even know how hosed they have become since the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency.

  4. Stupid media CNN Jim Acosta what idiots is there any decent reporters within CNN or MSNBC? Liberal news is no news!!! I wish the president we get the military orders to Lock and Load on this deep state and have them arrested tried for treason and given the option for deportation or jail.

  5. It's a fucking meme you stupid daft fucks! He enjoys banter and a good laugh, just like 99% of the rest of the world's population.

  6. Remember when these assholes thought Obama dropping the mic after claiming Trump would never be elected President was witty and humorous? Selected outrage here.

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