The $10,000 Golf Training Aid

This video is about Drag and Lag a training aid I invented for myself that has been helping me take it bank on plane and in one piece and helping with me with lag on the way down.

It is in limbo right now not sure what I’ll do with it other than use it myself. So if you guys want to use the Drag and Lag you’ll probably have to come hang out with me on the range.

10k training aid just cause I put a a lot of effort and a little money into this thing. I think I was smart not to go too far with it though.

NEW video “Syncing Your Swing” Is NOW available. This over 1 hour video details the drills I used to get more synced up and Monte Scheinblum and Special guest tour coach Dana Dalhquist offer amazing and new insight on what they both call the most important thing to learn when building or rebuilding a golf swing. Check it out at

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43 thoughts on “The $10,000 Golf Training Aid

  1. First time watching your channel, have to say I like the training aid and think it would be a great benefit for the average golfer struggling with these problems. Enjoyed the video and would definitely use this aid.

  2. I really like your lag bar. I too have a device I made for myself. The lag bar could work perfectly for my trigger. check out a few videos of us testing out various prototypes and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Yes if you focus to much on Lag you loose your connection with the shaft.You should feel youre hitting the ball with the shaft not the clubhead, great players load and release the shaft slinging the clubhead through collecting the ball!

  4. I think youre onto one of the big secrets of good golf,gary player mentions it but being a great golfer cant explain how to do it! impact through the ball is like striking a match, youre prob thinking, is that it! but think about it.

  5. I've been playing golf for 48 years now. In the last 20 years I've ranged from a 1 handicapper to an 8. I've seen just about everything. All I can say is, just hit the ball. You guys really make this game more complicated than it really needs to be.

  6. please bring more on the course vlogs and whats in the bag…
    I know it all to well that life and family deserves more time than golf, but i would love to see this personally

  7. What would be interesting is if you could get some quantifiable data via trackman to see if you're actually making progress towards your goal. Def would like to see if the swing path is actually shallowing out.

  8. Hey Brendon, loving the enterprise of your invention! However, I'm a little unsure about the lag part of it; I worry you'll be coming in too steep using it, when I think we all need to come in a little shallower….the steepness might also translate into your short game 🙁 Although I could be totally wrong about this without seeing it properly.

    Anyway, if you were ever serious about making it I have family with a first rate toolmaking firm! 👍

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