Improve Transition In The Golf Down Swing – #GolfAlong

Improve Transition In The Golf Down Swing – #GolfAlong

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9 thoughts on “Improve Transition In The Golf Down Swing – #GolfAlong

  1. I have a terrible habit of swaying in the back swing with my left foot lifting up so you could see my spikes if you were ahead of me with my knee collapsing. I see you said 70% weight on right side and your left foot stayed planted. Ive been trying that with decent success. Thanks for the top quality tips.

  2. Sadly I do suffer with the transition in my swing; love this little drill that I can practice probably anywhere though maybe not the fruit & veg aisle of the supermarket.
    Cheers and many thanks Peter!

  3. Sorry for the dual comments but I’ve just gotta say that your tip about starting the transition by feeling the weight shift from right heel to left has helped A TON! I’ve always tried to start w/ either a “hip bump” or the “gravity drop” to shallow the club. Even tried Dan Whitaker’s tip of starting w/ the left knee…all to varying degrees of success. But using the method you described in this vid has been sooooo simple and it accomplishes everything (weight shift, shallowing, left knee, etc). Thank you so much Pete!

  4. This is the one thing I need to work on over the winter. It is so easy for me to get over the top because I have shorter arm length to my body type. When I figure this out to get more inside the ball, I will improve massively. Thanks Pete

  5. Thank you Pete! I’ve always struggled with the transition and the start of the downswing so this vid & the next are going to be supremely welcome. I know you’ve done other tip videos on these issues but somehow having this step by step as a part of a comprehensive series is helping me focus more.

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