NFL Sports Merchandise – Personalized NFL Jersey

Football game is a popular game in the US and number of supporters doubly increases for each season.

With the growing number of fans and supporters illegally growing, NFL sports merchandise also increases leaps and bound.

We can see NFL sports merchandise like NFL key chains for drivers, NFL ashtray for smokers, and NFL laptops for tech gadget lovers. There is also NFL jackets, hats, replica jerseys and personalized NFL jersey.

With all the sports goodies mentioned, the last one is the most favorite among fans because it can create more statement than the others.

As you see, not all fans has wheels to drive, not all are smokers and some had already own a laptop so the best merchandise is something that you can actually wear when in the stadium or outside of it.

But although NFL jackets, hats and replica jersey are something that you can wear, nothing can still compare to the feeling of being proud with your personalized NFL jersey.

Personalized NFL jersey is a good investment because this is a good way to show your support to your team plus the fact that it can be personalized to your preference.

You can put your name or number that is special to you or can also be the number of your favorite player in the team.

But besides from adding personal touch to the jersey, personalizing it will really save you lots of money.

As we know players are being traded or sometimes there are involved in controversies that will be a problem.

For instance your favorite player is traded to another team? What will happen to the NFL replica or authentic jersey that you bought few months ago? It means you can not wear that NFL jersey again.

Another situation is what if the player who wears the jersey was involved in a scandal? Do you still want to wear the replica jersey of the one who had the scandal? Of course not, so what is the best thing to do?

Source by Cassaundra Flores

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Top 3 NHL Hockey Stadiums

I have been to a lot of hockey games in my life time and have been to a couple of NHL stadiums. I have been to the following stadiums: Columbus Blue Jackets, St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, and the Detroit Red Wings. All of these stadiums are really nice, but a few stand out.

Number Three: Chicago Blackhawks

-The Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Bulls play in the United Center. This arena is the largest arena I have been too. This stadium is massive. They have really good food and have a sports bar built into the stadium. The stadium has a lot of historical pieces on display so it makes it a cool place to go to. Outside they have statues of Michael Jordan and they have a statue for the old time hawks. This stadium has a great atmosphere and the fans are absolutely crazy about their team.

Number Two: Colorado Avalanche

The Pepsi Center is located in downtown Denver. The stadium is set up in a cool location. You can see the mountains in the background, which is really cool. The architecture of the building is cool too. The building has a good portion of the building made up of glass. Inside, the stadium is just as cool. They have a lot of different food choices. They have the largest variety of food I have ever seen in any other venue. It is somewhat a small stadium, but it is really cool. I would recommend to any hockey fan to go to at least one Avalanche game in their life time.

Number Three: Nashville Predators

-I just recently went to a Nashville Predators game and let me tell you it was awesome. I am not a Nashville Predators fan, but I love the city of Nashville and the stadium is sweet. The entrance of the building is made up of glass and is located in the heart of the city. The stadium is pretty big and is well kept. The stadium is located next to all of the bars. They have large variety of different types of food and they have a Dunkin Donuts in there. Are you kidding me, a Dunkin Donuts! The "Fan Zone" is pretty cool too. Sometimes they give out free food and beverages to the fan zone. The only down side to this stadium is the fan base is not strong. After games, the city shuts down the streets next to the stadium and all of the fans crowd the bars. It is really something.

Source by Jordan E Anderson

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Ovechkin's Suspension Shows Inconsistency in NHL Punishments

By now we have all heard that Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals has been suspended 2 games for his hit on Brian Campbell. Was the hit really that bad? Ovechkin did push him late, but it was not a bone crushing hit by any means. I do not think that Ovechkin's hit warrants a 2 game suspension. Campbell hurt himself mainly due to the awkward fall and the speed and momentum with which he was skating.

I admit I am biased as a Capitals fan and would be angry if it had happened to one of our own players. Having said that, I do remember the wicked hit Chris Pronger put on Mike Green last year, which thread Green into the boards and left him with a shoulder injury through the entire plays. I do not think Colin Campbell, head NHL disciplinarian really knows what he is doing anymore. There is no consistency in the penalties and therefore referees and players do not know what is and is not allowed.

