3 Tips to Eliminate a Stuttering Problem – Stop Stuttering Forever and Learn to Talk Better Fast!

Learning how to talk right is something many people strive for. If you have a stuttering problem, you are especially going to want to learn to speak better and learn how to overcome your speech problem. What most people don’t know, and don’t take the time to understand is, an embarrassing stuttering problem can be treated if you take the right steps. here re a few tips to consider:

Stopping Stuttering – Tip 1: Understand Where Your Stuttering Condition Stems From:

Stumbling on your words is not something you are stuck with forever. A lot of this problem with messing up certain words deals with anxiety. Most people that have a speech impediment will tell you that it usually only occurs when you talk in front of several people or are nervous for some reason. If you can understand where your problem is beginning, it is much easier to help yourself end it!

Stopping Stuttering – Tip 2: Speaking Exercises To Help Train Your Mind

Although we speak using our mouth, everything you are saying actually comes from your brain. For this reason, someone that wants to stop their stuttering problem needs to train their mind in order to stop stumbling words so often. This is not easy without help, but simple speaking exercises when you are alone can really help in real life conversations. Reading paragraphs from books repetitively, or just reading often in general can really help you improve your speech. Tongue twisters are also a great way to help yourself stop stuttering faster.

Stopping Stuttering – Tip 3: Speech Classes Can Be Expensive

Since speech classes and speech therapy can be extremely pricey, there are other methods of getting the same information. One thing I recommend that is extremely cheap as well as effective for learning to talk better is to invest in a speech pathology guide. You can get a really great one if you look around and most of them are downloadable straight to your computer. Think of these a program you can do privately in the comfort of your own home in order to overcome stuttering!

Source by Chris Swanson

What Are the Top 6 Must Have, Most Popular Board Games?

Have you ever stopped in a toy store or gift shop to buy a present and been completely astounded by the aisles after aisles of board games piled up mountain high? With so many board games in existence, it is nearly impossible to find the perfect one with little time and cornered by the never-ending options. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best of the best; the top 6 board games that are must-haves for any household. If you have been on the constant search to find a board game that is fun and enticing, then our list of the Top 6 Must Have, Most Popular Board Games is the ultimate resource to quench you board game needs!

The Top 6 Must Have, Most Popular Board Games:

o Monopoly- I’m sure that there are probably less than 10 people in the world that haven’t ever heard of the classic board game, Monopoly. Monopoly is the classic game of real estate and the banker. Players of young and old try to race around the board, buying as many properties as they can and collecting fines from others that land on their claimed properties, all while trying to earn as much money as possible. The player who has earned the most money by the end of the game is declared the winner of that match of Monopoly, but with the game being so addictive that title is usually quickly challenged in hours of follow-up games and re-matches! Monopoly is the perfect game for all types of people and can be enjoyed by both young and older generations, with the help of many different versions of the game, including ‘Star Wars’ versions, popular cartoon versions, special animal versions, deluxe versions, and much, much more for more hours of Monopoly fun!

o The Game of Life- What game is better than one about your own life? The Game of Life is a game in which you travel around the board in a tiny plastic car on the main road of your life. You literally experience all the stages of life right at your kitchen table! Players are given a job and a salary and try to maintain a high fortune after being put through all the joys and troubles of life, such as having children and paying for their education. At the end of the game, each player is led to the retirement home of their choosing in order to count up all the money that they have accumulated throughout The Game of Life. The player who is the richest wins the game! This board game is perfect for any group of people, young or old, who would enjoy having a laugh out of what this board predicts will occur throughout their lives!

o Scrabble- Enjoy using the English language to create long, exotic words out of random letters and scoring points for it? If so, than this game is perfect for you! In Scrabble, players gather around a game board and basically create a crossword puzzle in front of their own eyes! Each player receives random wooden tiles with letters printed on them and must try to create words using their tiles and linking them to the words that other players have already laid out on the game board. Each letter that is on the tiles has a point value, and in the end, the player who received the largest total amount of points by using their tiles to create words is the winner of the game. Scrabble is an excellent game for adults or elders who are trying to improve their vocabulary, or just for children who are just learning the basics of the English language. Either way, Scrabble is an excellent Family Game Night choice!

o Clue- Do you have a niche for solving mysteries? Have you always been the one to know where Waldo was or to discover where in the world Carmen Sandiego was hiding before anyone else could even begin to fathom where she might be? If this sounds like you, then you are sure to fall in love with Clue, the board game. In this thrilling game, players travel around the rooms of a house on the board trying to collect clues to discover which one of their fellow players murdered a member of the household. A player must hurry around quickly before anyone else can discover it and proclaim the suspected murderer out loud. Those who participate in this game will find themselves intrigued by the dark secrets and truths that other players are keeping and will be excited to try to unravel those mysteries! This board game is the next best thing to a live murder mystery party!

o The Settlers of Catan- This game is a pretty new game in comparison to the above classics. First created in 1995, the game offers the power to build a civilization to the normal, everyday person! In The Settlers of Catan, players must try to build settlements, cities and roads to build up the island of Catan throughout the game. With each turn, the dice are rolled in order to determine what resources the island produces and the players use these resources to build up their civilizations even more and to earn victory points. The first player to earn 10 victory points wins the game. This is a phenomenal board game for those who are ‘Civilization’ and ‘Tycoon’ computer game addicts!

o Risk- Okay, so maybe you don’t want to fight for power over just a tiny island, like in The Settlers of Catan. Perhaps, you desire control over much more land, like the whole world? Satisfy this desire through playing the board game, Risk! In Risk, players compete in battles to win over areas of continents and ultimately try to conquer the world by defeating the troops of all the other players. In this game, players fight to the death and the last player to have surviving troops after killing all their fellow players’ troops wins the game. This board game is perfect for competitive spirits and will suffice if you have a lot of spare time on your hands; a good game with friends can potentially last several hours!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 6 Must Have, Most Popular Board Games! Hopefully this list will help you find the board game that is just right for your next friend or family gathering; good luck on your gaming ventures!

