The Truth About Social Media

We’ve all been turned into junkies. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson …


32 thoughts on “The Truth About Social Media

  1. Good thing I don't use any social media apart from YouTube and the ocastional imortant text. Being the only one able to risist thier phone in a public place makes then place a ghost town which can lead to encouragment of joining them.

  2. Great report Paul, I couldn't agree more. Hey, I got an idea! How about ditching our phones entirely or maybe agree to stop texting and close all social media accounts? Who needs facebook and linkedIn anyway? I stopped wearing a watch years ago because it made me too conscious of the time. Same kind of idea can be applied to our phones.

  3. I created a Facebook and Twitter account because it seemed like everyone had one although if I checked my personal account it says I have over 99 + notifications the only reason I know that is because I get a text on my phone everyday around 6 p.m. central Standard Time and I quote Dennis Miller 2014 never have such unlived has been so documented

  4. "Social media is destroying society" Yep. blame technology for humanity's flaws. In America first it was books, ( "don't teach slaves to read, they'll rebel" ) Then it was radio, TV, the internet and now social media. The problem has never been technology. The problem has always been, people giving up their power to entities not deserving of it.

  5. Funny, they don't have me, people complain about me not having my cell phone, if they want to get a hold of me they have to use the land line. I use my cell phone for mainly picture taking and NOT of myself.

  6. I don't use FB for anything, but my political message and I rarely check it. And if I didn't need a cell phone for work I wouldn't have one!! I can't stand it when it rings and half the time I won't answer…lol! The internet and cell phones have destroyed life as we know it! I loved growing up in the late 80's early 90's best time of my life! I wish all kids could grow up that way. School shootings, teen suicides, LIBERAL LUNATICS, you name have gone up since the advent of those two things!!

  7. Luckily I live in China where all of this is blocked, I’m happy if I can watch a YouTube video on 360p with the help of a vpn, which are also being blocked by the government.

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