We can not say Ovechkin was suspended because he has prior troubles with the NHL. Tampa Bay player Steve Downie has a history. He was suspended 20 games in 2007, his rookie season, for a check to the head. He also had conduct problems in the AHL afterward. In 2009, he slashed an official and received a game misconduct and a 20 game suspension. Well this past Sunday, the same day as Ovechkin's hit, Downie took a dirty hit at Penguins star Sidney Crosby. Downie had no contact with Crosby until after Crosby passed the puck, and then proceeded to knock Crosby into the boards and take out Crosby's legs from behind him. Crosby passed the puck before center ice and Downie hit him near the blue line and fell with him well into Tampa territory. Luckily Crosby was okay. But what did Downie get? A trivial 2 minute penalty and a fine. No suspension. Everyone who knows me or has read this blog knows I hate Crosby. So I would be one of the last to speak up for him. But I do not want him to get hurt and I can see this was a dirty hit.

Another prime example of the inconsistency with the League's discipline is the hit that Matt Cooke had on Marc Savard. On March 7th, Cooke hit Savard high at his head and Savard went down with a "serious concussion." Savard had to be carted off on a stretcher and it looks like he may miss the rest of the season. Cooke also has a recent history of dirty hits. He was suspended twice in the last 2 seasons (2 games each) for head hits on Artem Anisimov and Scott Walker. What did Cooke get for this hit? NOTHING. No penalty. No fine. No suspension. No justice.

There was also the hit that Flyers Mike Richards put on David Booth of the Florida Panthers in October. This was a similar hit to Savard's in which Booth was out for 45 games with a Grade 3 concussion. Richards also received no suspension. The reason that "disciplinarian" Campbell provided for not suspending Cooke is that he needed to remain consistent with this decision to not suspend Richards. Obviously, this consistency was thrown out 7 days later with Ovechkin.

These are not the only examples of NHL conduct problems. There have been dirty hits in the NHL for years. The NHL should have its rules defined by now. Clearly I disagree with Ovechkin's suspension. I do disapprove of the hit, but I think a 5 minute major would have sufficed. However, it is not simply because of my own opinion of the hit. I do not agree with the suspension more due to the inconsistency of the NHL's punishments. How come goons with prior troubles who make dirty hits can get off with a slap on the wrist at best? Does Campbell only suspend Ovechkin to make a statement because he is a great, high-profile player? Or is it because Campbell may be out for the season? Punishments and rules should be consistent across the board no matter who the player is or how injured the victim becomes.

Source by Andrew Berdak

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Sports Betting – The Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

When I first started betting online, I hit an amazing winning streak. While I was always freakishly interested in sports, and quite intuitive in picking bets, this winning streak was way beyond lucky. I have never quite experienced anything like it before or since.

On fifty bets, I missed three, and at the end of this streak my bankroll was about twenty times larger than when I started out. Back then, I knew nothing of all the things I now preach as essential, least of all bankroll management. I was happily, and foolishly, betting ten percent of my bankroll on single bets.

That the streak was about to come to an end, I was blissfully unaware. I thought I had it made and I had already started looking at the fancy cars and huge mansions I would buy. It felt as if my dream had come true, sports betting was going to make me rich.

What actually happened was that my luck turned, and since i was making way to large bets, soon my bankroll had taken a huge hit. The dream was gone.

I started educating myself on all the probability theory involved, on betting systems and money management. I expanded my portfolio of sportsbooks. Since then, I have been successful. But not in a rapid, get rich quick way. In a slow, lots-of-effort, sometimes frustrating way. I have learned that to be successful in this game, you need to be patient and disciplined.

If you want to be a successful sports gambler, you need to realize this too. You are not going to pick with an 80 percent success rate against the spread in the long run. Nobody is going to sell you can't-miss picks for twenty bucks, or sell you the rights to an advanced sports betting computer program that will make you filthy rich.

You need to put in the work and become an expert in the sport of your choice. You need to understand the basic principles of probability theory. You need to remain calm during losing, and winning, streaks. You need to understand why a line or a odds is way off. If you can not think of a reason, you need to wonder if maybe you are the one who is way off.

Simply, you need to make bets with a positive expected value, while managing your bankroll in a sensible way. Becoming a successful sports bettor is not that difficult in theory, you will find, however, that it certainly can be in practice.