Source by Nicole Jacques

SEO Keyword Research Tips For Yoga Studio Businesses

SEO can be broken down into 2 main categories – on-page and off-page, also called on-site and off-site SEO. This article focuses on on-page SEO for a yoga business such as a yoga studio to improve a yoga business marketing campaign.

What is on-page SEO?

It’s researching and properly placing key search terms in each page of your website. Key search terms are also called keywords.

It’s critical that your yoga studio website use the very keywords that your prospective students will use to search for the yoga services they want. If your website is found by people who aren’t interested in your site, then you don’t have the optimal search terms.

Keyword research is a refining process. It’s never perfect; it’s a constant work in progress. You measure success by results. Results are the number of visitors to your website and the percentage of visitors who contact your yoga studio.

What are good keywords for a yoga business?

A good starting point for keyword research for a yoga studio is thinking of the required keywords in 2 categories:

  • Your location: your town, the nearest large city, surrounding towns, your county, your state, and any other commonly referred to geographic names in your area.
  • The yoga styles you teach: yin yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini, Bikram, etc.
  • General benefits: yoga, meditation, wellness, health, fitness, yogi, yoga teacher training, etc.

Keep in mind that the term “keyword” refers to a single work and phrases.

Where to research the best keywords?

Google AdWords is a free keyword research resource. I use it all the time. It’s simple, fast, and free. Be sure under “match type” at the top of the right column (in a search results page) to select the “exact” option for more precise results. The results will show you how many searches are performed for many related keywords and keyword phrases.

You want to try a variety of searches; some with your geographic terms, and some without. Don’t be discouraged if phrases with geographic terms have very few monthly searches (i.e. 50); if it shows a number that’s great. Remember that specific geographic search phrases (i.e. “Bellingham Yin Yoga”) with your yoga style will likely rank very well. That means those 50 searches in the future will list your site.

Where to place keywords in your site?

Your keywords, including phrases, must be placed the meta titles, headings, and used in the written content of a web page. Every page in your website is an optimization opportunity. Do not solely optimize your home page. For any yoga studio, you should be able to create a list of 50 to 100 keywords / phrases.

Here’s the thing, each web page in your site should have no more than 2 to 3 keywords. 1 if your keyword phrase is 5 or more words. This means you must methodically plan out on which pages you will place which keyword phrases.

Now you can see why a blog is so valuable; you can create as many new posts as you want and each post can be optimized for a new keyword phrase. Take for example a 15 page website with a blog that has 50 posts. This site has a total of 65 web pages. If each page (a post is a page) has 2 keyword phrases, that site is optimized for 130 keyword phrases. Without the blog, the site could only be optimized for 30 keyword phrases.

That is an overview of on-page, aka on-site SEO for a yoga business. Remember, on-page SEO is only part of the SEO equation; off-page SEO is equally, if not more important than on-page SEO for building tons of quality traffic to your site and blog.

Source by Daniel Rushmore

Top 10 Ways to Clean Up, Organize & Save Space On Your Hard Drive

If your computer is running slower these days, or freezes up when you have too many programs running, you might need to reorganize your hard drive. Even if your computer runs smoothly right now, it is still beneficial to know all of the space saving techniques that you can use to make sure your computer is clean, easy to navigate and in it’s best possible condition. Before you begin, take a look at the current disk space you are utilizing and how much free disk space you have available.

Go to “My Computer”

(PC Users) Right click on “C Drive”

Go to “Properties”

In the General tab, it should give you pie chart and information regarding the amount of free space currently available on your hard drive. If your free space is less than your used space, it is important that you make sure you are maximizing your computer’s performance by cleaning up your disk. Here is a list of ten ways to clean up, organize and save space on your computer’s hard drive.

1. Save space on your hard drive: Disk Clean Up

In the “Properties” dialogue box that you checked out by right clicking your “C Drive” folder, again, go to the “General Tab.” Click on “Disk Cleanup.” After this function has scanned your computer for available space, it will present you with another dialogue box. Here, you can view the files that are currently available to be deleted without causing problems on your system. These types of files include: Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin and can even compress your older files. You can click on each item, and view a brief description of what their purpose and reason is for being on your system. If it says, “You can safely delete these files” definitely check mark these items. The other items you will have to use severe discretion, as once they are deleted they will not be available again. After check marking the files you want to delete, click on “Clean up.”

2. Save space and organize your hard drive: Defrag your Computer

In the “Properties” dialogue box that you checked out by right clicking your “C Drive” folder, go to the “Tools” tab. Click on the “Defrag Now” button and your computer will analyze the space and information on your hard drive. After this, it will let you know if you need to defrag. If it recommends that you defrag, go ahead and do this. Nothing will be deleted, but your computer will maximize all the information it has on it by reorganizing the files.

3. Save space on your hard drive: Delete old or unused Program Files

Go to your control panel; Open up the folder entitled, “Add or Remove Programs.” Your computer might take a couple minutes to list your currently installed program files. Once it compiles the list, look through it and observe carefully the amount of space each program is taking up, how often you use each program, what company the program was downloaded from, and the name of the program. Do not delete any program that you aren’t aware of its use. It could possibly be a very important windows program that you aren’t aware is running to ensure proper computer functionality. But, if there are old, unused programs that you do not plan to use any longer, or do not need, go ahead and remove these programs.

