Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite

A brand new puppy is a source of pure pleasure and joy in a family. That is until the puppy starts to bite! Little children get scared and parents are frustrated. After all, this little dog is supposed to be a beloved family pet. How can they bond with the new dog if it bites?

First of all you need to understand why a puppy bites. By nature, puppies do not bite out of spite or meanness. For a puppy, biting is a way to play. This is how they interacted with their litter mates. A puppy sees biting as a part of their social make up. Once humans understand how the puppy acts, it is much easier to accept the biting and to help the puppy learn to break the habit.

If you have the chance to observe your puppy with his litter mates it will help you understand how to interact with your new pet. If this is not possible, these few tips can help you train your dog.

Make Noise
When a dog bites one of his litter mates to the point of pain, the other dog will yelp. Immediately the dog will stop biting. If you do the same, the dog will quit biting you as well. Teach other family members to yelp or make a loud noise when the puppy bites it will begin to learn that this is unacceptable behavior.

Provide Toys
Just like babies, puppies like to chew on things. It helps to develop their jaw muscles and works their teeth. Providing chew toys for the dog will not only help keep them from biting your family members, it will also help save your shoes and furniture!

Puppies are very social animals, they love to play and be around people. If you quit playing with your dog when he bites he will soon get the message that it is unacceptable behavior. On the flip side, because dogs like to please, he will try to have in a manner that causes you to praise him. So, make sure you give the dog a lot of attention and praise when he is behaving properly.

The most important thing you need to remember is consistency. The dog will learn the correct behavior quicker if everyone in the family is consistent in training. Teach even small children what to do if the dog nips or bites. Make training the dog a family affair and every one will rejoice when the dog makes progress!

Like little children, puppies take patience. Do not expect him to stop the behavior overnight. These things take time and gentle reminding. With constant reminding and diligence in training you can help your puppy stop biting and become a lifelong friend.

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Dog Training Tips – 5 Fantastic Tips

Dog training is no walk in the park. Bad puns aside, this article is designed to give you some straightforward dog training tips to make teaching your animal how to be obedient as easy as possible. With that in mind, let’s get right into the tips.

1. Keep an eye on the dog.

It’s important that you discipline your dog if they have done a negative action. This way they will associate the fact that if they do some the wrong they will get punished for it. However, if you’re not constantly monitoring them they will become confused as to why they only get punished sometimes for doing a bad behavior. Anyway, until you train them properly they will do something wrong anyway. This way you can catch them so they don’t cause any destruction in your home!

2. Feeding schedule!

This is perhaps one of the most valuable yet underutilized dog training tips you will hear. Simply feed your dog at the same times each day. You know what this does? It makes them go to the bathroom at roughly the same time each day. This will make potty training your dog very easy.

3. Your dog is a social animal.

It is not smart to isolate your dog while your train them. In fact, for a dog to be healthy, they need certain social skills. Especially as a puppy the dog will best develop proper social skills. This means that when you are first training your dog, make sure to take them out and teach them how to socialize with other dogs.

4. Establish yourself as the authority.

Right from the beginning your dog has to know that you are the leader and that they must follow your command. One great way to do this is to start with formal obedience training right away. Teach them basic things like how to sit, roll over and fetch. Don’t neglect this tip — start a formal obedience training schedule with your dog right away!

5. Stay current.

Continually research the topic of dog training to find new dog training tips. Nobody knows everything, and by continually reading about training tips you will discover great techniques that you can use to make your dog obedient.

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Puppy dog training video

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How to Train a Dog

Dogs truly can be a man's best friend. They can be a fantastic addition to your life not only for yourself but also for your family. Dogs can interact with children and teach them some valuable social skills and develop their confidence levels. However knowing how to train a dog is a hugely important thing that you must know, this is even more important if you do have children.

Dogs can be very temperamental and need to be trained properly so that they can control their temper. If this is done correctly, then your dog will be a well behaved, caring dog who will be safe around your family.

A main part of training your dog is called positive reinforcement which involves using dog trees to reward your dog when they do what you ask them to. This is simple enough to do, but you must know how to react if your dog does not do what you ask.

