Feeling Stuck? Change Gears!

Genuine spiritual practice is never about fixing ourselves because we are not broken. Its about becoming awake to who we really are, to the abundance of our True Nature, which includes even the parts of ourselves we label as "bad" – Ezra Bayda

As humans we have a propensity to focus on something in particular and lose sight of the whole picture. We tend to fixate on a problem and not be aware of the space around it. This is where our options for change exist.

When we are going around and around about something, we get stuck in a particular mental mode or gear, which can be very difficult to get out of.

Sometimes when we get stuck about a problem or situation and feel frustrated, we are either flooded with feelings and emotions and can not reason our way out, or we are trapped in analytic thinking, processing, reprocessing, and dissecting the experience over and over trying to reason our way into the future. If we are aware and able to recognize where we are caught, we can intentionally change gears to a more useful one.

When we turn on the analytical mode, and we can not figure something out with analytical thinking in a few moments- at least a few minutes- it is probably a good sign that we are in the wrong gear. Then a good practice is to switch over to "free-flowing" thinking and engagement of your feeling self. Its time to listen to your intuition, what is your heart telling you to do? What is your intuitive sense of what's best? Silence the mind and listen carefully!

On the other hand, when the opposite happens and we get accustomed in the "feelings and emotions" gear we dwell on events and experiences over and over, we go around and around in never ending circles of sheer emotional torture and pain that can turn into physical pain as well. What we need to do when this happens is to actually switch to the "analytical" gear, and ask ourselves: What are the facts of the situation? What is really bothering me? Try to step out of the situation and look at it with the eyes of the observer for a moment. We might need to turn our imagination off, because it often plays mental games with us.

The first step when we are stuck is to stop looking at a fixed point and see the whole picture. In other words, becoming aware and understanding where we are stuck and switch gears to a more useful one.
We are not bad or broken because we are stuck. We are just trapped in a particular gear or mental mode. Shift gears and experience the relief that comes form looking and thinking about your problem from a different perspective. Get unstuck and feel the bliss!

Source by Jimena Lerma

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