Golf Mike Malaska STEP 1 in Building a Golf Swing

The first step to becoming a golfer is getting a great pair of hands. You can have a hundred swing faults but great hands will save you.

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13 thoughts on “Golf Mike Malaska STEP 1 in Building a Golf Swing

  1. No, just no.

    Great teacher, the putting lesson might be the greatest stroke saving lesson ever, but trying to teach hackers hand action, something that has come naturally to you, isn't good.

  2. This is so important. This is for players of all levels… especially those who are struggling. especially for beginners. LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest doesn't matter without this

  3. I like a lot of Mikes stuff and have had the pleasure to meet the guy and loved him but I just don't agree on teaching clubface control first…the delivery of the club I would agree with or even people that think what the club does during the swing is the first important key but controlling the face just makes the super handsy non athletic student, aka most, worse.

  4. Love this episode. Love the aj bonar reference because everyone thought he was a quack. First thing mike teaches is there's a ball here's a stick and you teach yourself to play with hand eye coordination. It's really that simple people. There is no perfect golf swing. Usga handicaps aren't going down with all this golf swing perfection

  5. Cool that you got a T5i. I saw some Rode mics on sale this weekend, too… if you were looking for something for audio to match the video.

  6. Hi: I looked at several video's and really like what I see. This seems to be the opposite from most instructors I have seen. They all seem to want to lay off the club or flatten it as it comes into the ball. I have tried your theory and it works fine. I guess I have been doing it wrong all these years. I bought your book and it is real big with real nice glossy pictures, great book.The question I have is when I bring the club down and into the ball I hit the ball with a little draw. I don't hit it straight unless I open the club face at address. I also bring my hands real close to my left leg at impact. I just wish I didn't hit the hook all the time, even my wedges draw and sometimes the ball starts off the club face left. I also hit a lot of half or 3/4 shots with the wedge fat. I live in Orlando and do you have any clinic in this area?Jim Wales

  7. Great advice about the hands. I think if you can control the face at the bottom, your mind will be on the right track. Although, all the other components like the takeaway, weights shift, setup, posture, shoulder turn, ground force etc.. are essential to create a powerful and accurate swing.

  8. Hi Brendon, You have posted a lot of interesting concepts lately that have had a really positive effect on my game: from hacking around the course with scores over 100, I played 9 holes this week at 2 over par; admittedly the second 9 was 12 over par but if you had told me a few weeks ago that I could shoot under 90 I would never have believed you. Thank you so much for all your work and efforts. Are you still shooting your videos with the IPhone and do you have any plans to upgrade your camera equipment? Cheers, TC

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