4. Save space on your hard drive: Invest in an external hard drive

External hard drives are a great resource for anyone and everyone. They provide a great way of saving space on your computer by allowing you to transfer old, rarely used files that you may want to access later, onto another hard drive that will store them safely. Another great use for a hard drive is for back up purposes. An external hard drive will not get a virus, so by transferring important files onto it; you are guaranteeing a safe back up of all your documents.

5. Save Space on your hard drive: Zip it up!

Zipping up your files is basically a way of compressing your files into very, very small files, while keeping them easily accessible if you ever need them. There are many ways to do this, but the most common and easy way is to use a program like “WinZip.” You can get a free version of this program at:

Winzip Archive Utility

It advertises as a free trial, but, between you and me, you never really have to purchase the full version. The evaluation version will work fine.

Good files to zip up are documents and files that are important, but you do not need to access very often. If you need these files at least once a month, don’t archive them, because it will become a hassle trying to open them back up all the time. Take the files you don’t need to use all the time, zip them up into pertinent folders, and delete the originals. Anytime you need to use the files, simply unzip the contents of the folders and enjoy!

6. Save Space on your hard drive: Save onto Data Disks

Saving files onto data disks is not the ideal scenario, as you can’t really fit all that much onto them, and they cost money. But, if you first zip the files up that you’re going to transfer onto the data disks, then you will be able to fit more information onto them. After that, you can go back and delete all the files from your computer. Personally, if you’re going to purchase data disks, and go through the trouble of transferring files onto them, it would be better to invest into an external hard drive. They will hold more information and be easier to work with.

7. Save Space on your hard drive: Music Files

Music files take up a ridiculous amount of space on your computer. By transferring these files onto an external drive, zipping them up, or burning them all onto data disks you will free up an exorbitant amount of space.

8. Organize your Hard Drive: Delete Files from your Desk Top

Having too many files on the desk top of your computer can feel cluttered and obtrusive. If you work on the computer, or use it for any time at all, you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside by deleting or moving the files from your desktop and putting them into files within your “My Documents” “Pictures” or other directories within your computer. It will also help you to access the files more intuitively and stay organized.

9. Organize your Hard Drive: Book Marks

This isn’t necessarily related to your hard drive, but it is refreshing to have a nice set of organized, well titled and descriptive bookmarks in the browser that you prefer. Open up your book marks, and properly title, organize in folders, delete unused links and view all your book marks. This will also take some time, but will probably save you time in the long run, by finding the sites you need right away and with ease.

10. Organize your Hard Drive: Delete, Rename and Organize your Folders

On your computer, the top tier of folder should be: My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, Program Files, Temp, and Windows (or whatever operating system name or designation is here.) There may be some others depending upon what you have downloaded onto your system, like PHP, APACHE or others. Under these folders, you should do your best to organize, delete, rename and prioritize your files so that you can access them as easily as possible, and as intuitively as possible. It may take some time, but it end up saving you time in the long run; instead of searching through your whole computer for a file or folder, you’ll know exactly where it’s at. Also, by doing this, you might find folders and/or files that you can safely delete. DO NOT delete any files or folders within your windows or other operating system directory. In fact, don’t even go in that folder unless you are an experienced operating system professional.

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How to Restore Deleted Files From USB Drives

If you have deleted a very important file, you are left wondering how to restore deleted files from USB. USB hard drives can be a very useful addition to any computer; However, when you look on the device and see it is empty, this can be scary, especially when you know there was data there and you need it now.

After discovery that you can not locate the files, you may try searching your computer to see if at any time the files were saved on your computer. If you can not locate them, still, you might need to use a data software recovery program. Files do not disappear, but they can be moved, renamed or deleted by mistake.

What can a data recovery software program do – will it restore deleted files from USB? If you data is inaccessible because you can not see it, the use of a data recovery software program will not only help you to find, but also restore deleted files from USB. Sometimes data is corrupted but this does not always mean it can not be accessed, you just can not see it or locate it.

The data recovery software program is specifically designed to locate your files and restore them so that you can once again access them. When it is very important that you find and restore the files, this program will be the best thing you can use to help retrieve and recover the data.

Deleted files are always there, you need to find them and recover them before they become covered up in an area of ​​useable space. Do not save anything more to your USB external drive. Files are typically stripped of their extensions, making them unidentifiable, but using a data recovery software program that takes the worry out of trying to locate them. You will only have one opportunity to restore your files, so get the correct program and do it right.

Source by Lewis Waller

How To Be Sane In An Insane World

Are you happy? Are you happy every day? Do you wake up happy? Do you go to sleep happy? My answers to all four questions are: YES! I do not want to go to sleep at night because I am enjoying life so much that I just want to stay up and continue being happy. I've fallen asleep on the couch more nights than I care to admit, as I tried to stay awake. I realize I'm in the minority here and this is not how it is for most people. I started to think about how I live my life and came up with the following list of things that keep me "sane in an insane world".

Workout: I started working out in high school and will be doing it for the rest of my life. The gym is my second home. The endorphin high relieves stress and alters negative states of mind. Exercise tells your cells that they should grow instead of deceay. If you do not make time for exercise, you must actually make time for illness.

Diet: How and what we eat affects our bodies (both inside and out), energy and mood. It's important to stick to a healthy diet most of the time and "cheat" only once in a while. I am currently within 3 pounds of my high school weight and plan to be in that range for the rest of my life.

Meditation: Once you experience the benefits of meditation, you will not be able to live without it. You will actually crave it. You become more intuitive and are able to remain calm in stressful situations. If I do not get a chance to meditate, I'm not as peaceful and grounded as I like to be.

