How to Fish a Jig – Bass Fishing

Instructional video walking you through the basics of fishing a jig for bass. In this video we fish the Strike King Bitsy bug, and cover how to rig a jig, where to fish it, how to fish it, feeling a bite, equipment to use, and we even catch a few bass on the jig. This video will get you started with the basics of fishing a jig for bass. Hopefully it will help you catch more bass in heavy cover, and make your next fishing trip more enjoyable.


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9 thoughts on “How to Fish a Jig – Bass Fishing

  1. Good video

    you guys just got a new sub

    but one thing, you don't always have to put a trailer on a jig. Those jigs can mimic baitfish to, (black&blue=bluegill Pearl white, etc

  2. I like how you recorded NOT catching bass the first few casts, unlike other vids where you see guys strike on the first cast, even tho they probably missed many times. Also, can you fish a bitsy jig without a power bait trailer, and just by itself?

  3. This videoaudio gave me the most information in the shortest time EVER!  GREAT JOB my friend.  I will subscribe.  I want to see more and different baits and how you fish them.

  4. Very nicely done video for someone new to jig fishing like me! You explained everything including the retrieve which some people like to leave out of their videos.

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