Most people make the mistake of shouting at their dogs and getting angry if the dog misbehaves or is being disobedient. The problem with reacting like this is that your dog will pick up on these reactions and can mirror your emotions. The same principle applies when your dog is barking, if you react to this by shouting at your dog then you are not really helping the situation. Your dog may interpret this as you barking back in agreement with them which means they do not realize they are doing anything wrong.

Keep in mind that dogs will bark, it is their way of communicating. The only time that a dog barking should concern you is if they continue barking at people for a long time after first seeing them. Also if they appear to be barking at things for no reason. Dogs are usually barking for attention or if they sense a problem. If they are seeking attention then you are best to leave them alone and not pay them attention because if you give them what they want, it will stick in their mind that to get attention they bark.

You can introduce certain exercises and practices to train your dog. Exercises such as walking them around objects such as cones and marks and getting them to sit at certain points will help with their discipline.

A simple game of hide and seek with a dog treat can be good for your dog. Hide a treat somewhere and let them find it, not only is this good exercise but they will be developing them excellent sense of smell. They also receive a treat when they complete the task and get attention and love from you.

Overall dog training takes time and patience, but if you can stick with it then the rewards will speak for themselves as the dog grows older.

Source by Paddy Moogan

4 Dog Training Tips For the Aggressive Pet

It's important to begin training aggressive dogs early on. You do not want your pet to hurt another animal or a child, especially those in your own family. These four dog training tips help address the shy, aggressive dog – use them before you make the decision to have your pet put down.

1. Training Sessions

First, you'll need to build the dog's self-confidence and sense of security with regular training sessions. Every pet will have some apprehension either of other people out on walks, or excited kids running every way, or sometimes other dogs coming up to them. Because of these stimuli, you need to set up a safe environment to help them overcome some of the tension. For instance, invite a friend to meet you someplace as you go out for a walk. Ask your friend to feed your pet a treat. These types of training sessions will build the animal's confidence.

2. Socialize

Often, the aggressive dog just is not accredited to the presence of other dogs. Because of that, they become aggressive. Of course, this personality trait just means more training is needed – you can teach them to enjoy other dogs. What you'll do is to keep your pet on a leash where there are other calm dogs. When your pet get seems to get angry, hold onto the leash tightly and yank a couple of times. Teach them they need to play civilly.

3. Stay Clear of Aggressive Adult Dogs

You do not want your pet around dogs that are older and aggressive. This simply must be adhered to – it's one of the top dog training tips you can not avoid. Just consider this in context of people – you do not like to hang around negative, aggressive people. Rather – you probably enjoy confident, successful and positive folks. You want your dog to do the same: hang around other dogs you want him or her to emulate.

4. Get a Muzzle

The final of the dog training tips is to buy a muzzle when training for socialization and teaching your animal to obey. You should train your dog to get used to it – put it on right before feeding, or sometimes before going out in the yard to play. That way it will not pose a problem when you try to muzzle your pet before training. When you are training, it's imperative that they do not attack either another animal or people. That's what the muzzle does – offers a preventive measure as your dog trains. Train safely.

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Clicker Training For Dogs is a Great Way of Dog Training

One of the more effective training aids is clicker training for dogs. It involves no pain to your animal and is a valuable training aid. Good behavior is rewarded using behavioral psychology as the motivation. This method of training involves 'marking' the good behavior with a click from the clicker, enabling the dog to know it's done something good and will receive a treat.

The clicker method when coupled with the treat for correct behavior is a humane way to train dogs and other animals.The animal is not harmed or shouted at or given pain in any way. Your dog wants to please you in reality which can appear surprising. Communication is one of the main problems when dog training. This clicker method clears that up for your dog.

This is called 'operant conditioning'. Basically the dog does something with the intent of bringing about what they want ie a treat. Dogs tend to associate people, places, and events or objects with a pleasurable or un-pleasurable grading system. So the more they're associated with an event in a pleasurable sense, then the more they associate that event in a favorable light. Its really a form of conditioning.