Spiritual / religious foundation: Believing in a higher power gives us strength in both good times and bad. It grounds us when we have been coming from our ego and reminds us that we are spirits in a material world. My weekly Buddhist class always brings me back down to earth if I start to get to take myself too seriously.

Sleep: Most people need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Your body needs to renew itself at night. If you regularly have trouble sleeping, do the things on this list and you'll find that you'll be able to fall sleep easier.

A Passion: I love, love, love my weekly, Latin dance class. I would not miss it for the world. I'm in a childlike state the entire class – joking around and laughing. You have to have something to look forward to every week that makes your spirit sing. Find your passion.

Music: When you start to take life too seriously, you can change your mood instantly by listening to music that moves you. If you're feeling down, play something upbeat. I usually have relaxing music playing in the background at home – it instantly changes the whole vibe.

Reading: Just like your body, you need to feed your mind. You become more attractive when you are well read and can carry on an interesting, intelligent conversation. I am addicted to reading and as a result, can talk to anyone about almost anything.

Meaningful Conversations: I have a ton of friends but I'm lucky to have 3 great friends who I can talk to about anything and they listen actively and give me honest, intelligent feedback. We all need someone to talk to – it's a lot less expensive than therapy.

Pampering: Life is about balance. You need to take care of the body, mind and soul equally. When you feel stressed out, pamper yourself. Sometimes a luxurious bubble bath with music and candles is all you need.

Massage: This is usually viewed as a luxury, but I believe it is a necessity. The benefits of massage range from improved immune system to improved joint flexibility and everything in between. If you can not afford to do it on a regular basis, go to a massage school where the rates are much lower.

Love: Love is all around you. It can come from anywhere – a romantic partner, a parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, pet or nature. Be as open to giving it as you are to receiving it.

Source by Lucia Demasi

Got My Term Life, Better Never Have to Use It

Ok, our term life insurance policy is here. I am pretty sure I have the peace of mind I was supposedly to have from finally having life insurance. It is a little early to tell. All I know is I better never have to use it!

We set out to get a term insurance policy for the sake of our unborn child. It will be our first and we found out it will be a boy. So he now has this financial safety net in case the worst should happen to his dad. I have not quit my job just yet but the plan is that I will give up working to stay at home and raise our son. The plan at this point is to have two or three children. Having a larger family than that has not been ruled out but we will see how it goes along the way first. Children seemed to bring out the financially responsible people in my husband and me. I do not think either of us gave life insurance a thought until I got pregnant and then it all of a sudden seemed like something we had to do.

So it is a little early to report how much better I sleep but I am glad we have the policy. It was pretty simple to get after all. I ended up going online and getting term life insurance quotes from lots of insurance companies, compared the best term life rates and bought the cheapest 30 year term policy. Term insurance does not provide any cash value at any point and you can not borrow against it like you can whole life. But it is the lowest monthly payment of any type of life insurance and both payment and payout remaining the same for the life of the policy term. Of course I will not ever personally find out about the payout part.

Source by Jill Pace

Are Movies Better Than Books?

We love movies. We love them so much we line up to pay high prices for movies that aren’t very good. Movies with above average entertainment make headlines for revenue generation. When seeking an answer to a question, one can often find the truth by following the money which in this case implies movies are better than books considering the great deal of money spent on them.

Of course popularity does not often equal quality. Yes, I know; a blasphemous statement in the eyes of the Hollywood elite. To be fair there have been a few high quality movies that were hugely popular. Perhaps you are recalling some of those titles right now. But what about great books? Not those “classics of literature” you were forced to report on in school. The great books today that fly off the shelves or strain bandwidth from downloads. If you are watching the movie and skipping the book, what are you missing?

It’s a favorite argument among book readers; was the movie better than the book? More often than not the most credit readers will give is; “was the movie equal to the book?”

If your idea of reading goes no further than a cereal box or tag line on a television sitcom, perhaps this is not a subject that interests you. If you are an avid reader like me then likely you are already formulating opinions about past books that became movies.

Movies can capture our imaginations, especially if they have great acting and even better directors. Can anything replace our own vast imagination? Certainly not. But books do a great job of letting our imagination wander as we interpret what the author is trying to impart to us. The really great books do something that no other form of entertainment can accomplish; allow us to lose ourselves for hours in a form of pure escape from reality. Perhaps a great movie provides the same for some, but surely not for the length and depth that a great novel can accomplish.

Hollywood has tried, and will continue to do their very best to capture the emotions of a great story. But their task in my opinion is as near to impossible as attaining life on Mars in the next decade. It is often said that imitation is the best form of flattery. Hollywood puts forth immense resources to imitate the entertainment which a book brings. That is perhaps evidence enough how much better a great book is compared to even the best movie.

Source by Gerald Caldwell

Tips for Playing Disc Golf

Disc golf can be a winning sport, combining all of the fun of disc toss with the scoring and strategy of golf. Load up the disc bag and keep these tips in mind on the next trip out to the course.

Stretch it Out

Disc golf is a real sport, even if it does not involve all of the running of baseball, the contact action of football, or the vicious physical involvement of soccer. It can still be very taxing, physically speaking, for those who do not stretch out before each game. Always be sure to get a good stretch in beforehand to avoid injury and soreness later on.

Pack the Disc Bag up with Plenty of Bottled Water

A few bottles of water in the disc bag is not a bad idea. It's easy to get dehydrated when walking the course and the physical activity of tossing will only make players thirstier. Stay hydrated, especially during times of physical stress.

