Hip Turn In The Golf Swing Lesson

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41 thoughts on “Hip Turn In The Golf Swing Lesson

  1. Adam, I appreciate your video. I have been playing 25 years and I am still learning. Again thank you for sharing your great lesson. You are the best pro I ever seen.

  2. You did not really nail it .. but good try.. to cement the way to slide. I found saying inside right . .outside left.. helps as Hale Irwin used to teach. Trying to lag your arms as you suggest may be a good drill to capture the feeling.. but would not suggest it in actual swing. Or another concept by Tommy Armour to have left knee point just behind the ball going back and the right knee moving toward the left on the down swing. You need to use a concept like those .. sure there are many to convey how to slide. Actually, it is more a slide then a turn…Another could be to make sure belt buckle is facing the target. Anyway box on.

  3. Another great video Adam. I noted that your actual swing is better than your practice swings, in that you stay more 'over' the ball, whereas in the practice swings your head and sternum are far ahead of the ball. Unfortunately for me, at least according to a local pro', I have the opposite situation, in that my practice swings look great and my real swing he said looks nothing like them. Any suggestions?

  4. I always find your videos so clear and effective… and I completely agree with this one in particular… however there are a number of videos on youtube about how to stop sliding in the downswing.
    eg. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdlc-PTE-zw
    Am i confusing the issue here?
    Difference between a shift and a slide? Shift still allows a left hip turn before impact.

  5. Hi Adam i played golf today at Balllymena golf club and used your instruction from your videos on iron striking and hit the ball the best ive ever hit it, i hit a 3 iron almost 200 yards i have never done that ever,
    thank you

  6. The reason they didn't start the downswing with a hip slide is because we were told to NEVER slide your hips. So the is the reason we all didn't slide our hips.

  7. I have been trying to play this game for about 45 to 50 years and have the very problem you speak of and that is starting to arms first. it has NEVER been taught with the method you use. Hips first and not arms first. I have just started to try this and it's very hard to do. i also like your method of the towel to get lag and if you move the hips first and NOT use a death grip on the club, both of these will show up by themselves. Thank you for the GREAT way you make everything SO understand able. I still think the instruction we got back when I started was to keep you coming back for more lessons and more money for them.

  8. …..my light bulb moment was in another of your video's where you described the movement of the body and hips being likened to the way you skip a stone across water…..that analogy was brilliant ….can't tell you what a difference that has made to me…..thanks Adam…..

  9. Adam I am a 30 year old beginner and all I have to say i thank you very much your videos have helped very much in a short period of time. I have gone from not being able to get the ball in the air to rarely ever hitting worse than a double bogey at a tough golf course (Marsh Landing CC). Pretty much bogey most holes now but I know if I keep at it improvement will follow. Thanks again, Justin C…

  10. What a great video! Well explained. Pre mature over rotation of my hips is my death move and produces a variety of bad shots including my right foot spinning out and coming over the top. Makes hitting a draw impossible for me. This really puts the sequencing of the hips into an understandable and repeatable fashion. Thanks.

  11. I struggled with exactly what you described in this video. I was a good player for many years and started having issues with my left hip and stopped moving towards the target as my first move on the down swing and seven years later (and me saying I figured something out 10,000 times) that simple little movement of moving my hips towards the target brought everything right back in line. My thought now is, turn-bump-turn and once I do that I've got a lot of power going in the right direction. Where were you 7 years ago? I'm new to your channel, but very impressed with your teaching……great job – Steve B

  12. Im confused now … My instructor told me that after i set and start my down swing to NOT come forward and slide forward w hips…. He actually put a bag stand on my left side (rh golfer) maybe an inch or 2 in front, and told me when i swing down and through, to NOT bump into the bag stand, if i do this move your showing i would hit the stand, and use my upper body to swing through the ball … he told me thats causes me to hit shots Thin and or Fat and not being consistent on my ball striking.

  13. I realized this morning that I can hit irons more solid when I shift my weight forward slightly ahead of my swing, i.e., less fat and thin shots. I googled to see if that makes sense. Here is the video! It makes sense. Thanks!

  14. Once again, an excellent video Adam!  I struggle with my weight shift (only with my driver) and tend to lean back when I am hitting drives.  You mentioned how the quick arms can cause that motion and I will try these drills to see if I can finally get my driver straight.  Thanks for the video!!

  15. I started playing last year and picked it up pretty fast and got to a 18 hcp. Then i hit a wall and could really get better, so i started watching your videos.. And i think ive watched all off them and now 4 months later i just today played 72, and just wanted to tell you its all because off this channel.. Thank you so much!!!

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