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I played golf at Lakewood Golf course with some friends. We were playing a Ryder cup style match. (fourball) Everyone plays their own ball, you take your team’s best score on the hole.
The teams were.

Tyler (high school Golfer, white pants) &
Brendon (me, red doogleg hat)

Justin (college golfer) &
David Rutkoski (TPI fitness trainer, multiple clients on PGA and LPGA tours)

I have been hitting the ball well at the range and I was eager to take it to the course. Big difference here was I actually did a proper warm up and hit half a bucket of balls and some lag putts.

This was shot with a new vlogging camera, let me know if you guys like it. I also got a much better tripod that doesn’t slip so it makes vlogging golf much easier.

check it out

In addition to me one of these guys goes to Monte Scheinblum for golf lessons, can you tell? Comment a guess below.

THANKS so much for watching!

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How To Hit Long Irons Better With A Simple Golf Drill

How To Hit Long Irons Better With A Simple Golf Drill With Golf Monthly top 25 coach, Alistair Davies.

How to play long irons better and rip them.

The golf swing does not vary that much through the bag.

What occurs is more of a change conceptually.

By golfers trying to lift the ball up in the air is one of the biggest errors we see by players of all levels.

So one of the most effective and simple tips to hit better long irons is to play it and imagine it the same as a 7 or 6 iron.

There are though some subtle set up and tactics required for crisp long iron shots, but as an important general rule, play your 3,4 and 5 iron the same as a 7.

I wager you are confident with the 7 iron… Most people are. It’s the common iron that golfers use when practicing and it’s a comfortable full swing with a solid ball strike.

Try this simple golf drill for better long iron play.

Placing a tee beg a club width after the ball will encouge a swing path that lets the sweetpot become a prime objective.

Ball position in under your left chest. Hands inside the left thigh, ever so slightly ahead of the ball.

The objective is to strike the ball and the tee peg that is set down the line, after the ball.

If you do not strike the tee peg and make it dissapear, it means you are not commiting thruogh the ball and extending an.

Commitment to the shot
7 Iron mentally and confidence
Positive attitude that you wills ee the shot sail long and high and straight
Don’t steer the golf shot.
Don’t try and lift the shot into the air.

Golf instruction as you know it is killing your golf game. It’s time for simple golf principles and no more b.s so you can play better golf.

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We help you increase swing speed, improve consistent golf swing and provide you great golf tips and practice drills to help you play better and effortless golf.

Golf fitness golf training and off the cuff mental strategies for golf performance and athletic thinking

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BirdieTrain – YouTube Exemption Part 4

►Part 4 continues with Rick Shiels in the lead but Peter Finch isn’t too far behind….. Andy Carter is though so he’s just enjoying the camera duties and a few golf shots!!!!!
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• Chipping
• Bunker play
• Putting including the skills of green reading, speed control and start direction
• Course management
• Pre-shot routine
• Mental skills
• Ability to play form various stances and lies

The key being to recognize the skills that when improved will yield the biggest reduction in score. You will also have a conversation about your golf goals, golfing history and time available to commit to your goals.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Derek’s approach to the improvement process and why having your own golf coach will be very different to having a swing teacher or sporadic one off golf lessons.

At the completion of the round you and Derek will together decide upon the skills that present the best opportunity for score reduction and will together design a Personal Improvement Plan that will guide you to your scoring goals.

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O’Connor Golf Course Vlog Portugal Part 2

O’Connor Golf Course Vlog Portugal Part 2. Me and My Golf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman are with Golf Breaks at Amendoiera Resort in Portugal playing the beautiful O’Connor course.

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GOLF DISTANCE LESSON | How to Hit Towering Long Drives!

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Should I Keep My Eyes On The Golf Ball When Hitting It?


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