Use Brightly Colored Discs

It's easy to lose them in trees and on the field. Make sure that they're brightly colored so that they're easier to spot. It's best if the color is the opposite of the general color of the course. For instance, use red on a course with a lot of trees and grass, but green when playing on sandy terrain. Generally speaking, the color should clash with the most common color found on the course.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Some people like to play in flip-flops. That's great on the beach. When playing in a park with a lot of trees and bushes or brush, it's a good idea to wear some closed-toe shoes so as to make it easier to walk through the cracks and tall grass to retrieve a lost game piece. That's going to happen occasionally, as the slightest breeze can knock the most perfect throw off course and into the greenery.

Pack a Light Lunch

Pack a lunch and make sure it's light. It's easy to take a break and go get some fast-food, but that weighs players down and makes it hard to want to continue the game. Packing a light tuna sandwich or a salad is a good way to keep from getting hungry out on the course without having to weigh oneself down with a heavy stomach and extra calories that will take all day to properly digest.

Frolf is fun, but take the proper precautions and remember that it is a real sport. Prepare for an outing with proper attire, food, water and equipment.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords

USA Racquetball

Racquetball is a game for all ages and all skill levels. Whether you are just beginning or have been playing for a long time, there are places to play and tournaments to compete in. Most tournaments consist of a professional division and then various amateur divisions, ranging from skill level A to D. There are also age divisions for amateurs like under 24 or 40 to 50. Racquetball is a sport with little costs. Besides for a racquet, balls, and safety goggles, you do not need much- just a wall. There are outdoor courts and indoor courts. Outdoor courts only have a front wall, whereas indoor courts are surrounded by walls. Racquetball does not require strict technique. It is similar to tennis, but it’s much more of a reactive swing. There is not a specific stroke that is necessary in racquetball. The goal is to place the ball in spots that make it tough for the other player to return, like the corners of the court, or to hit the ball low enough on the front wall that it bounces twice before the other player can hit it. It does not matter how a player hits it there. Certain techniques have proven effective but not necessary. A perfect shot is called a rollout, where the ball is hit so low to the ground off the front wall that it literally rolls out away from the wall. The rules are simple. A player must hit the ball into the front wall first without letting the ball bounce twice before hitting it. The players switch off hitting it until the point is won. Winners of the previous point serve, and points can only be scored while serving. Typical games are played to 15, win by two. Racquetball is a simple game where players often improve rapidly.

To improve at racquetball, a player needs to learn many different shots and serves because every player is different and plays with a slightly different style. In order to win points in racquetball, players need to either hit it to where the other player is not or make the other player make a mistake. This can be done by hitting it to that player’s weakness. Many beginning players are worse at their backhand than forehand, and as a result, players should hit it to their opponent’s backhand as often as possible. As player’s get more advanced, their backhands are not as vulnerable and can even become a strength. Instead, shots that get stuck against the wall and shots that die in the corners become their weaknesses. Some player’s are bad at balls that bounce above their heads, and as a result, ceiling shots would be helpful in hitting it to their weakness. Similarly, certain serves work better against some players and not as well against others. Either way, its best to learn as many different shots and serves as possible to be able to constantly switch it up and keep the other player guessing. Any hesitation by the opponent can result in a mishit or a poorly placed shot. It’s also helpful to have other options if certain shots are not working against an opponent. Some good examples of varying serves are a low, hard hit serve that will bounce twice before reaching the back wall, a soft serve that hugs the side wall or dies in the corner, and a shot that hits the front wall then the side wall and bounces around unpredictably near the opposite corner.

Source by Patrick S. Joseph

How Can I Make My Penis Bigger – Proven Techniques to Enlarge Your Penis

How can I make my penis bigger? Are there proven techniques to enlarge your penis? These are a sample of two questions I received recently from a lot of well-meaning men. So, I decided to embark on a study and in the process I began to make experiment on my own penis.

Interestingly, the simplest and most effective technique to enlarge your penis is not through pills, penis enlargement surgery, weight, penis extender and pumps, but it involves a simple penis enlargement exercise where you use your two hands to enlarge the Corpora Cavernosa which are blood holding chambers to make it hold more blood resulting in massive growth in your manhood both in length and thickness.

To do this exercise, you will have to get your penis to a semi-erect state, apply some massage oil, and grip it firmly by the base with the thumb and forefinger of your hands forming the OK sign. Gradually move your hand from the base to the head or tip, pushing as much blood into your penis. Repeat this step for a count of 50.

Another proven technique you can use to your advantage to make your penis bigger is the ballooning technique. To successfully perform this technique, you will first learn how to prolong your ejaculation during sexual activity by as much as 5 times longer. The additional benefit you will get from this is that you will become a much better lover.

This is how to do the penis ballooning technique. With your penis erect, begin massaging the shaft, base, groins, and scrotum to increase the flow of blood, until you feel like ejaculating. You must hold back ejaculation at this point. By holding back ejaculation, your body will begin to release and accelerate the production of testosterone. Continue the process and ensure you never ejaculate.

If you continue to practice this technique on a daily basis, you will cause massive growth in the corpora cavernosa of your penis. Wise men who practiced ballooning constantly have achieved gains from 1 to 4 inches. This technique requires consistent practice, but the rewards are remarkable!

The huge benefits of making your penis bigger include the following; you will be able to cure impotence simply by increasing proper blood circulation; strengthen your erections, overcome premature ejaculation; develop powerful ejaculations, lengthen and intensify your orgasms; straighten the curvature of your penis; develop a much bigger head (the shape of a mushroom); discover the amazing sex secrets of your PC muscle; keep a much harder and longer erection; Increase your partner’s sexual pleasure and enjoy a healthy sex life.