Source by Thomas Nielsen

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Cheating in the NFL

Who would have thought it would come to this? What has professional sports come to with cheating? NBA, MLB, and Hockey have been caught cheating and now the NFL is joining the rest of the professional sports leagues as a sport that cheats.

As a former NFL player, I would always hear the saying, "If you're not cheating, you're not trying." Pretty sad is not it? Well, I think the Patriots took that statement to heart and that is why they got caught. Unfortunately, cheating is much more common in the NFL than fans realize.

When I played in the NFL, there were many teams that I played against that "magic" seemed to know what our plays were. There were teams that I played against where I would ask myself, "How on earth do they know what we are running?"

You should know that cheating runs rampant in the NFL and it is not just the Patriots that are cheating. Yes, they got done because they made their cheating too obvious. But make no mistake about it, it is a fact that all NFL teams cheat to some extent.

In my NFL career I was taught that a team has to do whatever it can do to get an advantage over the competition, and that cheating is considered okay as long as you do not get caught. It is just a part of the game. But in my heart I knew that cheating was wrong. As professional athletes and professional sports teams, we are expected to be setting a good example of the highest level of sports. But we are not setting a good example. We are not playing fair. Maybe you can say cheating is fair because everyone is doing it but I think it is wrong. I believe in fair competition and what is happening in professional sports with cheating is a disgrace.

Another huge problem caused by pro teams cheating is that it teaches our children that cheating is ok – as long as you do not get caught. As pro athletes and sports teams, we need to set an example and teach kids that cheating is wrong.

Cheating is a black and white issue and there should be no gray areas. You can not say cheating is okay for some things but wrong for other things. Cheating is always wrong and it can not be tolerated. Cheating has a snowball effect. Kids learn that if they do not get caught, cheating is okay. So, after cheating a few times on small things and not getting caught, they move up to cheating on bigger things. That is when the real problems start as children and young adults do not understand the consequences for their actions, and by cheating they are being dishonorable human being. If you can not be trusted to play fair, you should not be allowed to play.

I feel that teams that cheat need to be punished and punished very severely. Including being fined and penalized with losing draft choices. Your team should automatically lose the game too. Coaches cait cheating should be suspended without pay for the season, or even fired. There has to be a system in place where the consequences of cheating are so severe that teams will not risk getting caught. It is sad that it has come to this but cheating can not be tolerated.

Source by Martin Chase

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The History of NBA Jerseys

Ever since the beginning of NBA, all professional basketball players have been wearing the same thing. Only the designs and the fabrics evolve through time. But what is surely different is the popularity that these jerseys get every year or even by the decade. Of course, jerseys from the 1980's era would be more expensive nowdays, if you can still see any, while NBA jerseys are now also highly highly due to the popularity of the players.

If you can remember when Michael Jordan was still in his early years of playing basketball, their jerseys were a little tight on top while their shorts are very short. Well, it is also because during those times, the basketball players were lean and tall. Jerseys are now very loose on top while the shorts are obviously longer than before this is probably because of the sizes of our NBA players now. It seems like being larger and buffer is more advantageous now unlike before. And well, they can not really make spectacular and super amazing moves if they are wearing such a tight jersey. This is just one of the reasons why jerseys have changed.

One company that has been in the industry of making jerseys from professional sports associations is Mitchell & Ness. They were established since 1904 and have licenses with Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association. They launched their Hardwood Classics collection in 1998. And by May 2002, USA Today reported that the most popular NBA players for Mitchell & Ness are Julius Erving, then Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain and Larry Bird. Is not it surprising that Jordan is not in the list? Maybe it's because during the prime of these basketball players, Jordan was still starting his early years in playing ball.

Source by Andreas Niklasson

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1 Million Dollar Prize for Fantasy Football

Playing in the office fantasy football pool with a cost of $ 20 and a pool of $ 240 is not even close to what the big boys play for.

The stakes are higher but the wins are really high. As an example, first place winner of the World Championship of Fantasy Football WCOF – gets $ 200,000 dollars plus a crystal trophy and trip to Miami.

