Spring Bass fishing (Spawning Bass) Bayou Bass 720p HD

In this video I show you how to catch spawning Bass. Pitch your lure multiple time into their bed. Until you get a bite. Reel in your slack and set the hook. Good Luck. LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for watching.


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20 thoughts on “Spring Bass fishing (Spawning Bass) Bayou Bass 720p HD

  1. Maaaan I’m in houston also. I found this AMAZING little spot thriving with tons of bass, big cichlids, and perch. It’s so hidden no one would think to fish there

  2. Hey bryan, my name is aaron and I just wanted to say that I think that u make the best fishing videos!!! Not only do u catch alot of fish, but u also keep the videos entertaining and fun to watch!! I have learned everything that I know about saltwater fishing from your great videos. Please keep making videos and nevermind the rude people who gripe at u. Goodluck fishin dude!!

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