(Confession) How I REALLY Went from $.53 to $4,000/m w/ Affiliate Marketing

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In this video I talk about how it took me 3 WEEKS to make my first 53 CENTS as an affiliate marketer, and the change I made to scale it quickly to $4,000/m in online income.


46 thoughts on “(Confession) How I REALLY Went from $.53 to $4,000/m w/ Affiliate Marketing

  1. I was wondering. If an affiliate site is ranking in multiple countries, how do you make it so the amazon affiliate link goes to their correct country without needing separate links for each country.

  2. There are many ways of making money online but not all of them are legit. This is why I stick to what worked for me and still working. Visit LIVENETJOBS. COM to learn how you can start making $1500+ per week

  3. Ok after going through the deadbeat affiliate system over the last few days I have been putting what I have learnt into practice today . Did a lot of keyword research using long tail pro and wow that software is a real time saver. Found about 8 keywords that I'm going to target that meet my criteria. Have created 1 doodly video for one of the keywords. Created new youtube channel for this niche. Out sourced some articles for the site and got the affiliate offer all ready to go .

  4. Hi Dan, I'm just trying to purchase your deadbeat super affiliate system but I cant because there's some error…

    After I click "Check out with credit card", a new page opens with this written:

    "There was a problem processing the Vendor's payment.

    The Vendor has been notified of the problem.

    Please return you to the order form, then try a different payment option."

    Please help me, I'm very interested in your system.

  5. Great video. Reminds me on my first affiliate commission that took me 6 months. Hard to describe that feeling and excitement on the first commission when you realize that affiliate marketing is for real and works..

  6. Is the course the 17 dollar one? Or am I looking at the wrong super affiliate system on his website? Crazy if it is because i have seen course for affiliate marketing that are 400+. If that is the correct one i'm a click away from buying it lol. let me know please.

  7. Hi guys, I'm totally new to affiliate marketing and I'm just setting up a website at the moment… But I've a problem… I'm not a native english speaker and I don't think my articles will convince people to purchase products I'll be promoting. Do you recommend me to outsource the content or something else… improve my English to the point I'll be able to write good articles and reviews. Did anyone outsource the content in the beginning? Please let me know.

  8. Hi Dan How are you doing buddy?
    Just recently I have purchased your super affiliate program and I have question about your millionaire software that creates affiliate automatically. Do we still have to purchase hosting accounts and domain after purchasing this program or we dont have to?
    And once the affiliate commissions starts coming in how does one receives commisions ? Any paypal or payoneer options available? as I reside in India and dont how commission cheques will be delivered?

  9. Important Notice
    We are retiring the aStore feature on October 27, 2017. For more information. This is a masege i got from amazon today, when i finished registation for the affiliate program. Im from denmark, so im not sure if i have understod this right. Can we no longer be affiliates ore?? Hope someone knows????

  10. I took the $17 dead beat system, I didn't realize I had sufficient knowledge to do it… I want to thank you! Also well done on the format of the course btw. I'm going to figure it out and make some money. (Even if I fail, repeatedly, I'll learn more)

  11. Im still pushing to make my first sale. Ive made some money with amazon but not using the deadbeat system. Not quitting by any means but Im thinking im doing something wrong.

  12. My success started with ClickBank and I still like ClickBank the most! There are a lot of untapped niches people can't really see. You have to do a proper KW research though. I'm telling how I started making money in my last video. Decided to start sort of documenting my journey:) Money is awesome!

  13. You really should invest in a decent webcam for the videos, audio is solid but videos is lacking. You have the coin so just get one off of amazon through your won affiliate link.

  14. your my hero dan! just when i thought this wasnt for me ….but theres something about it that keepsme wanting to try..your always so so helpful ….it is just so tough as a beginner im in my skeptical stage stil … but your videos motivate me back up again wuvya πŸ™‚

  15. Are you kidding meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, My first site totally failed and made 0 money and now Im fighting to make the second site succesful. I feel like such a loser now lol

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