As always, the downside is you need to put down money. In the example above its going to cost you $ 1495. You will also have to show up either in Las Vegas or Atlantic City on draft day. The competition is plenty. In the WCOF, there are 70 leagues with 12 teams a piece.

There are more prizes than just the grand prizes in all these Fantasy Football Tournaments. In the WCOF, just being the league champion gives you $ 6000 – plus if you get 15th place overall you get $ 2900 and it increases to $ 200,000 for the top player. The list goes on and on for other opportunities to win back your money and more.

Fantasy Football has come along way. Who would have thought people could make a living on fantasy football? But then who would of thought 10 years ago poker would have televised on ESPN with winners making a million dollars. For a list of more high roller fantasy football tournaments take a look at .

Are you ready for some fantasy football?

Source by David Bellman

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How to Bet Teasers in NFL Football Betting

In sports betting there are always numerous ways to place a wager on a game or event in attempt to earn some money. Sportsbooks often offer a variety of options that intrigue bettors. One popular option is called a teaser bet. A teaser bet is along the similarities to that of a parlay bet. Parlay bets is when there is a wager of two or more sides where all bets must win for the entire card to win. Parlay bets are harder to hit, but provide more profit than your regular straight bet. Teaser bets are better for those wanting to wager money on multiple sides, but want to change the spread. Teasers allow you to adjust the point spreads favoring the side you are choosing by giving you a greater margin of error. Unlike other types of bets, you can actually adjust the spread up and down to better suit your betting action. As with Parlays, all the teams in the wager must win.

In NFL Betting many people may attempt two-team parlays on one particular game by choosing against the spread and the over / under options. For example: you are considering NFL football picks to take a team at -4 points and the over 42. If you were to place a teaser bet you may have the possibility to get 4 points added to each side of the lines. Meaning the new spread would be 8 and the new over / under (or total) would be 38 which could make all the difference in the world on making your bet a winner. Remember how many times when betting on football games have you seen spreads favoring a team by a touchdown at an even 7 points, and then you wished you could just get a few more points this or that way. Well with teasers you can have the ability to adjust the line a few points whichever way you need. Teasers are offered by all sports books and many sports handicapping services release weekly teaser picks. Remember that when betting on a teaser all plays must win for card to win. It is also a good idea to check out which sportsbooks offer the best odds on their teaser action.

Generally speaking, with a two-team / 6-point teaser (6 points added to each spread) you should usually profit 100 dollars for every 110 dollars you wager, just like a straight bet. But again, all teams must win in order to win the bet. While this is not anywhere near what you can profit off parlay bets, the teaser bet is a much easier wager to win. Parlays do not give bettors the possibility to change the spreads in their favor, which make them fairly difficult to hit. On the other hand, teaser bets give you all the assurance you need with those difficult choosing betting actions. A few points can make all the difference in turning a confident bet into a sure thing.

Generally football bets offer anywhere from 6-7 point teasers bets. If you have never taken advantage of teaser bets, can you imagine what a difference 6-7 points would make on every betting choice you placed action? If you want to really add more money to your bankroll, then consider taking advantage of the teaser bets to get the odds in your favor and not the bookmakers.

Source by Kevin T. Anderson

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Make the Man in Your Life Smile With NFL Apparel For That Special Day

Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day and a birthday can present interesting challenges for those who are looking to buy the man in their life a nice present! I know that I often struggle with finding a decent gift for my husband, and I have known him for almost a decade!

Most men are interested in sports, and most of those sports oriented men are into football. Women enjoy football too, but never has a hardcore fanatic yet known then the football loving man. He lives, eats, breathes and speaks football. Football is a whole world to itself for him. If you have a man like this in your life, why not consider football apparel for him? A large selection official NFL jerseys may be just the ticket for your finding of a perfect gift for him. Of course, if there's a woman in your life who loves the NFL, do not leave her out in the cold! These team friendly sport jerseys certainly do not discriminate against the female gender, and sizes running from small to very large ensuring that all fans will have a chance to wear their favorite team's colors.

So, what are official NFL jerseys? Well, the NFL stands for National Football League, and jerseys are the official team colored and numbered shirts. Official NFL jerseys accurately reflect the team name and logos, colors, stripes, team member name and number. The football teams themselves wear these jerseys for their games, so it's no wonder that they are such a popular item to buy for a big sports fan!

