OVERLOOKED Drop Shot Rigging and Fishing Tips

There’s so many factors contributing to a successful drop shot presentation, with leader length critical among them yet still overlooked and under-analyzed. Elite Series pro Gary Klein explains the importance of rate of fall, which is directly tied to drop shot weight, and lure fall duration – the time it takes for the lure to reach bottom after the weight does. Some days the fish like it short, others, a long fall gets more bites. Klein explains another interesting point pertaining to tungsten drop shot weight shine and fish triggering (you need to hear this).

As a general rule of thumb, a long leader is better fit for fishing in grass and when fish are more tentative (longer fall period), whereas a short leader is beneficial for fish keying in on bottom forage.

-Berkley Fusion 19 Drop Shot Hook, size 1:
-Berkley Powerbait MaxScent D-Worm:
-Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon, 6lb:
-Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Braid, 6lb:
Kanji Tungsten Drop Shot Weight:

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13 thoughts on “OVERLOOKED Drop Shot Rigging and Fishing Tips

  1. Awesome! Such an observant and intelligent fisherman. I've heard or used all the tips he mentions, but never heard or used them ALL in one presentation. All the components of the rig are used as lure, even the line/leader knot! Thanks, this really open my eyes and gave me a greater respect for Gary as a true fisherman. 👍😎

  2. I love listening to Gary talk about techniques. Regardless what it is he us talking about he is thorough in covering the small things.alotnof people don't realize or think about making just a tiny change can turn a bad day to a good one or a good one to a great one. I'm bad about just trying something different. I'm going to start making an effort to make small changes at a time weather it be color, weight etc….good video.

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