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My Husband’s Constant Criticism Of Me Is Negatively Affecting My Marriage: Tips That Might Help

I sometimes hear from wives who feel constantly criticized and berated by their husbands. Many tell me that this behavior is nearly constant and shows no signs of letting up. One wife recently told me, in part: “my husband is constantly criticizing me. He complains about my weight, my appearance, my intelligence, my parenting, my family, how I handle my job, my sexual skills, and a slew of other things. Sometimes, he does this in a very passive aggressive way. He won’t come out and call me stupid, lazy, or inadequate but he sure does imply it. He hardly ever compliments me or has anything nice to say where I’m concerned. I’m so tired of this. It’s really affecting my marriage because I almost can’t stand to be around him anymore and I always feel defensive because I always feel attacked. I never want to have sex with him as the result of this. And then of course, then he’s critical of our sex life. What can I do?”

I will share some of the tips and suggestions that I gave to this wife in the following article.

Don’t Let The Criticism Go Without A Response. Don’t Ignore It, But Acknowledge It In A Thoughtful Way: The wife had taken to ignoring her husband’s remarks or saying something just as cutting right back. The reason was that no matter what she did or did, the criticism never stopped. Because of this, she had just sort of given up and harbored resentment.

But, if you don’t confront this issue, the criticism is only going to continue. And the wife admitted that ignoring her husband often made him more angry and even more critical. He wasn’t getting the response he wanted so he felt the need to ramp up his attempts to get a rise out of her.

I suggested that the next time the husband began his critical comments, the wife might calmly say something thing like: “Listen, we need to talk about something. When you talk to me with this tone, it really hurts me. It makes me feel badly about myself and it makes me feel defensive and badly toward you. This doesn’t do anything to help us or to improve what you are complaining about at the time. Can we talk about why you’re attacking me this way? If there’s something that you’re not happy about, then I’m certainly willing to discuss it with you, but I can’t sit here and allow you to talk to me that way. I can’t let this continue to happen. I’ll always be willing to have a conversation about how we both might be happier in our marriage, but I can’t tolerate the personal attacks. I’m going to cool off for a while, but after we’ve both calmed down, let’s talk about this. I think we will both get a better response if we focus on the positive rather than the negative.”

In my opinion and experience, trying to call him on the criticism in a constructive way is better than ignoring it and allowing it to continue. Nothing gets resolved this way and the resentment and anger build. It’s always better to attempt to change something for the positive than to remain silent while continuing to be unhappy or hurt. Now, if the criticism gives rise to physical harm, then that is an entirely different story.

Try To Determine The REAL Source Of His Criticism. Why Is He Using Negative Comments To Get Your Attention?: Please understand that by my asking you this question, in no way am I implying that any of this is your fault. It most certainly isn’t. But it can be to your benefit to dig a little deeper here. Because often, his nasty comments aren’t directly reflective of what he’s criticizing you about. In other words, sometimes the comments don’t have ANYTHING to do with you at all.

Sometimes, he keeps repeating the same words, comments, and behaviors because he is still trying to get some reaction or change that he has been able to accomplish in any other way. Other times, his words have more to do with his own insecurities and unhappiness than they have to do with you. It’s also possible that he has seen his family relate to one another in a similar way and he’s acting on the examples that he has seen. Finally, many men react to stress by lashing out at the people closest to them. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s common.

Whatever the reason, if you can see past his words and figure out what he is really trying to accomplish, you can sometimes change or even break the cycle. For example, some men in this situation will tell me that the only way they know to get a rise out of their wife and get her attention is to say something that stops her in her tracks. In his mind, he’s trying to get her to pay attention to him but he doesn’t know how, so he will resort to whatever he knows works. This isn’t an excuse for his behavior but this is sometimes part of his thought process.

That’s why it can really help to determine why he feels the need to resort the negative to get a reaction. That way, you can attempt to change things so that the comments are no longer necessary. This doesn’t mean you have to cater to him when he’s being a jerk, but digging a little deeper will sometimes mean you won’t have to deal with this anymore.

If You Can, Try To Eventually Use This As An Opening To Improved Communication Rather Than As A Catalyst For The Deterioration Of Your Marriage: I was concerned for this wife because it was clear that she was really at the end of her rope. She was ready to check out of the marriage because she was tired of constantly dealing with nasty attacks on her character. I hope that before she gave up, she would at least try to address this very directly with her husband, try to see what was behind his behavior, and then try to rebuild their communication style into something that was much more healthy.

Because responding to his negativity in kind was only going to make things worse and make them feel further alienated from one another which was likely to make the communications worse. By no means do I think that anyone should stay in a hurtful marriage, but I have seen many situations such as this one turn around with a little care, a little digging, and improved communication.

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How to Give Her Thigh-Shaking Orgasms (Tonight!)

Do you want to make your woman explode with orgasmic delight? Well, to be honest I am a little frustrated at how many men are completely clueless in the bedroom. They seem to think their ability to please women lies in the size of their penis. This is absolutely not true. Instead, it just takes a little effort to learn some proven methods – but most guys hate putting in that effort!

How to Give Her Thigh-Shaking Orgasms (Tonight!)

Stack Her Orgasms

This should be the corner stone of every man’s routine in the bedroom. What this does is get a woman to the point where she experiences a blended orgasm (an orgasm which originated from the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously) every 5-10 minutes. In other words, if this is done right, you’ll be able to give her as many orgasms as you want during sex – or until she passes out from all the pleasure!

Missionary with a Twist

When it comes to sex positions, this is probably my favorite. Get in the normal missionary position and then put her legs over your shoulders. Simply elevate her bottom off of the bed, and give her slow and powerful thrusts. What this elevation does is ensure you hit the g-spot each time. Try it out and I can guarantee she won’t be able to get enough!