Some of the most popular sites to shop on the internet for official NFL jerseys have some of the following qualities: Their shirts are guaranteed to duplicate the look of the jerseys worn by team members. With similar fabrics, stitching and name, number, logo and color applications, you want to have a jersey that looks like it was taken right off the field! Sizing should be very generous, going as small as a Small (34/36) to a extra large 5XL (62/64) or larger.

Websites should be very well organized, so you'll find searching for official NFL jerseys for your particular team to be a very easy task! Teams are listed alphabetically, starting With the Arizona Cardinals and ending With the Washington Redskins. Once you've chosen your desired team, you'll be presented with a long list of all available jerseys. Choose your desired shirt, then your size, add to cart, and you're ready to check out!

Source by Kimberly Green

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The Top Five Reasons Sports Apparel Is Growing

The sports apparel business has become one of the more competitive retail industries over the past 20 years. This can be attributed to many factors. Some say it is the growing interest in the games by the younger generation. Other are convinced that it is the “Cool Factor” to be associated with a particular team. Here is my take on the top five reasons.

Reason one…ESPN has given us complete and total access to each and every sport. Professional and collegiate alike, ESPN is wall to wall sports and has been for the past couple decades. Personalities such as Chris Berman and Dan Patrick have made it fun to simply watch highlights, Sportscenter. Who would have ever thought 30 years ago that what was once a 3-4 minute segment of the news, now would have a channel devoted to sports and that channel would run thirty, sixty, and one hundred twenty minute sports highlight shows,

Reason two…The National Football League (NFL) has grown to iconic levels in this country. The Super Bowl is the single most viewed annual event on American television. Supporting your favorite teams and showing your colors is far more popular than ever. Millions of people have Super Bowl parties wearing their favorite teams’ apparel. Whether you are a fan or not, it’s what you wear at these parties.

Reason three…It is a fun business for an entrepreneur to be involved. Sports businesses in general are fun to own and operate. Because of the allure to be associated in some manner in sports, owning a sports apparel store make the owner feel a bit closer to the game. The stores are generally bright and lively and the mood in the stores is typically upbeat.

Reason four…The Cool Factor! Countless millions of sports fans buy team apparel to be part of the crowd they run with. From oversized baseball jerseys to team hats made out of any assortment of colors, it is sheik to be seen in the trendy sports apparel. You can get a Cincinnati Reds hat in as many as five different colors. The people that buy these hats do not care so much about the team. It’s a fashion statement they are making.

Reason five…The almighty dollar! Although there is extreme competition in this industry, it is all about the money for many store owners. The margins in this industry are large. The guesswork on teams is not very difficult. Stocking the right products is relatively simple. The sports apparel industry is so competitive because so many owners are making money. Until the gravy train decides to slow down, don’t look for many owners to get off the train.

More and more sports apparel franchises are bound to open up at your local mall. It is not a fad, sports apparel is here to stay. It’s a fun business and always seems to have something newsworthy to talk about.

For the store owners, sit back and enjoy the ride. And for the rest of you wanting to get into the industry, find a good location and join the fun.

Source by Dan Mercurio

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Joe Malone: The 1st NHL Superstar

Long before Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe and Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard, there was another superstar that played the game of hockey.

Joe Malone should be considered the best hockey player to play in the NHL. However, because Malone played in the early part of the 1900’s when the NHL was in its infancy, Malone is often overlooked. The fact that television broadcasts didn’t begin until decades after Malone played contributes to the fact that he is not immediately thought of as a legend of the game of hockey.

Joe Malone, to this day, is still found in the NHL record books. Malone’s blowout 44 goal performance in 20 games over the 22 game NHL inaugural season is still the best goals per game average in NHL history. His seven goals in a game during the 1919-20 season remains the only time a player has scored seven goals in a game. Malone’s five games with five or more goals during his NHL career are one more than Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

Joe Malone began his pro hockey career with the Quebec Bulldogs of the National Hockey Association in 1910-11. He played with the Bulldogs until the end of the 1916-17 season. That season marked the end of the NHA with the NHL beginning in 1917-18. The Bulldogs did not join the NHL right away and Malone was picked up by the Montreal Canadiens.

