What Are the Different Types of Joint Ventures Part 1 – Joint Venture Marketing Ep. 6

In this video, Dan shows you different types of joint ventures. Watch the whole series about joint ventures here:
Watch this video until the end to find out some of the joint ventures deals Dan done in the past.
You can download Dan Lok’s best-selling book F.U. Money for FREE:


Dan Lok, a.k.a. The King of High-Ticket Sales, is one of the highest-paid and most respected consultants in the luxury and “high-ticket” space.

Dan is the creator of High-Ticket Millions Methodology™, the world’s most advanced system for getting high-end clients and commanding high fees with no resistance.

Dan works exclusively with coaches, consultants, thought leaders and other service professionals who want a more sustainable, leveraged lifestyle and business through High-Ticket programs and Equity Income.

Dan is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures.

Not only he is a two times Tedx opening speaker, he’s also an international best-selling author of over 12 books and the host of Shoulders of Titans show.

Dan’s availability is extremely limited. As such, he’s very selective and he is expensive (although it will be FAR less expensive than staying where you are).

Many of his clients are seeing positive return from their investments in days, not months.

But if you think your business might benefit from one-on-one interaction with Dan, visit

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Learn How To Create Your Online Business From Scratch
What is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest

Some tips on how to go about affiliate marketing, specifically if you’re looking to use Pinterest to generate profits.


How to create a free website for affiliate marketing – Urdu/Hindi 2017

Hy Guyz in this video i tell you each and every thing how you can create your free website for affiliate marketing
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From Rock Bottom To Crushing Affiliate Marketing | With YouTuber Malan Darras | RBM E13

After cleaning up his life, Malan Darras moved to LA and started crushing Affiliate marketing. Today Malan has his own brand, is still crushing campaigns, and is working on his passion for music.

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Có thể bạn sẽ từ bỏ công việc ổn định với đồng lương ít ỏi mà theo việc tiếp thị liên kết với Lazada. Dù trời mưa hay trời nắng, bạn chỉ cần chiếc máy tính kết nối mạng thì bạn làm được tất cả. Tiền vẫn tự chảy đều đều vào ngân hàng khi bạn đang ngủ hay ăn sáng uống cà phê. Vậy còn chần chừ gì nữa mà không chớp lấy cơ hội để thay đổi cuộc sống của bạn. Trong bài này, mình hướng dẫn làm tiếp thị liên kết với Lazada một cách chi tiết nhất.​

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How to Scale Affiliate Marketing Campaigns on Any Traffic Source

I got an email recently from someone who’s wanting to scale their affiliate marketing campaigns and he wanted some tips.

He’s making some money on it, but he wants more.

You don’t get into affiliate marketing to make $100 per day, we wanna push as hard as we can to get 4-5 figures per day.

Want more tips around scaling your affiliate campaigns?

I wrote a massive guide to scaling campaigns on my blog that goes into more detail – here’s the link:

If you’ve got any questions/comments hit me up in the comments section!

———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———

About Me

Since I started affiliate marketing in 2008, me and my media buying team have generated 8+ figures in commissions through Facebook, mobile, and display buys.

I run one of the most popular affiliate marketing blogs in the world here:

Want more?

Snapchat: charles_ngo

Wanna see what everyday life’s like as an affiliate marketer?

I use Snapchat every day to give you a look inside my life. What I do every day, how I think and make decisions etc. I give away a lot of affiliate marketing tips and strategies + some insider only secrets (Snapchats disappear in 24 hours so I don’t mind giving away more there!)


Facebook is the main social platform I use. It’s where we can talk affiliate marketing / business / productivity etc.

I use Facebook to release info about parties, meet ups, events and other industry news.

My Personal Blog:

I’ve been blogging about affiliate marketing since 2012 and I’m not stopping now! Every single week I write a post to help you out in affiliate marketing, productivity, or business.


I’ve started answering a lot of questions from you guys via YouTube. So if you’ve got a question, send it in to me and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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Look forward to connecting with you!

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Hey what’s up you guys my name is Nathan Lucas and I’m here to help you SUCCEED!

If you’re on this video you might be looking for the secret on how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Well, you’re in the right place.

In this video I show you exactly what it takes to be successful on how to make money online using the power of affiliate marketing.

Now, the process of affiliate marketing is quite simple. You connect people with products or services and make commissions, BUT, there is much more that goes into creating freedom with this business model.

The first thing you must understand is your mindset. I know you may have heard this before, but that’s just because it’s so dang important. When you see people people thousands of dollars per month online, they didn’t accidentally come across a secret system where they didn’t have to do any work.

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing, you WILL have to WORK for it. Now, this doesn’t have to be difficult work. Actually, the more fun you have with it, the better.

Here are the the 7 steps I lay out in the video to make money online with affiliate marketing:

1. Pick a Niche
2. Pick a product/system to promote
3. Pick a platform where you’re going to market
4. Consistently create valuable content
5. Generate leads
6. Follow-up with your leads
7. Make sales


Join in on the conversation – 👇Drop a comment👇

Thanks for watching!

Nathan Lucas



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How To Create a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

How To Create a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing
How To Create a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing
How To Create a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing


Low Ticket Vs. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Which Is Right For You?