Once the dog learns that it gets a reward for certain behavior, then it will repeat the good behavior over and over again. This condition is how the dog is trained. The 'operant' conditioning will produce behavior that's purposeful, while the classic type of condition produces behavior that's habitual. Together they form a powerful type of training.

The clicker sound is a more effective sound than the human voice for a good reason. Our voices can say the same words with different inflection and intensity. It's difficult for a dog to always know what we mean. It comes back to communication. But with the clicker, it sounds the same every time, and the dog quickly associates it with good behavior and rewards.

The Dolphin is one of the other animals that this method has been used on. I'm saying that it's pretty much impossible to force a Dolphin to do something, so methods like this have to be employed in order to train them. And it's been very successful in doing so, and has since been used on a lot of other animals as well. From cats and leopards, to birds and rabbits, this method has been very successful.

You should say the click while the dog is carrying out the behavior you want.Don't wait until he has finished. Give a click and a treat before the behavior and after the behavior is complete. You should click when your dog does something you would like him to repeat, that way you reinforce the message. Always use the same click but you can give different types of trips for different behavior.

Using clicker training for dogs can enable you to communicate with your dog in a positive way that you were not able to do before. Your dog will begin to have well as he realizes that he gets a reward. If you punish your dog for bad behavior it may work to a point but is more likely to lead to more bad behavior. The use of positive reinforcement will lead to more positive behavior.

Source by Marty Moore

Puppy Housebreaking Tips

The first thing most new puppy owners tackle is housebreaking. Teaching a puppy to only use the bathroom outside is important since it is a lesson that every dog ​​must learn ever. First time dog owners often find the task of housebreaking overwhelming, but there are a few housebreaking tips that will help a dog owner achieve quick results.

Start Training Immediately

The most overlooked aspect of housebreaking is the need to begin working with a puppy as soon as you bring her home. A puppy should be taught to use the bathroom outside during the first three months of their life. Forgetting the most basic puppy housebreaking tips could lead to poor bathroom habits for the rest of the dog's life. Once learned, bad habits of any kind in a puppy are hard to change.

Restrict the Puppies Movements

Allowed a puppy free run of a home increases the chances for an accident to go unnoticed. One of the most useful puppy housebreaking tips to remember is to not allow a puppy to wander around the house. Keep a young puppy in a crate, cage, or small supervised area of ​​the house that is isolated using baby gates or other enclosures. This will ensure messes inside of the home are noticed and addressed quickly.

Reward the Puppy with Playtime

After a puppy has used the bathroom outside, reward her with a little bit of free time. This will teach her that using the bathroom in the right place does not have to be tedious. Let the puppy play outside for 10 minutes after using the bathroom. Soon she will associate potty time with something fun.

Puppy housebreaking tips are not set in stone. Pet owners should feel free to adapt these tips to their lifestyles and their puppies' needs. It is important to remember that housebreaking a puppy does not have to be a chore; it can be fun for both puppy and owner.

Source by T. McSpadden

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7-Month Old Akita Training Video – Dog Trainer

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Puppy Training Classes – A Great Way to Train Your Puppy

There are many different classes available but who would have thought there was puppy training classes. Within these classes you and your puppy will be able to begin all the great training routines that you'd like to start with your puppy as well as other different things you may not have about training your puppy to do.

These classes are a great way to get your puppy comfortable with other puppies and dogs so that in the future you do not have the problem of other animals encountering your dog and a fight breaking out. The classes teach your puppy to be well mannered and also show you ways to keep your puppy well behaved.

Not everyone wants to opt into these classes as they cost money, but if you are willing to pay a few extra dollars to have an even better chance at training your puppy then do it. A lot of people take their puppies into these courses to help minimize the challenges of training their puppy on their own and have the help of a professional who knows all the ropes of puppy training.

Puppy training classes can be made available to you through many different ways and usually your local pet stores will be able to direct you to a class that would meet your needs and expectations. Some classes may only be available a certain time of the year so ensure you look at your options first when you are considering a training class for your puppy.

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Dog Training Tips

Core Dog Training Tips

There are some basic things that each pet owner really should take into consideration when education their furry friend. These tasks can make training your dog much simpler across the aboard.

