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Hello and welcome! Here is a new introduction of my new on-line dog training lessons. My goal is to help dog owner with their dog training concerns.


Advanced Dog Training Tips and Tricks,dog traning video

STEP-BY-STEP Instructions From One of The World’s Most Skilled Dog Trainers…

For this list we’re looking at tricks that any dog lover and owner can teach his or her canine companion. Some of the tricks featured are definitely advanced, but are still achievable with time, patience, and lots of practice! The only tricks we’re removing from the list are the truly over the top types of tricks that can only be taught by professionals. We’re also not considering the classic standards, like sit, stay, down, etc The Seinfeld – Advanced Dog Training Tips and Tricks


Shock collar wife training technology is here!!! How to correct your spouse.

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Shock collar wife training! How to train your spouse. With a dog training shock collar obedience training device. The best technology available for spousal correction is the newT-1000 by man’s World Incorporated.

The T-1000 has 100 training levels and programmable buttons for vibration, sound alert, momentary shock and continuous shock. The system is expandable to two people should you be a polygamist and need to train multiple spouses.

Creator’s (Exoman’s) notes:
When we first started writing it, we were going to have me wear the collar but then we thought about it. We talked about how people are so careful and politically correct now that they feel censored and fearful of offending people. We feel that this PC atmosphere has become too pervasive and has a stranglehold on creativity. We knew if I wore the collar that no one would be offended because it’s obviously a joke. We decided that was too safe so we flipped the script and “Man’s World Incorporated” it was! Comedy is more meaningful and just plays better when it goes against the grain a bit and challenges people. The PC movement has essentially caused creators to abandon a large swath of comedic landscape and over time this area has naturally become fertile again and is just waiting for fearless imaginations to stake their claims. The video harkens back to “Married With Children”, the Lucille Ball Show, The Honeymooners and other shows where writers had free rein to have couples having fun and making fun of each other without fear.

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Dog Training Video Showing How To Get A Dog To Want A Pill

This 100% successful Dog Training Video – How To Get A Dog To Want A Pill or should I say How To Get Dogs To Want Take Pills from you so you don’t have to force cause pain and distress forcing their mouths open and pushing the pill down their throats losing trust between you and possibly some fingers.