In this video, I break down low ticket vs. high ticket affiliate marketing and the biggest differences between the two. The biggest differences between the two are the price point you’re selling at, commission structuring, start up cost, and return on investment from a time and money perspective. Watch the video till the end to see how you can save more time while maximizing your income with affiliate marketing!

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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs (Best Networks for Beginners)

In this video, I reveal the top 10 affiliate networks you can join to start earning affiliate commissions for extra income on the side. If you are looking for a good program, these are the best.

#1 – Amazon Affiliate program
#2 – Clickbank.com
#3 – Commission Junction
#4 – ShareaSale
#5 – JVzoo
#6 – Ebay Partner Network
#7 – Clicksure
#8 – Neverblue
#9 – Maxbounty
#10 – FlexOffers

These are all the best 10 affiliate programs you can join, starting today. Expect to put in 1-2 hours of solid work a day for your first 2-3 months before you start seeing decent results.

So which is my favorite for Beginners?

If I had to pick one, I’d pick the Amazon affiliate program simply because of the amount of low hanging fruit on that network.

Because there are literally millions of products on that network, you don’t have to worry too much about competition. If you find a competitive niche, simply pick another one and get started.

All in all, the above affiliate programs are the best for beginners to get started with – they allow you to earn while you learn, which is the situation you want to be in.

Also, check out my latest video on how to make money online in 2017. This is all the latest and greatest stuff:

I promise you will thoroughly enjoy this content!


Affiliate Marketing Kya Hai? Aur Isse Paise Kaise Kamaye [Hindi Me]

Read the article:

Affiliate Marketing kya hai aur isse paise kaise kamayen?
इस video में आप जानेंगे कि Affiliate marketing क्या है और इससे आप पैसे कैसे कमा सकते हैं. Affiliate marketing से आप बिना किसी blog या website के भी पैसे कमा सकते हैं पर फिर भी यदि आप एक blog को Affiliate marketing के लिए use करें तो आप बहुत बढ़िया income कर सकते हैं. इस video में पूर्ण रूप से यह explain किया गया है कि Affiliate marketing कैसे काम करती है और आप Affiliate marketing करना कैसे शुरू कर सकते हैं. तो चलिए video देखते हैं और जानते हैं.
हमारे blog पर Affiliate marketing सम्बंधित बहुत सी guides और tutorials है जो आप पढ़ सकते हैं:
Learn what is affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate marketing in Hindi. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online and it can be done even without having a blog or website. But if you are making use of a blog or website having targated traffic for affiliate marketing, then you can earn a lot of income. In this video, I have completly explained what it is, how to get started with Affiliate marketing and start making some bucks.
ShoutMeHindi भारत का पहला ऐसा blog है जहाँ पर आप Blogging guides, online money making guides पढ़ सकते हैं और Internet के ज़रिये पैसे कमाना सीख सकते हैं. इन सब चीज़ों के इलावा आपको हमारी साईट पर और बहुत कुछ useful मिलेगा. हमारे blog को visit कीजिये, Facebook page को लिखे लीजिये और हमें Twitter पर follow कीजिये.
• Website URL:
• Facebook Page:
• Twitter Page:
• YouTube Channel URL: (हमें subscribe करना मत भूलिए ताकि आप और ऐसे ही बढ़िया videos प्राप्त करते रहें, अपने inbox में)


Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation: From $0 to $3000/Month Online

Affiliate marketing vs. creating your own products – which is best for a beginner trying to build income online from scratch? In this video, I talk about my experiences with both affiliate marketing and creating my own products, and recommend to you what you should to go from $0 in online income to the $3000 per month level.


So you’re a beginner into the wonderful world of internet marketing. You’ve read that you can make money with both affiliate marketing and product creation… but which is for you?

If made significant money with both business models, and here is my opinion for those of you looking to make about $3,000/m online with these models.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

-Less Risk
-Low Barrier of Entry (Can also be a negative)
-You don’t have to be good at selling.
-You don’t have to deal with customer support or product delivery.
-You can focus on getting traffic
-Potential to earn a full time income.

Benefits of creating your own products:

-You can make more money potentially.
-You can build a buyers list and a back end sales machine.
-You can get affiliates to promote your products.

Drawbacks of creating products:

-More risk
-You need more overall skills
-Takes more time.
-Need to worry about processing, delivery, and customer support.

Overall, if you’re a beginner, I recommend you start with affiliate marketing and do that until you reach the $10,000 to $20,000 a month mark, and then move onto product creation. This way you have a solid foundation in place, and will be list risky for you in the beginning.

I hope you have enjoy this video. For even better content, see links below…

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How does affiliate marketing work for an affiliate?

Find out here what it means to be an affiliate and how you could make some extra money from your hobbies.


AVOID THIS NICHE! As a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing

► Claim your FREE access to 9-day Affiliate Marketing course here –

There are not many limits when it comes to choosing niche for your affiliate marketing website. However there is onle one niche that I personally don’t recommend to go with if you are a total beginner.

In this video I will tell you about THIS one niche and explain you why it’s not a good idea to choose it.

