Facebook Affiliate Marketing: How to Copy Profitable Campaigns

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My buddy Keder Cormier reveals a Facebook affiliate marketing tip. Subscribe to his channel:

You can use this tactic to spy on WINNING affiliate campaigns currently running on Facebook. You can use this information to find profitable campaigns to model off of!

A big THANK YOU to Keder for revealing this powerful Facebook Affiliate Marketing Tip!

Subscribe to Keder’s channel now:

Also, let us know if you have any questions about making money on Facebook! We are happy to help.


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22 thoughts on “Facebook Affiliate Marketing: How to Copy Profitable Campaigns

  1. mr deadbeat can you help me….
    how to share amazon affiliate link on facebook..
    i make 3 ac and i use to post my affiliate link but facebook block my 3 ac can you help me

  2. awesome video, haven't checked your channel out in a while..have you lost weight?

    Maybe a silly question would this work with amazon links? have posted a couple using amazons link shortner and have had a number of clicks, tried posting an ad with the same method and FB got a bit miffed. many thanks!

  3. Doesn't Amazon now prohibit cloaking of Amazon affiliate links? ~~ This video was uploaded in September 2016, so the cloaking no-no may have been implemented after this video was made.

  4. Day 3 You excelled with this video and I did another post on one of my bigger sites 1500 words of pure gold oh yeah lol 🙂 come on deadbeats tell us what your doing?? Or is it just me and dan….:P 😛

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