Longer is Better

If you are going to stack her orgasms, then you’ll probably launch to the top of her list of lovers. But what will keep you up there is your sexual stamina. Since she will be experiencing an amazing orgasm every 5-10 minutes, you will need to be able to last as long as she wants. For some women, a couple of these strong orgasms is enough, but other may want more than 4 or 5!

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Creative Writing: How Long Should Your Novel Be?

The length of a novel should depend on two things, and two things only:

1) It should be long enough to qualify as a novel; and

2) It should be just long enough to tell your story.

Too many authors try to stretch their novels into 200,000-word epics, only to bore their readers to tears. Others try to get the entire story over with in 50,000 words, leaving out valuable information. A novel should be just long enough to tell your story, but long enough so that all of the details are included.

Even the shortest novels, however, should be at least 50,000 words. Any shorter than that, and the novel becomes a novella. Anything less than 10,000 words is a short story. Although there really are no set “rules” for length of a manuscript, 50,0000-150,000 words is a safe bet. If your novel is more than 150,000 words, you might consider splitting it into two parts, creating a sequel.

That said, there are other factors which can influence the length of your novel. Pacing, characters and action are just a few, combined with the complexity of the subject matter. For example, in Tom Clancy’s novels, he has to explain the complicated military jargon as well as the construction of planes and tanks. Therefore, his novels are much longer than 150,000 words. The same could be said for Jurassic Park, which uses in-depth scientific explanations.

Some authors choose to outline their plots before they begin writing, and using this technique, they can usually tell how long their novel will be before they even sit down to write. I never use an outline – I prefer to wing it – so the length usually comes as a surprise to me once I’ve finished. I judge the pace of the novel as I write, and I go over it chapter-by-chapter to make sure that I’ve written each scene as concisely and briefly as possible while still delivering the full effect.

For beginning writers, your best bet is to just continue writing until you get a feel for length. Write short stories to practice telling a story in fewer words and work on condensing sentences into their purest form. It’s an art – that, I’ll admit – but once you have a sense of your own abilities as a writer, it will be second nature.

Source by Laura College

Buying Real Estate – There Has Never Been a Better Time

After the downturn in housing values ​​and sales last year, figures have shown that New Zealand house values ​​have risen over one percent in the last twelve months, according to QV Valuations. An optimistic future is predicted for 2010, with the early months of January and February anticipated to experience increased activity in housing sales, leading to a more balanced marketplace. Consumer confidence is matching the market trends, with the November ASB confidence survey which showed that New Zealanders' are increasingly optimistic about the housing market with the major of respondents indicating that now was a good time to buy a house.

With the popularity of online auction sites such as Trademe, the appeal of listing and purchasing your property independently seems to be on the rise. However, statistics illustrate that there are many benefits to using a reputable real estate agent when buying and selling. Buying real estate is one of the most important decisions that individuals and families will make in their lifetimes, and all care and due diligence should be taken when going through the complex process, which can involve many legal loopholes.

An accredited and experienced realtor will be able to assist with the whole process, from setting a price to negotiating and closing the sale. As realtors are aware of the market trends in housing, along with recent sales that may have occurred in the area of ​​interest, they will be able to advise you on a suitable and fair price for the property, avoiding any costly agreements that may be overpriced . Additionally, the knowledge of the neighborhood can provide important information to base your decision upon, including noise levels, shopping, demographics and schooling.

With a purchase of this scale, agents have injected some much needed objectivity into the process, providing an unemotional view of the home, highlighting the potential drawbacks and flaws of a home, something an owner has little incentive to do. Agents possess the skills required to draft contracts, with the knowledge of what information must be included in the documents, including any stipulations that should be made on the contract.

The process of negotiation can be time consuming and stressful. With associated skills in the art of selling agents, agents can effectively and efficiently accept or modify an offer or counter-offer. Once the offer has been accepted, many real estate professionals will also be able to provide advice on inspection, finance, title searches, real estate attorneys and ensure that any stipulations in the contract are fulfilled before the purchase and possession is complete.

There is no doubt that rising consumer optimism coupled with increasing sales figures in New Zealand will result in increasing demand for real estate in 2010 and beyond. As one of the largest decisions of your life, ensure that you utilize the services of a professional real estate agency to get the best value for money in the market, while providing sound advice and support through the whole process.

Source by Treena Drinnan

Helping Children to Comprehend Faster For Better School Achievements

Helping your children to comprehend faster will assist them in succeeding with their school work. By becoming more involved with your child’s reading abilities, you can ensure that they do not fall behind in class. Children don’t enjoy reading if they struggle with comprehension, therefore it is best if they learn to comprehend faster from the youngest age possible.

There is no need to wait until the child is reading at a very efficient level before starting to work on comprehension techniques. Learning to read and comprehend should be taught together so that they can work together. Besides, children may get bored with reading if it has no meaning for them. When the child first learns to read a story and enjoy it, it is a major step in his life and everything possible should be done to encourage this initial fascination with reading.

Basic comprehension techniques can help children of all ages to comprehend faster. One of the best ways to improve this skill is to try and increase the child’s vocabulary. If a child has a very limited vocabulary, he/she will find most reading difficult, as words are constantly found within the reading that are not understood. When children find a word that they are unfamiliar with, (in reading), they will first try to sound it out. If they don’t know the word at all, sounding it out won’t help. If they do know the word, it will be recognized as soon as it is spoken.

To help increase their vocabulary, try to think up a couple of new words everyday, of which you think your child does not know the meaning. Use them in a sentence when speaking to your child and watch their reaction. They may ask you what it means, or you may have to find out if they understood what you said. Explain the meaning of the word and then have your child make up his own sentence including the new word to make sure that he has understood. Having a good vocabulary will enable your child to comprehend faster when reading.