Joe returned to the Bulldogs in 1919-20, Quebec’s only year in the NHL. Malone scored 39 goals in 24 games for the Bulldogs but the team was a dismal 4-20. The Bulldogs were relocated to Hamilton, Ontario for the 1920-21 season and Malone came along for the ride.

Malone played two seasons with the Hamilton Tigers before that franchise ceased to exist. Over the two seasons, Joe scored 52 goals in 44 games for the ill-fated Tigers. The following two seasons would be his last in the league. He scored just one goal in 30 total games with the Montreal Canadiens.

Malone played at a time when the phenomenon of trading cards was just starting out. Over his career, Malone was featured on cardboard just three times. Joe Malone vintage hockey cards are valued at $200 to $1000 each. Considering the scarcity of the product and the legend that Malone was, these prices are grossly under-valued. The rookie cards of Gretzky, Hull and Howe are valued at $3000 each while the rookie card of Maurice Richard is half that at $1500.

Source by Tom Samworth

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The more you play the better get at it. Whether outdoors or inside on our golf simulator, you have to think about how to play the hole and set about making it happen and learning to deal with…


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I Love NFL Football! Let Me Count The Ways

As far as I’m concerned, there are two seasons in America (who cares what the weatherman says!). There’s Football Season and the Offseason. Then there’s everything else in between.

Why do I say such a ridiculous thing?

Because I”m a Diehard Football fan!

Heck, I love it all–as long as it involves an oblong shaped ball, is played on a field 120 yards long, and involves Blocking and Tackling–I’m all for it.

But as long as I live, there will never be any game as exciting and majestic as NFL Football. There’s a reason The National Football League is the most popular sport in the USA. Because it’s the best!

But I know: you want to be convinced.

Fine. I’ll convince you with three reasons.

1) Football conforms to our lifestyle. Don’t misunderstand me-I like other sports too. But have you ever been watching a baseball or basketball game that began at 10 o’clock at night? Look, I enjoy competition as much as the next guy but I gotta go to work in the morning!

And I know Prime Time Football can run late too (for those of us on the East Coast), but at least the majority of games are played on Sunday. And that’s key, because most folks are off from school and work on Sundays. Big Win in my book.

2) The NFL showcases The Game at its highest level. Look, I know that there are plenty of people that’ll argue me down about Pro being better than College (yes, that’s an argument for another time). And that’s fine.

But no one can tell me that there are finer feats of athleticism on display every week than on The Football Field. The amazing catches, the bone crushing hits, and the razor thin plays on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams of all kinds.

I have no idea how Officials can get most of their calls right in real time. Even in the super-duper slow mo replays, it’s hard to tell if a Player’s toes touch the white stripe or not.

How can you not appreciate that athleticism?

3) Each game is so important. The weekly buildup to Sunday is an amazing crescendo to Kickoff. And whether you’re talking about Week 4 or Week 14, each game feels like a must Win affair.

Just think, when your favorite team drops 4 in a row, that means they haven’t Won in a month! And because there are so few games played, the importance and magnitude of that week’s ballgame is larger than life.

Okay, maybe it just feels that way to me.

And that’s the beauty of it. There’s truly nothing in all the world like football.

Don’t you agree?

Source by Otis Desmond

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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Fantasy Football

For anyone that is a parent, you realize there are an enormous amount of books and literature telling you just how to raise your kids so they grow up smart and successful. You also know that there is a lot of junk out there too. Well I remember a book from about 10 years ago that was called, “Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten.” This book’s basic premise was that the formative early years were so important because we shape our foundation for making decisions and coping with life at such a young age. Well, that got me thinking. Many times we here at Redzonefantasy are amused by just how helpful being in a Dynasty Auction Ranked Keeper league is in our personal lives. You don’t believe me? Well let’s try on a few examples and many of them come from real life scenarios with names omitted to protect the guilty.