However, having said all that, if you very well knowledgable in this particular niche and/or you are very passionate about, then by all means feel free and jump right into it!

The only thing I want to ask you is, please, take full responsibility for the information that you will be promoting on your website and make sure that it is 100% accurate.

► Claim your FREE access to 9-day Affiliate Marketing course here –


Still Getting Paid From Work 6 Years Ago | Affiliate Marketing Still Alive & Well

Affiliate Marketing is still alive and well. I just got a check in the mail the other day and this check is from an affiliate marketing program I was involved in probably back sometime between like 2009 and 2013. I have done nothing for this program since then and while it’s not paying my rent, I do randomly get checks in the mail for hundreds of Dollars.

I guess the point of this video is I think a lot of people have been turned off to affiliate marketing thinking it’s scammy or spammy or impossible to make money and quite honestly nothing could be further from the truth.

If you put in work consistantly it may not happen overnight but things will happen.

Keep grinding guys and for any of you guys sitting on the sideline because your broke and don’t have money to order inventory or maybe you just don’t know what to do, give affiliate marketing a try.


How To Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing Success Pill

How To Make Money Online

24/7 Money Machine:
FREE IM Workshop:
FREE Laptop Lifestyle Book:

Affiliate Marketing & FREE Traffic Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product to earn commissions.

This is the easiest business model because this does not require to have any website, or blog, if you know how to drive traffic, you could become very successful with affiliate marketing.

82% of online marketers start of with affiliate marketing, and then they start to shift them self with other online business models.

My mentor is currently giving out his FREE Mass Traffic Blueprint, this is not available for everyone, and will not be available for very long.

If you’re interested, you could get this entire traffic blueprint 100%
free by going here

Traffic is the king to online business, get this free mass traffic blueprint while it is still available, and you’ll able to crush the affiliate marketing model in no time.

Once again, here’s the link to the FREE blueprint

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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training

I have helped thousands of people from all over the world, if you’re sick and tired with all the garbage out there, and ready to see a massive change where we show you how to go from zero to $10k per month, and then from $10k to $100k per month step by step , then go here

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How To Make Money Online


What is Affiliate Marketing in Hindi | Earn Money With Amazon, Flipkart Etc

Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein aapko easy online earning ke baare mein bataya hai, aap bahut hi aasaani affiliate marketing ke through paise kama sakte hai. Is video mein aapko flipkart Affiliate marketing ka demo deke bataya hai, aur aapko bataya hai ki earning kaise hoti hai, kya kya karna hota hai, aap affiliate marketing se kaafi earning kar sakte hai, agar aap ise theek se use kare toh.

Music- bensound.com

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5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Make $500,000 In 2018!

Check Out:

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips Which Made Me $500,000 In 2018!

In this video I’m going to give you 5 affiliate marketing tips that made me $500,000 in 2018.

Now obviously, I am in no way guaranteeing you will make that amount of money, or any money at all with these tips. But this is exactly what I did last year to accelerate my income.

So let’s get into this.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1: Getting Tageted Leads On A List

One of the greatest affiliate marketing techniques and strategies you can master is the art of generating targeted leads and getting them on your email list.

Without traffic and leads your business is dead in the water. Growing an email list is vital. And it’s how to increase your affiliate sales the easy way,

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2: Master One Traffic Source

One of the greatest ways I accelerated my affiliate marketing income was via facebook ads. I literally got the process down to something I could do and make money with everyday on autopilot.

If you’re going to become a super affiliate, then at some point you need to master a traffic source.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3: Don;t Be A Jack Of All Trades

A lot of people are running around online like headless chickens.

They are jack of all trades and masters of none. They think that doing more equals more cash in the bank. But that couldn;t be further from the truth.

My advice to you as an online advertiser is to stay focused on one strategy until it pays you at least a six figure income.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #4: Learn How To Tell Stories

Facts tell and stories sell.

Learning how to tell great stories via email, then relating those stories back to a product, is a skill which will put a lot of profit in your bank.

Get good at crafting stories in your emails, on video and Facebook too.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #5: Be Consistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Don’t just try something a couple of times and then quit. Stick it out in your business. Whether you’re doing affiliate marketing on instagram, YouTube, see it through to the end.

I hope you got a lot of value from these affiliate marketing tips.

Check Out:


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How to Increase Affiliate Sales,
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This Video:


More About Affiliate Marketing:


Affiliate Disclaimer: While we receive affiliate compensation for reviews / promotions on this page, we always offer honest opinion, relevant experiences and genuine views related to the product or service itself. Our goal is to help you make the best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are ours only. As always you should do your own due diligence to verify any claims, results and statistics before making any kind of purchase. Clicking links or purchasing products recommended on this page may generate income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make.



How To Start An Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business Without A Website

In this short video, I will show you how to make money at home with Amazon affiliate without having your own website step by step.

Amazon Affiliate marketing is just one of the best ways to make money on the internet. Affiliate Marketing is basically just promoting someone else’s products or services, and if someone buys it, you’ll get some commission from it. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program offers 5-10% for each product that you sell or promote. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the best company to start affiliate marketing with because it is very easy to use.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program link

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