Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than eCommerce for Beginners | No Risk Way To Develope Skills

In this video I’m going to be explaining why affiliate marketing may be better for absolute beginners than ecommerce.

Ecommerce seems to have become a buzz word, if your looking to make money online ecommerce is just what you do. I can tell however from many of the people who message me or comment on my videos with questions that alot of people aren’t yet ready for ecommerce. They don’t have the skill sets needed to run an ecommerce store, drive traffic, build an audience, etc.

Running an ecommerce store requires a lot of work and a lot of different skillsets. Your a web designer, copywriter, customer service agent, you have to manage the payment processors and ship your orders. All of this on top of driving traffic to your store and bringing customers and driving sales.

In Affiliate Marketing your only job is to create content and drive sales. With Affiliate Marketing there’s also 0 risk to you and you can do it either for free or just a couple Dollars.

I feel like affiliate marketing is similar to how many stock trading platforms have a play account where people can test the waters before diving in.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to try out and test various niches and products, it allows you to see what sells and what doesn’t, what methods work and which don’t, all without having to shell out any money on inventory and without having to interact with any real customers.

I’m not saying that you can’t jump right into ecommerce, you absolutely can and many people do and are successful, but I sort of view affiliate marketing as a pre-requisite to starting your own ecommerce store.

You can figure out if you even enjoy it, if your even good at it, etc before making a monetary committment.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Drop a comment below…


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Affiliate Marketing 3 Affiliate Programs That Pay In Bitcoin

Hey guys, today we’re talking about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is great in the sense you don’t have to store inventory, you don’t have to shell out any money on inventory, you don’t have to deal with payments or customer service or returns. You simply share a link or refer someone to a product or service and get commission for it. Once the link is clicked your job is done.

Lately I’ve been looking for some affiliate programs that pay out in Bitcoin. Right now in the crypto space you’re going to see a lot of people doing affiliate marketing for Genesis Mining or Bitconnect. The little I know about them they seem to be scams or ponzi schemes.

When I do affiliate marketing I think it’s important to have some integrity and to refer people to things that I have either personally used or at least things that I’ve vetted and think are legitimate. As an affiliate if you promote garbage people in the future won’t trust your opinion or recommendations.

What I like about these 3 programs were talking about today is that I personally use 2 out of 3 of these things. I use Coinbase, I have a Trezor, and while I don’t have a Ledger yet I’ve heavily researched it and am ordering one this week now that I’ve heard they are no longer backordered and are shipping out.

As I explained in the previous video we did about John Mcafee and him discussing flaws in cryptocurrency one thing he focused on is how difficult it is as a new person to get into it because it’s complicated. He compared it to a fraternity.

Because of this most people who get into crypto or brought in by a friend or family member who can kind of hold their hand and guide them. Now if you’re into cryptocurrency or Bitcoin and friends and family are asking you for assistance in getting them started in Bitcoin or other cryptos, it’s likely your going to have them setup a Coinbase account and possibly buy a Trezor or Ledger. I’m sure most of you won’t be charging your friends or family to help get them setup, but as long as they are going to be signing up for a Coinbase accounta nd or buying a Trezor or Ledger you may as well have them use your link and in the case of Coinbase both you and them get $10 so it’s a win win and with the case of a Trezor or Ledger they don’t get anything but they would be buying one anyway so why not use your link so you can make 10% or 15%.

Anyhow, here’s the 3 affiliate programs I think are worthwhile that pay you in Bitcoin. If you’re aware of any others feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below…


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How I Made $14,081.87 In Affiliate Marketing Last Month (You Won’t Like It)

Affiliate Marketing Course:


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