Effortless Golf Swing [Old Pro vs. Young Pro]

Effortless Golf Swing

In this tip I take on my assistant in a long drive contest. The point is to show and old guy like me (51 years old) with an effortless golf swing can keep it up to a young pro (37 years old).

Hopefully, after you see this video it will give you incentive to make the switch from hitting hard with your arms to keep them relaxed and using your body as the power source in your swing.

The other thing to be aware of is that you have already experienced this swing. If you have ever hit that one shot 30-50 yards farther than any other shot and it felt effortless this is the swing I am talking about and the one I have been teaching for over 25 years now.

Doesn’t it make sense to learn that type of swing? After all it did hit the ball longer and it was effortless. Check out this tip and you will see it in action. Once you do make sure you sign up below and I will send you free samples of my book and video series that teaches you how to do it all of the time.

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32 thoughts on “Effortless Golf Swing [Old Pro vs. Young Pro]

  1. Another huge factor is spin. You need to get into a simulator or use a launch monitor. A lot of players dont understand that hitting it square vs hard is more important. Some guys are putting 4k plus rpm on their drives ballooning their shots. 2K-2500k usually results in a crusher and is created by a more "effortless" swing.

  2. Having some swing problems lately, took 6 months off cause the terrible Ohio winter, that made me forget how to hit the ball. Anyway my buddy recommended your video last night, so I watched a few and practice a little. Went out today and played good and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all like last couple rounds. One question I have now is on some short iron shots I over draw my irons way left of the target line. Is there any drills to prevent that? I normally hit a small draw when I play good. Thank you for saving my golf game!

  3. Nice distance- But a bit of a wide swath of accuracy. It appeared to be 15-30 yards apart- Try that 14 times and see what your FIR average is.

  4. Just started employing some of your methods a couple of weeks ago Paul – loving the results already! Still working out the kinks but after watching most of your videos it's all starting to come together. Keep up the good work and positivity.

    P.S. I wouldn't sweat the haters commenting on here – I'm sure they'll come around eventually

  5. Both your swings suck…teachin the golf swing using your body for 25yrs no wonder nobody is getting any better. It just pisses me off to no end that it's the same ol bullshit from people that think they can teach the golf swing, there's only one way to improve and it's with knowledge because knowledge is power. I've figured it out but like they say golf is a thinkin man's game so use your brain to figure out what knowledge you need to seek

  6. Good to know.. becoming a low handicap one needs to roll it and chip it, not just kill the tee ball.

  7. Well done Paul. I can see the effort made by Pete vs yours. Amazing!
    Does not matter how far you have got. Effortless is the key that weekend golfers want.

  8. Why did the one shot end up short and right? Because your body outraced the club face, or arms swung too slow in relationship to the body turn. So if your arms and hands already do the right thing, go ahead and think about your turn all you want. But syncing the arms and body is the point, not just turning your body.

  9. Good video Paul. I’ve incorporated many of the techniques you have taught over the years. By the way, if you ever play against any of these 25 handicap trolls I’d like to know so I can get my bets down.

  10. I think what you're preaching is quality of strike which trumps raw club head speed every time. Slowing down a little helps with balance and tempo and keeps me in the fairway which is a much better place to play from than the alternative. Ever wonder why Matsuyama pauses at the top?

  11. The classic “oh you killed it”/“I hit that ok” bit. Only beat by two yards and he killed it but you only hit ok lol. Always find that funny 👍🏻

  12. Interesting but doesn’t prove anything. No yardage given and who knows what yours and Pete’s normal driver distance is. A young Corey Pavin or David Toms is never going to out drive an old John Daly or Fred Couples.

  13. You not not old at 51! I wish I was that young again. Earlier this year I played a round of golf with a 72 year old man that carried his driver 235 yards. He was swinging with his body; exactly what you teach. This method also improves accuracy as well as distance. Your videos have helped me understand this difficult game more than any other instructor.

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