Crate Training – Crate training delivers your dog with a home that it can call its very own. Never use a crate as a punishment and be sure to spend time acquainted with your dog within the dog house so he can become accustomed to it. As most dog training ideas will tell you, a crate can make property breaking, bark lessening, and anxiety difficulties significantly more better.

Leash Training – If you are having issues with your dog with a leash, the most critical thing you should do is teach them to reach your controlled, calm express. This controlled think will permit them to interact with your commands without getting too looking forward to thecoming move. The majority of dogs by using leash issues are allowed to run around outside and draw. If your dog takes in on the leash, cause them to become sit and put it off by your side before strolling again. In short order, they should associate that Yanking sensation with the prevent of their walk.

An Alpha Position: The most significant dog training tips refer to the position you hold in the home. After just what exactly most folks feel, dog training is not the burden of the dog. He would not know what you want as well as does not generally comprehend what you are saying. The burden is usually on you to teach your puppy that you might be the leader of the pack and have charge of the situation. They can in that case relax, follow the commands and stop distressing about who will protect them.

Obedience Training (blank): The very best dog training recommendations you'll get can come through an obedience course. These classes coach new dog owners maintaining the alpha direction position in their household, display control more than their new puppy and give them precise, strong commands. When you've got a new puppy or perhaps are basically having trouble controlling your older dog, think about an obedience course to supplement the home training.

The Significance of Uniformity

The 1 thing that all k9 training ideas have in common is the require for regularity. A dog may possibly seem intelligent, and in lots of ways they're, but much of what we discover is in reply to a repeated, reliable environment. When you simply make them sit it is usually out when you have period for it, they will have confused and enthusiastic and stop following your requires. When you set any rule, be consistent about it and ensure everyone in your house does the exact same.

Source by Md Mesbahul Islam

Is It Possible to Toilet Train a Dog?

What brings more joy in our lives other than our children? Of course, it our dog or puppy! New puppies and dogs though can be responsible for a great deal of stress without being trained properly. Training is not something to be feared and does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The best time to start is when they are young, say 10 or 12 weeks old when they are able to pay attention long, or very soon after they are accepted. Younger is better but older dogs can also be trained. It is best to start as early as possible because before you know it they will be full grown and have developed bad habits that may be more difficult to over come.

Whether or not you train your dog yourself, hire someone or take your puppy to training classes, it is very important to maintain a positive attitude with your pet no matter what they do. It would be helpful if your pet had a companion to spend some time with. This will help to secure a contented happy dog. Training your dog / puppy yourself can be very rewarding, cost affective and fun.

There are 28+ different topics to teach puppies; POTTY TRAINING is probably the first training people start with, then follows house training, crate training, stop barking, stop biting, not to jump, stay, preventing aggression, etc. If you hire this done it can be very costy and you still will have to learn all the same things. So you can see your way ahead of the game doing your own training.

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Dog Obedience and the Right Dog Training

The term mans best friend is often times associated with the K-9 also known as the the dog. But it is not always mans best friend, especially if it does not have the right discipline or training. A dog is a very loyal creature, so if you get one that you can strike up the right relation ship with you, it will keep you secure and safe. They are known to guard their owners, in most cases to the death. It is no wonder that dogs are the animal of choice in the police services. They are very astute and can be used to find things as well as companions.

What to do when you have a dog

So, you have bought your dog, what's the next step? Well if its your first time having a dog, a vital ingredient to your good relation ship with the dog is when or not it will listen to you when you want it to. When your pet is young this is the moment that you need to start training him or her, just like when children are young you have to discipline them. The best time to train a dog is in their youth because this is when they are at their most teachable, and will forgive things more quickly.

Once you pet is in your home you need to be thinking about buying a very go training course, this will ensure that you are able to have a pleasurable experience with the dog. Another good alternative to a training a course is to send them to a trainer, this a can be a more hands on approach, and there is nothing better than getting advice from someone that has trained many dogs before. The problem with a trainer is that it may be more expensive than a training material, so you may want to send the dog there only if you can afford to.

A training guide can be useful because you can always take a look at it if you have an any questions as a quick reference.

Source by Matthew Jefferies