Email Marketing Bangla Tutorial – What it is? – How Does Email Marketing Works?

Email Marketing Bangla Tutorial – What it is? Complete explain – How Does Email Marketing Works? and more information in Bangla.

Email marketing is an old marketing process. Company collect email through their entire marketing channel and send promotional email people who opted their email list.
Email marketing has some greater benefit. it makes email marketing more effective
Highly Targeted
Cost Effective
Test and Refine
Highly Converted

There are two main elements that are connected with email marketing. First optin form and second email marketing software. most popular email marketing software are as follows
Optin monoester and more

Growing Your Email List company doing Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, pay per click advertising to generate traffic to their website. When visitors visit their site they offer

An eBook
A cheat sheet of tips or resources
A white paper or case study
A free webinar
A free trial or sample
A free quote or consultation
A quiz or assessment
A coupon
and try to collect visitors email.

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  1. Vaiya aponer video taa deklam onek valo laglo,,ai video taa amader jonno onek Important and useful. Vaiya ami ai prothom aponer video taa deklam abong onek valo laglo,,, tai aponer Channel ti ami subscribe korlam aro sundor sudor notun video pawar protashay.

    NB : Vaiya kivabe #mailchimp a Account Create korbo,,,asa kori mailchimp niyea amader k sundor akta video upohar diben.

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  2. Bro.mailchimp এ মেইল সেন্ড করাক পর Hi fives হওয়ার মেইল সেন্ড না হয়ে ৷৷your account review issue উঠে ৷৷এরপরে আর কোন মেইল সেন্ড করতে পারি না ৷৷এর কোন সমাধান আছে?

  3. bro, suppose, software use Kore email gulu marketing complete korlam.ekhon payment method secured korar way ki ki ? othoba, kon site gulu payment 100%+
    secured er guaranteed hishebe approved/introduced?

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