MALASKA Golf, Lesson with Mike

My lesson with Mike, keys on the grip, hand plane and momentum. Golf swing practice and theory.

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22 thoughts on “MALASKA Golf, Lesson with Mike

  1. Mike is superb. Explains concepts well. Cause versus effect. Brandon you ask wonderful questions. Love how you have perceptions of issues and how you let the seasoned PRO teach. Keep it coming. Great work.

  2. Great videos. Really clear and clever explanations. The only thing I would say is that some close up video is required, especially when looking at the grip. Keep it up guys!!

  3. I've watched you with a number of coaches while you have been on this golf mission, none make as much sense as what Mike does. In that short lesson he addressed all of your swing faults and showed you the way to scratch golf. Don't lose focus on what you experienced here, your body language said it all, you were fighting his methods before this began.

  4. It is so important what he demonstrated about the angle between the forearm and the club straightening out at impact. His "hockey stick" drill if taken too literally makes it look like the hands should be actually moving closer to the body at impact (or at least as close as the address position) and that is not possible to without serious contortions going into impact.

  5. I hope you follow Mike's instruction.  I was so lucky to find him through your channel.  I used to swing pretty much like you, firing the hips as fast as possible, and was very inconsistent.  I joined Malaska Golf and in less than a week he has totally changed/improved my swing.  He is the best online instructor, period.  Thanks so much for finding him.  Nothing against Monte, but I felt it was just one tip after another with him, instead of an actual program to enable you to build a solid repeatable swing.

  6. … or even easier the old 2'x6' piece of ply set on the correct shaft angle – start and finish the swing on that. Does everything else fall into place if you're on plane as long as you're not ahead of the ball?

  7. awesome content Brendon. are you still applying Malaska "over the top from the inside" move? its something im def trying to incorporate into my swing over this winter.

  8. Hi Brendon
    I will try to be as much positive that I can with my comment but I can not understand good player like you (who want to improve as much that they can). For me the first thing that I lurn in golf 32 years ago was to know what is a naturel grip (for me). Maybe you don’t focus on the good thing ? Or don’t lesson to the good teacher ?? This is basic, you should know your technic from a to z. You can have problem doing it but you should know it. Don’t take me wrong I just don’t understand. Have a good day.

  9. I have got all you videos. except the last one, The Source Of Power as I won't have time to watch it and try the stuff out on the range. so I was leaving that until Christmas when i have time. Although watching this video I think the camera setup is not very good in showing what Mike is actually saying to you. the camera is just too far away and when he was saying this is the way I set up with my wrist like this! well no one can actually see what his wrist is doing from that camera setup.

  10. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like it's hard to stand up out of it when you shift your weight properly. I feel like I only get stuck when I don't get my weight shifting laterally back to the front and on time, not late.

  11. I certainly don't have all the answers to this crazy game, if any, but… seems to me that if you set up a plane stick and a mirror behind your swing, then slowly trace the shaft up and down along that line – slowly building up speed – that all these positions fall into place and occur without thinking about it. I've been doing it the past little while, and there is no way you can "hump" "cast", "hang back", or any of the other bad crap that we do when you get the shaft dead nuts on the alignment rod coming down. Your hands will abso – friggin – lutely be in the right place. Get a range bucket and a mirror, stick the alignment rod into it at the angle you need for that particular club, and swing along the rod while watching in the mirror. You'll find you pick up your hands more just like Lee Trevino advocates and you'll be on plane. At the top of the swing your club shaft will be parallel to the rod, but at hip height, it'll be right on the rod. Maybe Get some impact tape also. Just my couple pennies…

  12. too much stuff to think about ! the swing is natural if…. you understand the Law of the double pendulum and conservation of angular momentum ! physics then mechanics not the other way around

  13. This is why you have the best golf channel. There is no shortage of channels with experts showing us how to do it but your channel is from the student's perspective. Its great. and I enjoyed seeing you struggle with bad contact – it makes me feel better about how bad I suck whenever I try something new. Your lack of ego is refreshing.

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