Fantasy Sports Drafting Etiquette

Nothing gets me fired up faster then the stooge who has no idea what he is doing during a fantasy league draft. I don’t care if its for football, baseball or basketball, there are some simple rules to follow.

1. Be prepared. If you are doing a live draft, have your homework done. Nothing turns a 2 hour fantasy draft into a 4 hour fantasy draft quicker than a few numbskulls who have no clue who to draft. Don’t let draft day be the first time you are seeing a players name and previous season stats.

2. Draft your own team. There have been drafts where guys let buddies draft for them. Not a good idea. Someone inevitably gets upset and calls foul. Besides, would a true sports general manager let their buddy make their draft selection for them?

3. Auto-draft leagues. If your fantasy league is using the auto-draft feature, take the time to pre-rank your players. This is your own team’s best interest and the best interest of everyone in your league. I have seen teams that do not pre-rank their draft order and they end up with 8 RB’s and 0 QB’s. They hold way to many RB’s and are left to beg for a QB. Trades then get questioned and dumping a bunch of RB’s into the waiver pool is a sure fire way to upset your league mates.

4. Take your time. Although I mentioned before that you do not want to be the slow poke who doubles the draft time, you also do not want to go to the other extreme of becoming the guy who drafts Steve Smith (NYG) instead of Steve Smith (CAR). While others in your league will just laugh at you, I do not want to see that happen, unless of course, you are an opponent in one of my leagues. Know who you are picking well before you hit the draft button, regardless if you can pronounce their name or not.

5. The cardinal sin in my eyes is the “he did not just draft him this early did he” domino effect. Every year it inevitably happens. One guy drafts a QB or SP way too early in the draft and everyone else starts to panic. Oh my, Johan Santana has just been taken off the board, I better get Jake Peavy now! Do not be the guy who mucks up the draft by taking players too early. On the same note, if someone in your league does do something foolish like take a guy too early, do not become part of the heard of buffalo heading for the cliff. The chain reaction is like a pile up on a foggy expressway. Do a little homework and research where players and positions typically go in fantasy drafts. You (and your league mates) will be glad you did.

Source by Bill Trevor