Think of some of the most stressful things you have had to do in your life such as speaking in public, purchasing a house or car or negotiating a raise with your boss. Those are things that most of us find unappealing and would rather not have to do them. Well what if you were able to look at it like an opportunity to obtain something you wanted? A negotiation if you will! What is life really but a series of “negotiations” to try and get what you want out of it. Are you married? Well at some point you had to sell your spouse on the fact that you were worth him/her forgoing ALL the other people in the world to settle down with you. That was a win (even if he/she may want a return on their investment now). How about when you first applied for a job? Weren’t you selling the interviewer on why they should pick you over ALL the other candidates? Or that shiny red sportscar that you just had to have but couldn’t afford. You were able to drive it off the lot because you “made an offer the salesman couldn’t refuse” Corleone style!

The point of all this is, fantasy football, Dynasty Auction Ranked Keeper style is preparation for all of those scenarios in life and can be a lot more costly losing Adrian Peterson on a bid than losing that interview where you can always go out and find another job but can’t always find a stud RB. The above examples are essentially negotiations over “relationships,” “money,” and of course “happiness.” Let’s look at what fantasy can teach us about each of these through the laboratory of “fantasy negotiations.”

Relationships: We know pleasant ones are a lot better than bickering ones. Why? Because they make it easier to communicate and we tend to like people that make our lives easier. When you are comfortable, you let your guard down and have a better dialogue without worrying. In relationships, we want to be with people that compliment us and help us to grow. Well what does that have to do with Fantasy? In a word, EVERYTHING. You see, I know in our 15 year QFFL league, the same groups of people always tend to keep putting deals together each year and they do this because, even though they realize the person on the other end would sell their mother to get Peyton Manning in a deal, they have “worked” together before and they are comfortable in their relationship prior to any talks of this player for that one. Our league has even coined one of the “trading groups” the LITF standing for the Long Island Trade Federation which has about 4 teams plus a couple of occasional participants who rent space in the Federation. Relationships are the tonic for making things happen and allow you to get to your point quickly without the dance of getting to know a stranger like the time you had your first date with your spouse and you had spinach in your teeth the whole night. Now that is what a relationship is built on!

Money or Business: In business, who would you rather buy from, a stranger you never met or someone who has treated you well in the past and has a track record that you appreciate and makes you feel good when you walk out of the store? I think we would all choose the latter. When we negotiate, we all come into the situation knowing that I am probably not going to walk away from this interaction entirely satisfied. Both sides realize there is a give and take in a business transaction. You may need to give up your backup RB if you really want to get the QB you need. You realize this and are thus happy to throw him in the deal. That is no different than telling the car salesman that you are ready to sign for the car but only if he throws in the satellite radio and a sunroof or the deal is off. Leverage and timing are important aspects in business. He who has the leverage wins! So, when you come to your buddy for a RB because you built your whole auction on one “stud” RB who has been less than studly, he knows you are over a barrel. Thus, like a good friend that he is, he extracts everything short of your first born to make you feel good about your team again. Ditto for the car salesman or the selling realtor. Fantasy has taught you to negotiate a hard bargain and hold out for the best deal possible, especially when you have the leverage. I bet you are counting all those dollars you saved over the years right now because of the skills you learned in fantasy!

Happiness: This is just about life in general. Your status for example can make you happy or sad. The friends and family you have, your education, experiences, travel, hobbies, etc. Yet all of these are essentially negotiations too. Are you going to take that expensive vacation this year to Bora Bora or are you going to put that money towards the kids college fund (including your winnings from this year’s fantasy championship)? Life is about tradeoffs and negotiations. Take it or leave it we tell the travel agent, which is the same thing we said to The Marauders at the trading deadline last year when they were trying to decide at the eleventh hour if they should take auction cash for next season to trade their less than stellar Michael Turner? Something is better than nothing right? Ultimately, getting the things we work towards in life makes us happy, at least temporarily and that is taught every year in the school of fantasy football auction leagues everywhere.

So the next time you have to explain to your spouse why you are spending so much time trying to manage your team to a championship so you can spend all your winnings on him/her, try another angle. Show them examples of that time you stood up to the contractor who wanted to rip you off by a few thousand dollars and you told him about the other quote that you had (but really didn’t) and were able to shave $2,000 from his price. Show them what you achieved at work by using the trading tactics honed in your league to obtain a raise this year above the company minimum because you came prepared for that meeting with stats, I mean sales figures, etc. Fantasy is more than just a game, it is a way of life. Embrace it and let it teach you!

Source by John Lecci

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