Try to determine, now and then, how much of the text your child is really taking in. Allow them to read a section of the writing. Then ask some questions. The length of the reading and difficulty of the questions will depend on the age of the child and his/her current reading ability. Start with some general questions, and if they are answered well, move on to more detailed questions. Let your child read the section only once and not look at the reading when answering. Don’t let your child know that you will be testing him/her. It may cause the child to stress and try to read with extra caution. Do the testing randomly in a fun and casual manner.

Your child will be able to comprehend faster if he/she is encouraged to read more often. Consider dedicating 15 – 30 minutes each day for family reading time. Everyone in the family can sit together and silently read something they enjoy. Your child is more likely to take an interest in reading if they see you doing the same.

Being able to eventually speed read and comprehend faster will give your child a real advantage in school. Around the age of 12, children often pick up the skills of speed reading very easily. It is never too early to get involved with and improve your child’s reading abilities.

Source by James McNair

Tips on Purchasing Golf Cart Lights

How do you buy golf cart lights? Lights are necessary for night driving and low light conditions. If you are a resident of an elderly community, a golf cart is a regular sight. You should know how to obtain certain spare parts so that you can fix it up yourself without any help.

Browse the internet for an agency that trades golf cart spares. It is a pretty good resource for easily finding information. After finding them, the lights appropriate your golf cart may be searched. The prices at about six stores must be obtained to get an idea about the price. Online shipping may have discounts available. Ensure the security in the sites.

An online search can reveal the golf cart parts shops in your locality. You can find a closer one if you live in elderly community. After locating a shop, you can call them to check if they have the lights appropriate for your vehicle.

Visit the shops and see if there are the lights available. It will be better if you take the cart to the store or take the light previously used. Then you can be sure it is the correct part.

Sites holding online auctions can also help in finding lights for your carts. Make sure to compare the cost of the light with the prices in other sources. Getting feedback from sellers is also a good idea. Shipping charges should also watch out for else you may end up paying high shipping charges.

After finding out the sources for buying, a decision is to be made from where to buy the lights. Buy one that is of high quality, good convenience, and a decent price. Credit cards may be used to get the required cart lights.

Install the lights and ensure proper fit and working. Use lights while driving the cart at night to lead the way correctly. The correct light for your cart has been found.

Source by Mark Dayne

Top 3 NATURAL Supplements To Grow A Bigger Penis Size (NOT Enhancement Pills!)

You want to grow a bigger penis size right? Yes? Okay, well you also want to make sure that you ACTUALLY grow bigger, right? Yes? Alright, now the last question: Do you want to grow bigger… without harming your health? Can I answer that for you?


What man in their right mind would want to use a method that has harmful ingredients in them that can cause all kinds of issues with their bodies… and then not even work effectively to increase their penis sizes?!

Of course, I’m talking about majority of these so called “enhancement pills” out here these days.

My friend, I could write 5,000 words and would barely scratch the surface on why enhancement pills are nowhere near enhancing any man’s size! But, the bottom line of these pills is that they contain ingredients in them that can slightly increase blood flow (it takes more than JUST more blood to get big), and these ingredients also come with a plethora of side-effects.

To truly grow a bigger manhood, everything, and I’m talking about EVERYTHING you do must be 100% natural. This is what us men are blindfolded to whenever we start looking into increase our sizes. Most of us don’t realize that you actually CAN grow bigger… but it’s only going to happen if the method is 100% natural.

Now, in just a little bit I’ll talk about the natural route I took that caused me to grow 2 inches in less than 8 weeks, but first I wanted to talk to you about supplements.

Supplements To Grow Bigger

You see, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on pills to maximize your size. You can take 100% all natural supplements that can help with enlarging your manhood.

Supplements can help you by doing exactly what those enhancement pills do… and that would be increasing blood circulation… NATURALLY. The better your blood flow throughout your body, the better your chances of getting a bigger penis, getting and maintaining a rock hard erection, lasting longer in bed, and more.

The top 3 natural supplements that I highly recommend are Turmeric, Ginger, and Cayenne Pepper. The good thing about those 3 supplements is that they can also be added to foods and drinks.

But it doesn’t stop there…

All 3 of those supplements will help your body in a TON of other ways as well. I’m talking about weight loss, fat loss, skin care, digestive health, improving your mood, and more!

Now, there is another reason enlargement pills aren’t effective, and also why you need more than just those supplements above in order to grow bigger…

It takes more than JUST improved blood flow to maximize your size…

How To Get HUGE…

To truly increase your penis size to something remarkable, you have to improve your blood circulation (which you can use those supplements above), and you have to do the following…

1.) You have to make your pubococcygeus muscle stronger. This is made possible with tensing routines. The stronger this muscle is, the better blood flow will enter in your penile shaft, the longer you’ll last with sex, and more.

2.) You have to enlarge your corpora cavernosa chambers (which are the 2 chambers that take in blood and form your erection). You can probably see the HUGE point right here… and the point is; what good is more blood flow if your penile chambers can’t hold more blood? See what I mean? This is why it’s also mandatory that you maximize the penile chambers that hold blood… along with increasing blood flow.

Enlarging your corpora caveronsa chambers are made possible with varying massaging routines.

3.) You have to elongate your suspensory ligament. This ligament controls how long your penis is. This is made possible with varying stretching routines.

Once you combine the prevention of inhibiting blood flow (such as smoking or eating too much processed foods), NATURALLY increasing blood flow (such as taking those supplements above), and doing natural routines on your manhood, not only are you virtually GUARANTEED a bigger penis size… this growth happens fast, natural, and you keep your new gains FOR LIFE.

Source by Anthony Sciuto